It feels like a holiday weekend

poolside smileSummer is upon us! With temps soaring into the 90’s, I’ve begun turning my a/c on. I’m lucky that my entire property is under a high oak canopy. The shade keeps me much cooler than my neighbors who are all in the sunshine, with little or no overhead shade.  Often I’m unaware of how hot it is until I walk out to the mailbox.  Friday I got blasted!  About 6:00pm I talked my mate away from the computer and went to the pool for an hour.  It’s been a couple of years since I swam, but Friday I was ready to jump in.  The water was the perfect temperature, it felt just a few degrees below my body temp.

I don’t swim well, I mostly dog paddle, kick backwards or tread water.  I stay where I can touch bottom. Mostly I do whatever keeps my hair out of the chlorine. It felt good to wear myself out kicking laps across the pool. When I came out and sat in the deck chair under the awning, the wind felt great moving across my skin.  The sun was just beginning to fall below the treeline and there were only a few others at the pool.  I’d worked up an appetite but it felt good to stay a little hungry.

Yesterday we got up early and drove to Cassadaga to deliver the June Horizons Magazine. I was ready for a road trip! We remembered it was Memorial Day weekend when we saw the patrol cars along I-95.  It felt like a holiday weekend.  Being self employed, I pretty much work every day but this felt like vacation. We listened to Earl Purdy on CD.  He has a great take on A Course in Miracles and he’s a real hoot.  On the way home, we stopped for lunch and had giant salads and baked potatoes.  I hid the toasted rolls behind the cocktail menu so I wouldn’t be tempted. We were in a new (for us) restaurant and it was fun to people watch.

It felt like a holiday! Too nice a day to be inside, we took a ride to the river.  We walked out onto the pier to watch the fishers fish and cast their nets. A big graduation picnic was going on under the large pavilion and it felt good to be in that party vibe with them.  We watched the birds soar and fish. On the way home, we decided to drive to the beach. The wind was quiter than usual.  Sometimes it blows so hard that it’s tiring. Not today. It was a perfect beach day.

Later at home, I turned on the tv to Pawn Stars.  I’ve finally watched it enough to realize it is scripted.  I mean, if I had an original Monet painting or a $50,000 one of a kind Gibson guitar, I wouldn’t take it to a pawn shop.  I’d go to Sotheby’s or other reputable auction house. I’m sure I’m not the first one who figured that out.  But it was fun to watch.

I woke up this morning and decided to stay in bed, but first went outside to water some plants.  That turned into me re-routing a path for an hour, moving stepping stones and potted plants  around.  I love working in my yard doing little projects.  But that wasn’t getting me back to sleep.  I finally made my way back inside.  And as soon as I get off the computer here, there’s going to be a festival of sleep.  That’s the plan anyway.  My only plan for the day.

Okay, maybe a little billing…