Impromptu reading today connects loved ones

Driving home on I-95 south, I returned a call to Domino today.  I’d gotten psychic impressions while listening to her voice mail but I didn’t want to blurt them out without knowing how she felt about that stuff.  I also felt the message might be a little vague except for it being connected to my birthday.  It was one of those “I love you, I’m proud of the new business” messages, old struggles having been left behind when she dropped the body.  I told Domino it was an older woman and I got the distinct impression that she had my birthday.  She could think of no one with an April 10 birthday.  Her mother’s was March 27, her father’s was April 14th.  I told her it was definitely a woman, not a man, then a man (in spirit) said it would be an anniversary.  Who has an anniversary of April 10th?  She could think of nothing and the man said it’s not an anniversary yet.  Remember I am driving and I have Domino on the headset and the man’s voice in my inner ear.  I don’t have time to ask what he means.  Then she remembered her mother died on April 10th this year.  

She began speaking about her mother’s husband and I asked if his name was Bob.  No, she said, that’s my father’s name. I love when that happens.  I love when I am so convinced of something and think I know it and then it turns out I did not.  It helps me stay flexible and open to looking at things in a new way, to see the broader picture.

I was convinced that the loved one shared my birthday, since I knew the April 10 date was the connection.  I was right about the date, I was wrong in my interpreting the symbol of it.

When the man butted in, I was ready to dismiss him, not only because I was driving and had her on the earpiece, but because in my mind I had called to give her the earlier message from the woman.  I didn’t have time to hear him out, not thinking he was attached to Domino or her mother.

He was insistent in a kind, gentle way so I stopped Domino in mid-sentence talking about her stepfather and ask if his name is Bob.  But I was wrong again.  Bob is not her stepfather, Bob is Domino’s father.

So while I got the symbols fine, I wasn’t interpreting them correctly.  Ok, so it’s easier when I’m not driving and easier when I’ve set aside time and easier when I’m not thinking of a half dozen other things, but still it happens.

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