An 8 minute creative visualization workshop to increase dollars

dollars in handI often get asked for specific words to repeat to attract money.  The secret is they are words that make you feel excited and make you feel it is possible for you.  These are the words that do that for me.  Anytime I want more dollars to flow, I do this short visualization exercise maybe a dozen times a day.  I call it a visualization workshop because I take my visualization seriously and realize it is important work.  I think of how good it feels having extra money and getting unexpected money.  I remember a time I got extra money and how it felt.  I remember a time I got unexpected money and how it felt.  I remember hearing about someone getting unexpected money and how excited they were.  I remember seeing on tv and in the paper about someone winning the lotto and how excited they were.  I remember that I am the one who attracts things to me by thinking about them, so for a few minutes here I am just going to think about how I’d feel if I got some extra unexpected money.  

I’m not going to worry about how I’m going to get it, I’m just going to pretend to myself that I just got it and think of how that would feel. How good an actor am I? Can I talk myself into bringing up that feeling of excitement within me to play a convincing part? The more I practice, the easier it will get.

I go back to remembering every time a friend or I were excited over extra money or over winning money. I run each time through my head because each time I bring it to mind, I am telling the Universe that I want more of this. I want to feel more of this. I want to feel excited over winning extra money. I want to feel excited over receiving unexpected money. I don’t care where it comes from. It can come from something I already have or do and have forgotten about.  It can come from places I have no idea about. I’ll leave that part up to the Universe. My part is getting excited seeing money in my account, and getting excited over seeing my name on a big check.

I love being thousands of dollars ahead in the checking account.
I love getting paid by Paypal.
I love opening the Paypal emails that say “You’ve got money!”

I love getting last minute ads and last minute money. I love getting big ads on contract, since contract for me means they pay 3 and 6 and 12 months ahead to get the best price.  I love creating new ads for new clients.  I love seeing the balance increase in my bank account and my Paypal account.

I love doing visualizations like these below and when I do, more dollars begin flowing in:

I open the post office box and see check after check with my name on it. I see $3,900 and I see $5785 and I see $900 and I see $23,000. With each one, I make myself get excited about how good it feels to get big checks. I dance out of the post office.

I see myself opening email and seeing dozens of Paypal notifications saying “You’ve got money!” I think, “I do, I do have money and I have more on the way.” I think how good it feels to see the emails knowing they mean money in the bank.

I go to my PayPal page and see all the new payments. I see the balance increasing and I get excited about it. I see amounts of $4200 and of $850 and here’s one for $965 and another for $35,500. I like the big ones!

I don’t even stop to think of what I’d do with it right now. Right now, I am just enjoying seeing it accumulate.

Another day I can plan what I’d like to do with it. That’s where resistance comes in for me anyway, since I too soon start justifying who and what I can help, and not where I’d go but who I’d travel with.  Since I know that about myself, I make this 8 minute workshop only about feeling good and imagining receiving more dollars. And nothing else.

Like Abraham-Hicks says, get in, feel good, get out.
Try it right now.

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