Ongoing Theme: Clear Up The Past, It’s All Related

A friend was having unexpected chaos around her when she called me. She had many things to get off her chest. She didn’t realize it’s all related, everything, and that clearing up her past could help pave her happy future. She came clean to several she’d had conflict with. She dropped several ongoing white lies that had been holding her back. She felt the weight lift. Never underestimate the power of coming clean and being honest. Every day is a new beginning.

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Coming clean about past lies will set you free
Her effort to clear up the past gave her a clean slate
The magic of making amends with those you have unclean energies with
The solution is simple: Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Do the inner and outer work to clear up the past, so it doesn’t taint your new beginnings
You destroy the chance for your future by not clearing up your past
Come clean and see what the Universe rewards you with
Put only kindness in motion from this point forward

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