Yearly Archives: 2008

Doing my part to keep the economy moving along.

Thursday, December 18, 2008
A week before Christmas.  It hardly feels like it… until my across the street neighbor yesterday afternoon began putting up his electric lights and stars and statues.  It’s quite the display.  Earlier this week I was in the Malabar post office and it was very pre-Christmas busy.  The last several years, even the week before Christmas there were no crowded parking lots at either the mall or the Wal-Marts.  But this past week, my Wal-Mart has had a full parking lot anytime I drive by.   That tells me everyone is feeling hopeful about the economy, that no one is withholding buying, that we’re all out there keeping it moving. Continue reading

Leaking energy creating ruts in my life; my appliances talk to me

I was thinking of the metaphors playing out the past couple of weeks in my life, in terms of energy leakage.  I don’t mean spending time with people who sap my energy, I have very little of that in my life.  I’m pretty disciplined that way.  And I don’t mean getting caught up watching tv, because anything I ever turn on, I can turn right back off and not wonder what comes next or what I’m missing.  I’m talking about ways I let my energy drip, drip, drip away as a new rut begins to settle in. Continue reading

Creative Visualization Made Easy; Set intention for a sublime year

I received an email from a friend asking what I meant by creative visualization.  He’d written that he was disappointed in the response he was getting to some new YouTube presentations, and I asked him what kind of creative visualization he was doing for the project.  He replied asking what I meant by creative visualization.  I replied to him: Continue reading

Back to meditation practice after my flu

Monday December 15, 2008 5:00am
Today I had my first successful meditation in a week, and it felt good to be in the flow again. I’d sat to meditate a few times in the days I was recuping and did my rounds of breathing, but I was definitely in my body the entire time. This morning was the first time in a week that I could consciously, at will, take myself to that place in consciousness where I dissolve into the Universe and become at one with It all. I even remained detached as I felt my body’s receptors light up when I psychologically felt ” at home” again. I could separate the energy flow between the detached mental state of the meditation process, and the physiology of what was being caused by the neurochemical soup she was producing. Continue reading

Back to normal; respecting family members’ privacy

I woke up about 7:00am this morning feeling pretty strong, so I decided to venture out to Unity of Melbourne before the rest of the house woke up.  I guess I should take a moment to say here for those who know me and wonder why I don’t talk about the family members who share my space.  It’s more than just privacy.  Ok, it’s really selfishness, since it creates more editing work for me.  Since when I tell THOSE stories, I am telling THEIR story as well as MINE.  We may have different ideas of what is private and sacred, and it’s too easy for toes to feel stepped on and feelings to be hurt, and things to be taken personally, so I just don’t go there.  Period. Continue reading

Feeling better; doing what needs to be done

10:30pm   Today has been a productive and active day.  I woke up at 12:47pm and realized I’d slept since about 11am- two hours in a row, yay.  I thought, “I feel good enough to go to the post office, and I can get there before they close.”  I got up and ready to go out the door when I realized it was 2:47pm and not 12:47pm.  But I was up and dressed and feeling pretty good about being vertical, so I headed out.  That also meant I’d slept almost 4 hours in a row!  I felt very much revitalized. Continue reading

Switching to natural remedies mid-flu

Flu Recovery, Day Six.    Ah!  Yesterday I felt pretty good all day – very low energy, but could feel myself steadily reviving.  The body is an amazing vehicle!  I began at last week’s flu taking Gatorade  to hydrate and Mylanta to calm my stomach, since that’s what the hospitals suggest.  Both products did a good job of getting me through the first few days.  By the second day of the Gatorade, I felt whacked out by the sugar and was having lots of heartburn.  I was in the cycle of alternating the Gatorade with the Mylanta, forgetting that both of those were really contrary to the natural balance of my system. Continue reading

Full moon and end of flu!

End of flu yay! I slept a restful 4 hours last night and drank 19 oz of water and Cranberry Emergen-C between midnight and 6am.   I feel much revitatilized and replenished.  I knew one reason my muscles were sore was because I was dehydrated.  It’s hard to stay hydrated when nothing stays down *smile*  And my tummy hasn’t spazzed out for hours!!!+  In between times when I was watching the clock and waiting for it to pass, I did some deep breathing every hour to keep my cells oxygenated.  Even the slightest amount of yoga stretching took such exertion and wore me out, even when I was reclining.  I knew that was because the cells of my muscles needed hydration. Continue reading