Creative Visualization Made Easy; Set intention for a sublime year

I received an email from a friend asking what I meant by creative visualization.  He’d written that he was disappointed in the response he was getting to some new YouTube presentations, and I asked him what kind of creative visualization he was doing for the project.  He replied asking what I meant by creative visualization.  I replied to him:

Creative visualization is simply:

1.  Choosing a thought of something I would like to experience.
2.  Deliberately thinking that thought until it invokes hopeful emotion in me.
3.  Bringing this thought and feeling to mind several times a day, with the intent that I will thus attract the envisioned scenario to me.

In the Jane Roberts’ books, Seth says “When we think a thought, electromagnetic energy units (EEUs) are generated.  When we concentrate on an idea or desire, the  intensity of the EEUs is so great that a portion of our own consciousness is actually imparted to the form.  The greater the intensity of our emotion relative to that thought, the sooner the mass (the physical form corresponding to our thought) enters our experience.”

I keep an ongoing list of things I want to achieve in my life, and I am always adding to it. Every day, I do a few minutes of creative visualization for every item on my list, imagining it and doing it in my mind with the preferred outcome, so the thought comes easier next time.  I have learned that the more familiar I am with thinking a particular thought, the closer I am to achieving it.  As Abraham-Hicks says, “when it seems like the having of it is the next logical step, it will  be”.

Every day, have an intent in mind and energize it with thought several times daily. Create the scenario in your mind of what you would like to experience, then envision fully experiencing it, with full emotion and appreciation during the visualization.  Do this several times daily, a few minutes at a time.

Creative visualization is a powerful technology and it is documented in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Gregg Braden in his book The Isaiah Effect, calls it “a lost form of prayer”; a form where you bring to your conscious awareness – with full feeling and emotion – the knowing that what you desire has already been granted.  See

Focused intent?  What does that mean?  You focus your intent when you are thinking of something you’d like to see happen in the future and going over it in your mind until you are actively imagining it happen.  You know you are focused intently when you begin to emotionally feel as if it is taking place.  You are focused intently when you begin to have quick glimpses and insights from an observer’s standpoint.  Focused intent is the basis for creative visualization as well and we do it all the time whether we think we do or not.

A lot of people think there’s some big involved procedure, some specific correct technique for things like meditation, creative visualization, “seeing” in your mind’s eye or attracting what you want.  The truth is, it’s easier than you think.  Your intent has the most to do with it.  If it is your intent to sit in meditation and gain insight, just bringing those words to mind and saying them to yourself sends out a big signal which the Universe responds to.  Just taking the time to sit quietly and bring some thoughts to mind will activate your intuition and call forth creative ideas on all areas of your life.  You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of an altar to meditate or visualize, unless that particularly inspires you to stay focused.  It does me.

You can stand at your driveway while watering the yard at sundown and spend a few moments thinking what the perfect world would be like, what it would feel like.  What would the perfect job feel like?  Or the perfect relationship?  How would it be if the whole family got along great?  What kind of things would you do together?  How would it feel if you were robustly healthy and woke up each day with lots of vitality, and plenty of money to spend?  What activities would you want to do?  You don’t have to have a special chair and sit in it 20 minutes twice a day in order to meditate or do a little creative visualization, or “prepaving” as Abraham-Hicks calls it.  Just spending a little time sending a few thoughts ahead every day is a powerful technique in itself.  A little conscious, focused thought goes a long way in smoothing the ruffles of a busy life, as well.

If you didn’t reach your highest potential last year, you might want to do things a little differently this year.  Spend a little time each day thinking about what you’d like to be doing a few years down the road.  Make sure to schedule in plenty of recreation time n the new year, since it’s when we’re relaxed and having fun that we are in a receptive mindset to come up with lots of creative ideas.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, if you feel you don’t have 5 minutes in the day free to yourself, that’s a good sign that you need to take a week off.  Trust me on this one.  If you think you can’t afford to take a week off work without pay, trust me that you will over time earn back much more than that week’s salary just from the relaxation and ideas and insights that can come during that week.

If you’ve got some intentions for the upcoming year, good for you ~ you’ve already begun to create your own reality.  If you haven’t come up with any intentions yet, don’t beat yourself up for it.  A few intentions might be to read a little inspirational writing of a spiritual nature every day; contemplate what you’d like your next move to be on the career ladder; consider who do you know that has a job you’d like and who has a lifestyle you’d like?  What differences do you see between you and them?  A good intention might be to add vitality to your body as you get a little older.  Find something fun to do that gets you out of breath and has you moving your arms and legs a lot.  I know you still have that old frisbee around, so take it out and toss it at sunset every day.  Put a basketball hoop up.  A good intention might be to eat more live foods, more fresh vegetables.  A good intention for the new year might be to set an intention.   You can start anywhere and anytime.  Remember, every new moment begins right now and every thought we think and every word we say helps form our experience and create our reality.

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