A Creative Visualization to Attract Money in the Mailbox

mailbox-money-redOne thing I really like about my life is that it is an ongoing research project.  I like seeing scientific proof that if I do A, B and C, then D is the natural result. I talk with a lot of people during the course of a week and I love seeing patterns emerge in their topics of interest.  One topic of universal interest is attracting more dollars, and the easiest way I know to do that is using creative visualization.  Here’s a creative visualization tip to practice for 2 minutes each five times a day:

Mailbox Visualization:  You’re walking out to your mailbox, and you’re excited because you know good things are in the works for you.  You’re opening your mailbox, and you see an unexpected big check payable to you.  You’re thrilled, you’re excited, and you know there’s more where this came from.  Yes!

mailbox money blackI‘ll tell you, when I first began this visualization, I envisioned cash money waiting for me in every mailbox I passed on the road as I drove. Then my human brain made it feel weird to me to be taking cash from other people’s mailboxes, even if was just in my imagination… So I changed it to checks in my name being in their mailboxes.

Do you want to know how I knew it was working?  I never, never get paid in cash in my business, yet when doing the first visualization, clients began paying me in cash.  When I changed my visualization to checks made out to me, suddenly clients who had for years made all checks payable to Horizons Magazine began writing them to me personally.  I hadn’t been specific enough.  When I again changed the visualization, to have the checks payable to Horizons, then clients went back to writing checks to Horizons.  Trippy, huh?  No, it’s just scientific proof that if you do A, B and C, then D is the natural result.

I tell advertisers to do their part in our co-creative venture of their ad in Horizons:  “During the time your ad runs, make sure that at least twice daily you do a visualization session seeing people respond to your ad. Envision the calls coming in, envision new people walking in the door and being excited about what they find there. Envision opening your bank statement and seeing the balance double and triple. Envision opening your email and seeing the registrations and PayPal payments come in. Envision going out to your mailbox and opening it and seeing lots of checks with your name on them. Envision people you already know coming to class or current students taking extra classes. Envision them telling friends about it, and see them happy and excited about what you have to offer. Do these visualizations long enough and often enough that you yourself feel excited and hopeful while you are doing them.  From that consciousness, people will be drawn to you and your ad and your business like never before.”

Turning other people on to this technique gives them the tool to attract their own dollars, and when you help someone else, you help yourself as well.  If you find it’s not working for you, email horizonsmagazine@gmail.com and we’ll fine tune your script to make it work for you.  If you meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, you’ll find yourself being more successful in your visualizations.

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