Feeling better; doing what needs to be done

10:30pm   Today has been a productive and active day.  I woke up at 12:47pm and realized I’d slept since about 11am- two hours in a row, yay.  I thought, “I feel good enough to go to the post office, and I can get there before they close.”  I got up and ready to go out the door when I realized it was 2:47pm and not 12:47pm.  But I was up and dressed and feeling pretty good about being vertical, so I headed out.  That also meant I’d slept almost 4 hours in a row!  I felt very much revitalized.

I dropped mail at the post office and was glad for it to be so close and located in a small shopping center.  I went into Beall’s Outlet next door and bought a white ribbon fabric shower curtain, and a set of nifty cameo-looking shower hooks.  I’d suddenly had the idea to swap out my former shower curtain, new just last year, to give a new look to the room since I’d be taking more baths now.

After Beall’s, I went next door to Big Lots for a new silver tension rod, then on to The Waterman to refill the 2 five-gallon bottles I’d had in my car for a week.  I’d figure out later how to get them out of my car and into the house.  Usually I could carry one easily, sometimes both since they have handles, but today I definitely wasn’t at full strength so I wasn’t sure what the plan would be.

I ended up getting the bottles out by using rolling chairs, one to the car trunk, one to the hallway door, and I kinda slid the bottles back and forth between the chairs to get them inside.  Not as tough as I thought it might be.

Not my shower curtain, not my bath :)

Not my shower curtain, not my bath 🙂

I installed my new silver shower rod and hung up my new white ribbon shower curtain using my new cameo shower hooks.  I took all the discarded packaging into the garage; there was a lot of it.  It made me glad I don’t often shop;  I just don’t like to use paper or plastic unecessarily.  I also don’t often buy new things just for a new look.  I tend to use things up.  My original water heater lasted me 24 years; my original a/c unit and washer and dryer lasted me 20 years.   My stove also lasted me 20 years, although I’d 2-3 times replaced the oven element or one of the stovetop burner elements.

7:00pm   I felt I was running out of energy, but didn’t want to just lie in bed again.  I decided to move onto the living room couch and made myself a cup of Better Than Bouillon vegetable broth, which revived me.  It revived me so much that I opened a can of Progresso Italian Wedding Soup and heated it up.  I put the meatballs down for Izzy, who wouldn’t eat them.  I strained away 3/4 of the pasta and ate the rest of the soup.  It felt good to chew.  I wanted some romaine lettuce but since it was raw, I wasn’t sure if I should so I didn’t.

So now at 10:30pm, my tummy feels fine and I feel pretty good, although tired.  I’m going to sit on the couch awhile, just to be sitting up.  I’ll bet by tomorrow I will be good as new.  The January Horizons is done on time.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  Goodnight.

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