My Paypal Visualization

AOL paypal donation receivedLots of clients pay me through Paypal.  I’ve learned that whatever source of income I focus on, that’s where dollars come from during the time I’m focused on it. Here are the thoughts I specifically think during my Paypal visualization. It only takes 3 minutes. If I can do it, you can do it.
1.  In these visualization sessions, I begin by seeing myself open my email and I see the Paypal notices with the subject line “Notification of Donation Received.”
2.  I visualize a long line of emails received in one day. I take a moment to appreciate how many there are and who they are from.  
3.  I visualize opening each email, seeing who it’s from and seeing the expected dollar amount. I read each email line by line and make myself feel giddy with joy that everyone is renewing their ad, renewing their subscription, buying my products and ordering my services. I get excited that some of them are overpaying me as a tip, and some just outright donating to me.
woman hand on heart  4.  I imagine going to the Paypal website and seeing the long list of dollar amounts that came in that day.  I see the balance increasing and I get excited about it. I see amounts of $4200 and of $850 and here’s one for $965 and another for $35,500. I like the big ones! I don’t even stop to think of what I’d do with it right now. Right now, I am just enjoying seeing it accumulate.
  5.  I let myself feel delighted and thrilled about it. I make myself generate within my chest, within my heart center, that feeling of happiness and love flowing through it like a river.  Generating this feeling is a crucial step in the visualization process. You can SEE the dollar amounts in your mind but it it the FEELING that is the gas that gets you there.
6.  If you find it difficult at first to generate the feeling, you can use the old bait and switch. Think of something or someone who makes you feel that excited, happy feeling, whether from the past or in your life now. A partner, a child, a crush, recalling a happy time. Get the feeling going and then turn your thoughts to Steps 1-4 above. Keep the feeling going, 2-3 minutes is enough.

If you find yourself being distracted and unable to hold focus for 2-3 minutes, if you begin to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, you’ll find yourself being more able to hold focus and more successful in your visualizations.

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