A day of fresh vegetable feasting

Today turned out to be a busy and productive day.  I began by clearing a path from the front door to the guest bathroom where Home Depot would be replacing the toilet.  I took the opportunity to pull up the floor in there as well.  The light switch needs replacing next, and that room will be done.

I opened a lot of mail that sat on my desk the past week, made up a bank deposit and drove it in, went to the produce stand and bought apples, tomatoes, romaine, parsley, bean sprouts, ginger and garlic.  I came home and made a giant chopped salad for lunch with:

Some raisins in bottom of bowl first

A splash of rice wine vinegar on raisins

A dab of dijon on raisins

Dice together real small: red onion, tomato, radish, scallion, celery, apple, romaine and parsley.  Add salt and pepper and mix together.  As it sits, the water from the tomato will release because you salted it, and the raisins will soak up the juice and plump up.  At the last minute I add a tblsp of capers to this salad, and a tsp of sesame or olive oil and mix it all up.  This is a great salad to sit in front of the tv with.  It can take all evening to mix and eat it, and it’s super nutritious.

I spent the afternoon catching up on bookkeeping and I also did some cleaning.  I swept the entire house and driveway, which was a great arm workout.  I like doing things that keep me active and moving.  I’ve been on a cleaning kick, so in case I had any lingering germs from last week, they are gone now.  I washed all bed linens and towels and clothes I’d touched, and wiped down all light switches and door handles.

For dinner, I began thinking about my vegetables again, so I made some jasmine rice in my rice cooker while I slivered some garlic, ginger, scallion, onion, and cabbage and cooked it together, adding bean sprouts and soy sauce with the rice.  I also added a spoonful of hoisin diluted in 2 tbsp hot water.  I cooked the rice with cinnamon and fennel seed to make it very fragrant.  The perfect end to the perfect day.

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