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Locking doors keeps honest people honest

Reading the local Facebook Palm Bay crime pages, people complaining about their unlocked cars getting broken into AFTER complaining continually for months, years, about how bad neighborhood crime is getting. Maybe just because I’m from Miami but I lock my car even when it’s INSIDE my locked garage. I have burglar bars because I like living with doors and windows open when the weather is cool. I feel completely safe in my neighborhood. Locking doors keeps honest people honest.

What you put out returns to your loved ones as well

You can’t live your life getting ticked off at what everyone says and does and spewing hate and meanness and expect to have good karma come to your loved ones.

It’s one thing to not care about what comes back to YOU, but whatever you put out into the universe toward anyone is what comes back not only to you but to your loved ones for generations to come.

We are all living the results of that, right now, today.

I feel hopeful about how things are going

How are you feeling about the world these days? I feel there’s lots going on that I choose not to be part of but I feel hopeful, I feel optimistic. The powers-that-be are getting the WH situation under control. The people in my immediate circle are relatively happy, relatively healthy and have some kind of plan for their lives that they’re in the process of working. Sure, most could use a little more money, some could use a little more love but there is a growing sense of “we are all in this together.” More neighbors are smiling and waving. I’m hopeful.

Criticism is a Gift

Criticism is an immense gift for those who are interested in self-realization. For those who aren’t, welcome to hell, welcome to being at war with your partner, your neighbors, your children, your boss. When you open your arms to criticism, you are your own direct path to freedom, because you can’t change us or what we think about you. Byron Katie

Periodic storms is the price we pay for living in Paradise

Give extra time to get to work in the morning since low lying streets are flooded. Yes, some streets are flooded but this is Florida. We know the price we pay to live in Paradise is a few times a year Mother Nature parties a little hardier than others and we get a little beat up. We prepare as best we can then we stick together till we get through it.  The rain helps show us where our weak or cracked areas are so we can patch and heal them before the next storm dances through. it also shows who we can really count on in a crisis. Whether it’s a roof, a window or just your peace of mind and daily routine, muddle through during the trauma and afterward patch it up as best you can.  It won’t be the last time. Each time makes us stronger. And remember we’re all in this together even though few of us are talking to each other as we pass each other in real life .

The October 2017 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The October 2017 Horizons is now online — now in flipbook format — at  We are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here  Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) Relationships move front and center with the Aries full moon of October 5th in your sign and Sun in Libra. You can put things together the hard way, or the easy way by keeping this one secret in mind. Success in personal and professional partnerships is first facilitated by your efforts; but then, surrender to the spirit of joie de vivre. Offer something fun and unexpected; watch the fireworks.    Continue reading

Learn to motivate yourself and cheerlead yourself on

A favorite thing of mine to do is help encourage friends in their personal visions. I know how crucial it is to have someone care about the process. Often I’ve not had anyone to care about my process and at those times I learned to cheerlead myself on. I learned to ask myself, “what would I do and say if I were my own best friend involved in a new project?” Then the answer becomes clear and the thought activates the helpful self talk of my inner cheerleader.

She knows what to say to keep me motivated. She reminds me of what I already know. She reminds me that I’m doing the work I love with people I enjoy. She reminds me that every step along the way is part of my mission and grist for the mill. She reminds me that my income does not come from whoever I sell my stuff to, my income pours out of who I am and what I pour out onto others, and what I allow them to pour onto me. She reminds me of what’s real and what really matters. (Jewel was right, in the end, only kindness matters…)   Continue reading

What do I really think and why do I think that?

I’m not upset when I learn friends don’t share my opinions. I can see by their words where they misunderstand and miss the point. When you grow up around bias, you don’t easily unlearn it. You have to ask yourself “what do I really think on this topic and why? And what do I think the topic really is?” Your answer may surprise you. Don’t lose friendship over misunderstandings. Inform yourself.

Learn to focus on good without a cheerleader reminding you

I like Facebook mostly to see what my real life friends are doing day by day. Many have shared their dreams and goals since the 80’s and 90’s. Most want less stress, an easier life, more income. When I’m asked “what am I doing wrong that my life is hard?” I offer suggestions. Each case is unique but the answer is always to change your focus. Years ago I had many in-person, one on one sessions with friends and clients, mostly practicing the art of focusing. I kept track of progress and successes, that kept us motivated.

The thing is, I now find that many of those friends are back in their old pattern of thought and no longer having such a happy life. They wake up with tv news and spend hours on FB debating politics and conspiracy theory, and making mean posts for their haters to see. While we were side by side speaking each day, they stayed on target. I know I benefit from having a cheerleader, that’s why I do it for others. But you won’t always have someone who believes in you and cheers you on. You have to learn to do it on your own, to motivate yourself to stay focused on your goals, focused on what’s going right in your world. That’s the answer. That’s the secret. Focus on what’s going right in your world and then follow that as it expands into a satisfying, meaningful life for you.