Periodic storms is the price we pay for living in Paradise

Give extra time to get to work in the morning since low lying streets are flooded. Yes, some streets are flooded but this is Florida. We know the price we pay to live in Paradise is a few times a year Mother Nature parties a little hardier than others and we get a little beat up. We prepare as best we can then we stick together till we get through it.  The rain helps show us where our weak or cracked areas are so we can patch and heal them before the next storm dances through. it also shows who we can really count on in a crisis. Whether it’s a roof, a window or just your peace of mind and daily routine, muddle through during the trauma and afterward patch it up as best you can.  It won’t be the last time. Each time makes us stronger. And remember we’re all in this together even though few of us are talking to each other as we pass each other in real life .

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