Back to meditation practice after my flu

Monday December 15, 2008 5:00am
Today I had my first successful meditation in a week, and it felt good to be in the flow again. I’d sat to meditate a few times in the days I was recuping and did my rounds of breathing, but I was definitely in my body the entire time. This morning was the first time in a week that I could consciously, at will, take myself to that place in consciousness where I dissolve into the Universe and become at one with It all. I even remained detached as I felt my body’s receptors light up when I psychologically felt ” at home” again. I could separate the energy flow between the detached mental state of the meditation process, and the physiology of what was being caused by the neurochemical soup she was producing.
A main goal/byproduct of regular daily meditation is that it trains my mind to do my bidding. One example: so when I want to make myself feel better, I can stay focused enough to purposely hold those thoughts that produce in my mind a neurochemical soup that turns on my body’s receptors cells for pleasure and satiety.

So one paragraph up where I said the soup “she” was producing, I did that on purpose, since in that state of mind, the body is being observed from an external standpoint. Meaning in that state of mind I feel I am not that body although I know of course that it is mine.

Being back in the meditative mindset was very healing and revitalizing as well. A few days ago, I could tell my mind was coming back when I heard my mantra begin repeating itself inside my brain without my effort. I’d wake up and hear it. In a moment of idle no-thought, I’d hear it. It was as comforting as a mother’s embrace.

You can read about my meditation process at My Meditation Practice.

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