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October 3rd Festival Celebration in High Springs, Florida

This Saturday, October 3rd, High Springs Emporium is having their 5th Anniversary Celebration.  Food, Music, Gifts, Readings, Massage, Healing Work and Big Fun for everyone! High Springs Emporium, Sharron Britton Owner, is located at 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd in High Springs, Florida 32643.  Their number is 386-454-8657.  There will be readers and healers: Cheryl Brainard-Detox Footbath; Sharon Docktor-Orthobionomy; Rose Dotson-Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki; Steve Henry-Buddha Card Readings; Janet Idayoga-Massage and Reiki; Mary Alice Warren-Astrological Tarot; Donna aka Lady Tara-Fairy Card Readings; Jenny Westlake-Crystal Acupressure.  They’ll also have custom stone wire wraps done while you wait by JD Hallowell in silver or double gold-filled wire.  Omialadora Ajamu will be here with her band to stir it up with blues, jazz and reggae throughout the afternoon, and Jah Irvin will provide us with a Rasta drumming and poetry invocation.  Everyone will receive a free crystal gift, and every half hour we will draw a name for one of these great prizes: Silk Butterfly Wall Hanging; Bamboo Wind Chime; Etched Glass Vase; Arkansas Quartz Crystal; Carnelian Heart; Large Brazilian Black Tourmaline; Celestite Egg; Polychrome Jasper Sphere; Selenite Cathedral Lamp; Angel Wing Calcite Cluster; Large Lemurian Quartz Crystal and our grand prize, a Tabletop Amethyst Cathedral. Continue reading

Is John Travolta Leaving Scientology?

The headline reads: Is John Travolta Leaving Scientology? The article begins: After John Travolta took the witness stand last week and testified that his late son Jett was autistic, people wondered if The Church of Scientology would soon lose one of its high-profile members. Until then, Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston said their son had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition that causes arterial inflammation because autism is not recognized in the church.  Because autism is often treated with the types of mood-stabilizing drugs that Scientology opposes, the article alleges the child is believed to have gone without appropriate treatment for years because of the church’s teachings.  Back in July, People Magazine reported Travolta denied reports claiming he was abandoning Scientology following the death of his son Jett.  But now, he’s keeping quiet and refuses to comment on his relationship with the church.  Continue reading

Don’t think you know how someone processes grief. Accused Murderer James Ward Seen Dancing During Prison Visit

You probably saw it on the news or read about it: Jail house video just released reveals new details James Ward, charged in the high profile Orange County, Florida murder of his wife in their upper-class Isleworth home. Dancing During Their Prison Visit. Accused of Killing Wife, Man Goofs Off With His Daughter: Unsettling Footage Ward was cutting up and dancing for his daughter as she visited him in jail. The news reported that his behavior seemed to be very callous that his wife of 23 years is dead. The defense attorney said prosecutors will argue the laughing and dancing seen on the video recording is inconsistent with grieving. Even the daughter was seen making flippant, unemotional and surprising conversation with her father.  “Your sense is, ‘This is inappropriate.’ That’s not uncommon, believe it or not,” Winter Park psychologist Dr. Deborah Day told Eyewitness News.  Day, who testifies in criminal cases, says you can’t judge guilty or innocence from just watching the visits.  “People respond in very unusual and often unpredictable ways.” Continue reading

Losing My Signal When My Modem Needs To Be Replaced

Modem connection

Modem connection

Yesterday I was working away and all of a sudden my internet connection went down.  After taking time to check all the connections, make sure all plugs were plugged in, and rebooting several times, I spoke to Bright House and Roadrunner and told them the situation.  They had me talk to Joe and Erik, and both were quick and pleasant.  They determined my modem was offline because I had no signal.  They asked if I’d had the modem replaced since the original installation in 2006.  I had not.  So I guess three years is a good life span for a modem.  They told me a Bright House office was on Palm Bay Road, and to take my old modem and power cord to them and replace it for a new one.  An hour later, I was back in business with my new modem.  Yes, even with Mercury retrograde, I was only inconvenienced for an hour 🙂 Continue reading

