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Tummy bug; I can control my perception

Well, it seems like more than 2 days since I last wrote. After my post Sunday morning, I came down with a little tummy bug that had me down for the count until just a few hours ago. Usually the Universe times it so that I don’t get sick during final layout week, so I knew it would pass quickly. In fact, the theme of the day was “passing quickly” and I lost 8 pounds in 12 hours. Fortunately, I am a big healthy amazon; for a tiny bite-sized person, 8 pounds in 12 hours would be startling. Continue reading

Hallelueah: Joel Osteen has discovered Abraham-Hicks; be mindful of the words we use

I turned on the tv for a temperature check on the Weather Channel and, in scrolling through the stations, came across Joel Osteen doing his morning service. I’ve listened to a minute or two here and there through the years of Osteen’s talks, and he is a very likeable and charismatic personality, with a basic good common sense message. But this morning he was talking in a way I’d not heard him talk before and he was using familiar phrases about the importance of the words we speak.

Osteen spoke to “speaking favor to your future” which Abraham-Hicks calls “pre-paving your future”. Continue reading

I get my dark out drapes

Saturday December 6, 2008
Well today has been a super productive day, right from the start. I came in and checked emails, and downloaded a few ads for the January Horizons that I am in the middle of final layout of. I created a couple of ads, did some bookkeeping, worked on a friend’s website, then headed out to the farmer’s market.
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The haunted recliner; journeys out of the body

The Haunted Chair

The Haunted Recliner

I gave away what turned out to be a haunted recliner!!!  First, some background:  I’ve taken the week long residential program called the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute. My interest was initially peaked by the books of the founder, Robert Monroe, in his books Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journey and Ultimate Journey. Although the institute will tell you that the purpose of the Gateway Voyage is not to give you an out of body experience, they say, “The out-of-body state and tools that may be utilized to achieve this particular state of consciousness are covered in the Gateway Voyage®, but that is only a small part of the program’s overall scope.”

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Healthy Eating – My Journey

Friday December 5, 2008
I am finally getting the hang of WordPress, the program my brother has me typing into for this blog.  I just added a new category for my journey to healthy eating.  I get so many email requests that I thought heck I can just post the information here.  In there, you will find some of my favorite recipes and even a list of what I keep in my pantry and freezer.  Readers ask me for that, really…

How to create your email signature in AOL

Thursday December 4, 2008
A couple of years ago my brother Jerry created a personalized email signature for me, and I use it at the end of every email I send.  Here it is:

Expect a miracle! ¤¤ø,¸¸,ø¤-:¦:-
,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ :¦:- Visit

I like to surprise friends and clients by creating email signatures for them as well, so I thought I’d share with you how I do it in AOL.

First I open a new “Write Mail”, and look to the bottom right of the email box, to the right of “Spell Check” and choose “Signatures”.

Then choose “Set Up Signatures”, then “Create”.

Then you can create the text and play with designs using different symbols until you see something you like.  Or heck, you can just steal mine and customize it for yourself.  I won’t tell if you won’t.

Squirrels on the roof; admiring ambition

A beautiful 67 degrees in Melbourne, FL USA.  I’ve got 6 squirrels scampering across the oaks and on the roof.  Occupational hazard when you work in the woods! Here’s one of the little guys now.  They can be a real distraction if I am trying to work and they are doing their acrobatics under the oak canopy.

Sometimes my Yin Yang will sit underneath the garden table, looking up as though she was waiting for one to fall.  However I know that by the time she waddled her fat feline butt over to it, it would be long gone.  But I admire her ambition and I honor her vision of herself as a strong hunter warrior type.

We can do this for our friends, too.  We can help them hold the vision of their better selves, their stronger self, their independent, successful self.  We can treat them as though they are already this better self.  Then it will be no surprise when they begin to react as their better self.  Neat how that works, huh?

My favorite Vietnamese pho lunch; I finished billing!

Wednesday December 3, 2008

I took a break from my studies to finish billing and had my favorite lunch: a vegetarian Vietnamese Pho soup with rice noodles, and a big salad with fish sauce on the side.

It doesn’t get much better than this.  I can eat these every day (and sometimes do.)  Low calories, low fat, mega flavor. I like extra basil in mine.

How one clairvoyant sees the world

As a professional clairvoyant, I see everything around me not only with my outer vision, but also with my inner vision. I tend to think of the world around me as the visible manifestation of energy in motion, because as an energy worker that’s how I perceive it. The concept of subtle energy is not a theoretical one for me. Everything and everyone I see with inner sight is composed of highly interactive energy. This means I’m paying less attention to what your words are, than I am to what your energy field is telling me, and how you’re “vibrating”, as Abraham-Hicks would say.

When I’m looking into your energy field, I’m not thinking “oh, he’s yellow,” or “oh, she’s blue.” It’s my experience that colors change every moment with every thought, more often as your moods do. What I perceive is like a film clip within a layer of the aura that runs along the first few inches from your skin. Different locations show me a different “movie.” Yours fears and concerns make for a more vivid film than do the areas of your life you’re bored with. Kind of like the old black and white movies they’ve colorized – you’re going along in black and white (the oppressed, boring parts of your life) and suddenly you’re in color (your fears, fervent wishes, etc.)    Continue reading