Learn to motivate yourself and cheerlead yourself on

A favorite thing of mine to do is help encourage friends in their personal visions. I know how crucial it is to have someone care about the process. Often I’ve not had anyone to care about my process and at those times I learned to cheerlead myself on. I learned to ask myself, “what would I do and say if I were my own best friend involved in a new project?” Then the answer becomes clear and the thought activates the helpful self talk of my inner cheerleader.

She knows what to say to keep me motivated. She reminds me of what I already know. She reminds me that I’m doing the work I love with people I enjoy. She reminds me that every step along the way is part of my mission and grist for the mill. She reminds me that my income does not come from whoever I sell my stuff to, my income pours out of who I am and what I pour out onto others, and what I allow them to pour onto me. She reminds me of what’s real and what really matters. (Jewel was right, in the end, only kindness matters…)  

My inner cheerleader knows that the way to happiness is through training myself to think thoughts that bring me joy and give me hope. The way to think thoughts that bring me joy is to look for the good in every person and situation I encounter, to look for things to appreciate in each Now moment. The way to have hope is to bring to mind all the good times and know they can be again. To cheerlead myself on to it with my self talk and internal dialog until I believe it and expect it. That’s how I attract my happy and purposeful life. No secret. It just takes practice.

You have to learn to do it on your own, to motivate yourself to stay focused on your goals, focused on what’s going right in your world. That’s the answer. That’s the secret. Focus on what’s going right in your world and then follow that as it expands into a satisfying, meaningful life for you.

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