Relaxing, Playing and Finding A New Rhythm

I had a nice, relaxing trip to Ocala yesterday, when I went to visit Catherine Wendell of Ocala Ghost Walks.  Cat does the Ocala deliveries for Horizons Magazine and is a really interesting person to talk to.  Check her website to learn about her paranormal investigations, ghost walks, new carriage walks, and psychic readings.  I drive the magazines to Ocala and Cassadaga each month myself, simply because I like the drive.  It’s a fun way to unwind after final layout. Continue reading

Focusing on the Positive Aspects of Things

Valerie Sauer Guest Blogger

Valerie Sauer Guest Blogger

From Valerie Sauer’s New Book of Clues: Focusing on the Positive Aspects of Things.  Snags happen. We go along thinking positive thoughts, being grateful, focusing on prosperity, expecting good things to happen, and then we hit a snag. Something happens that sets us back, and we get a chance to find out whether all of this positive-thinking stuff is really working for us. We’ve all heard the advice that we can’t control what happens, but we can control how we react to what happens. Today’s clue will provide a tool to use in helping to control our reaction to those inevitable snags. Continue reading

Road Trip: Getting Away From It All

I went to Cassadaga with my pal Theresa Hudson yesterday.  Even though we were just delivering the October Horizons magazine, we made it into an exciting adventure.  We both agreed that one of our favorite things is to go on a road trip.  The last real road trip I did was in 2006 when Beth Head and I visited the Monroe Institute.  I used to spend a lot of 3 day weekends out of town, but I don’t make time for that now.  Plus there’s no where in particular I’d like to go.  I could use some new ideas.  From 1997 until 2002 I owned a house in Murphy, North Carolina, which was bought as a retreat home to share with friends. The first year I had it, I began going up for 7-10 days each month to play in the Smokey Mountains and take a break from my work- work -work schedule. Of course, I worked from there also – as a one person business, I work a little each day – but I mostly goofed off. I caught up on reading and did a lot of writing. I hiked and wandered through the national parks. It was nice having the cell phone not work in the mountains, so my hourly urge to check phone messages was tempered.
Continue reading

Reprogramming My Belief System and Feeling Blessed

I was thinking the other morning that am blessed to have my job.  I am blessed to have my life, that’s for sure.  Meaning: I’m blessed to know that how I think affects what comes to me, and that I can chose to exercise my free will to discipline myself to stay focused on things I like so that more things I like may come to me.

It sounds complicated, but it’s just me knowing my own power and knowing I have the power to choose to exercise it to move forward into a happy life.  It’s all just a matter of de-programming myself from faulty beliefs and re-programming my beliefs to be helpful and useful ones. Continue reading

The End Of A Good Week

It’s been a good week.  I got the October issue of Horizons to the printer, and I’ve enjoyed participating in Valerie Saurer’s Prosperity Project.  Each morning and evening she makes a post on Facebook and I go read her blog and do the exercise.  It’s fun and motivating.  I’ve been playing with predicting lottery numbers and am having a good run of 2 and 3 numbers out of 5.  Two numbers gives me another free ticket, and I love getting a free ticket on a free ticket.  The Fantasy Five has been good to me this week.  This weekend we’ll begin delivering the October Horizons Magazine. I got it to the printer on time, despite a big cold that knocked me out for over a week. Yesterday I got to go to the farmer’s market and I bought scallions, garlic, ginger, grape tomatoes, romaine, parsley, a red pepper and yellow onions. Did you know that the secret to good tomato flavor is do not refrigerate the tomatoes?  I don’t know what scientific process goes on, but it makes them lose their flavor.  I find the best salad can be a simple romaine and tomato with sliced red onion, some olive oil, fresh lemon juice and salt. Continue reading

The Miracle and the Bluejay On The Branch

I was walking around in the yard earlier this week and watched a bluejay land on a slim dead branch that then broke off underneath him.  He just sang his song as he dropped the branch and flew away. I thought, “I know I can do that, too, if my ground ever falls away; just drop it and fly elsewhere singing.” It made me think back to times in my life where it wasn’t easy to let go and I didn’t think I had anywhere else to fly to, much less be singing on the way there.  That was when I believed what the world told me was true; when I operated within their guidelines for how life works.  And that was when I learned that if I agree to play the game of how the world tells me that Life works, then I am bound by their rules and their guidelines, and must be satisfied with their results. Continue reading