Learn to focus on good without a cheerleader reminding you

I like Facebook mostly to see what my real life friends are doing day by day. Many have shared their dreams and goals since the 80’s and 90’s. Most want less stress, an easier life, more income. When I’m asked “what am I doing wrong that my life is hard?” I offer suggestions. Each case is unique but the answer is always to change your focus. Years ago I had many in-person, one on one sessions with friends and clients, mostly practicing the art of focusing. I kept track of progress and successes, that kept us motivated.

The thing is, I now find that many of those friends are back in their old pattern of thought and no longer having such a happy life. They wake up with tv news and spend hours on FB debating politics and conspiracy theory, and making mean posts for their haters to see. While we were side by side speaking each day, they stayed on target. I know I benefit from having a cheerleader, that’s why I do it for others. But you won’t always have someone who believes in you and cheers you on. You have to learn to do it on your own, to motivate yourself to stay focused on your goals, focused on what’s going right in your world. That’s the answer. That’s the secret. Focus on what’s going right in your world and then follow that as it expands into a satisfying, meaningful life for you.

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