Back to normal; respecting family members’ privacy

I woke up about 7:00am this morning feeling pretty strong, so I decided to venture out to Unity of Melbourne before the rest of the house woke up.  I guess I should take a moment to say here for those who know me and wonder why I don’t talk about the family members who share my space.  It’s more than just privacy.  Ok, it’s really selfishness, since it creates more editing work for me.  Since when I tell THOSE stories, I am telling THEIR story as well as MINE.  We may have different ideas of what is private and sacred, and it’s too easy for toes to feel stepped on and feelings to be hurt, and things to be taken personally, so I just don’t go there.  Period.

As it is, anytime I write about a situation and change the names, I get half a dozen friends asking, “You were writing about me and __ there, weren’t you?”  This simply illustrates the fact that we are all going through the same situations and having the same issues.  As Abraham-Hicks says, “we come forth in clusters” and together we’re learning the same lessons.

Besides, by the time I change name, age, gender and alter some details of the issues, it’s become too much work to write, and burdensome to read.  So it’s easier just to not write about it at all.

So I awoke feeling well rested and well nourished, feeling good for the first time in a week, and decided to go to Unity of Melbourne, since I’d missed last week.  I thought I’d timed it to arrive just AFTER the meet and greet, since I didn’t want to gets hands and faces with anyone.  But of course I arrived just time time for it *smile*  It looked like 2/3 of the 9:00am attendees were out; I was glad it was not crowded.  I’d brought a bottle of apple juice with me and began to drank it, and really revived a great deal in the hour.  Rev. Beth gave a good talk about this Christmas, don’t spend money on inconsequencial, wasteful things that aren’t wanted or needed, and won’t get used.  That sit in a drawer for decades.  We all have them.  We all give them.  We all re-gift them.  Instead, to give to a charity, help support a friend or family you know, support who gives you spiritual nourishment.

I passed a mirror on the way out and was startled to see I’d applied so much makeup I kinda had that drag queen look.  A hazard anyway of being almost 6 feet tall…  I don’t typically do foundation and blush, but thought this morning I could use a little artificial color until my own came back…  Sheesh, I need better lighting if I’m going to start wearing makeup.  Especially since I’ve got some good chin whiskers going on hehe  I hope I didn’t scare anyone.

On the way home, I stopped first at Petsmart and then at my favorite Cali Pho Vietnamese restaurant and picked up a vegetable pho soup to take home with me.   I hadn’t had one in over a week and was jonesing.  I got it home and began disassembly.  I knew I should hold off on eating the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower until my tummy was back to normal after last week.  I also knew i should probably only have about 1/4 cup of the rice noodles.  But I had all the scallions and all the basil and half the bean sprouts and cilantro and none of the hot sauce, or any sauce.  The delicate flavor of the broth was enough as it was.  Although I did out of habit squeeze the lime wedge into it…

Today was a good reminder that I should go back to eating 4-5 Pho soups a week; I had fallen into a habit the last few months of eating sandwiches, which are really kind of heavy for the work I do.  Really a waste of fuel if I think about it.   I also have a whole bank of light, clear soups I like to make.  I need to remotivate myself to cook more!  I’m actually a good cook, I just don’t do much of it.  Maybe I need to get myself some new cookware.  That might inspire me.  And some new flatware.  I’m still using mine from 1970.  That might inspire me.

I kind of like when my body gives me a rebooting like this; something that takes me right down but brings me right back up so I can see who I really am.  To let me see if I am who I say I am.  Like rebooting my computer.  Give time for a little defragging.  And in no time, back good as new.

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