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My iron and vitamin scores after taking supplements for 30 days

After writing What I’m doing to increase the iron in my body on October 7th, I began taking Ferro Sequels as an iron supplement.   On October 5th, my iron score was a low of 47.  On November 11th it scored 65.    I don’t know if that has to do with taking supplements or not. I just found out that I should be taking the Ferro Sequels on an empty stomach and that eating it with certain foods inhibits absorption.  My bad.  Maybe it will test higher after another 30 days.  I did two extra tests at the lab this time, one for Vitamin D and one for Vitamin B12. I began taking the Vitamin B12 after a friend told me she had the deficiency symptoms, which included feeling tired all the time.   I’d begun being tired, so thought I’d take some, too.  The results of the blood test show that my Vitamin B12, which I have only taken maybe once a day for the past month, skipping some days altogether, scores high at 1166.  They say the optimum level is 211-911 PG/ML.  Everyone has a different idea of what a normal or optimum range is.  I’m thinking I can stop taking the B12.
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A bowel movement should not take 45 minutes

I wrote on Facebook that a friend mentioned in casual conversation that she spends 45 minutes each morning in the bathroom to eliminate. She said she thought that was the normal time for a bowel movement. I thought a quick 1-2 minutes was normal. Get in quick, get out quick, no one gets hurt. She’s a savvy, health conscious person and fairly healthy. I was surprised her thinking that was normal.  I asked on Facebook, “what do you think normal is?”  The general consensus of the comments below is between 2-5 minutes, and that the solution is to drink a lot more water, exercise and add fiber to the diet.  The comments are below, but first:
BEST LAXATIVE: Mix 2 oz of milk of magnesia into 4 ounces of warmed prune juice. Nurses call this “a black and white.” Follow with 8 oz warm water (essential to success). Expect a bowel movement within 30 minutes to 6 hours. Milk of Magnesia is a saline laxative which means it acts by drawing water into the intestine to help gently pass the bowel movement.

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I had a weird dream last night

I’ve been getting more sleep lately and it feels good to do that.  I went to bed about 7:00pm and woke a few times to think about how neat it felt to just lie in bed and feel sleepy and know that it’s still early and that I’m getting a lot of good sleep and have hours more of nice darkness to sleep in before I get up to start my day.  I woke up about 2am from a typical dream I have a time or two a year. This was last night’s dream: I’m somewhere with a friend and neither of us has our i.d. on us.  I am concerned we are going to be caught without it. We get separated.  I don’t have my phone with me, my friend has it.  I ask strangers if I can use their phone and no one wants to let me use theirs. I think it has something to do with how I am dressed.  They are very professionally dressed and I am in casual wear.  I go into a large building, an institute or campus of some sort and and I go into the kitchen of the restaurant.  I know they won’t care how I’m dressed.   Continue reading

The unconscious mind’s automatic rebuttal to “An 8 minute creative visualization workshop to increase dollars”

dollars in handIn black below is my original 8 Minute Creative Visualization Workshop To |Attract Dollars and in blue are probably the same words you hear coming from your own conscious mind if you’re new to creative visualization and affirmative thought.  Don’t worry, these automatic counter-thoughts will only come up the first billion or so times you do it.  Let them come up and just release the thought each time and move on to the next.  With enough practice, the counter-thoughts subside and then you’ll be a real magnet. Here’s the original post in black with typical automatic counter-thoughts in blue.    Continue reading

An 8 minute creative visualization workshop to increase dollars

dollars in handI often get asked for specific words to repeat to attract money.  The secret is they are words that make you feel excited and make you feel it is possible for you.  These are the words that do that for me.  Anytime I want more dollars to flow, I do this short visualization exercise maybe a dozen times a day.  I call it a visualization workshop because I take my visualization seriously and realize it is important work.  I think of how good it feels having extra money and getting unexpected money.  I remember a time I got extra money and how it felt.  I remember a time I got unexpected money and how it felt.  I remember hearing about someone getting unexpected money and how excited they were.  I remember seeing on tv and in the paper about someone winning the lotto and how excited they were.  I remember that I am the one who attracts things to me by thinking about them, so for a few minutes here I am just going to think about how I’d feel if I got some extra unexpected money.   Continue reading

Impromptu reading today connects loved ones

Driving home on I-95 south, I returned a call to Domino today.  I’d gotten psychic impressions while listening to her voice mail but I didn’t want to blurt them out without knowing how she felt about that stuff.  I also felt the message might be a little vague except for it being connected to my birthday.  It was one of those “I love you, I’m proud of the new business” messages, old struggles having been left behind when she dropped the body.  I told Domino it was an older woman and I got the distinct impression that she had my birthday.  She could think of no one with an April 10 birthday.  Her mother’s was March 27, her father’s was April 14th.  I told her it was definitely a woman, not a man, then a man (in spirit) said it would be an anniversary.  Who has an anniversary of April 10th?  She could think of nothing and the man said it’s not an anniversary yet.  Remember I am driving and I have Domino on the headset and the man’s voice in my inner ear.  I don’t have time to ask what he means.  Then she remembered her mother died on April 10th this year.   Continue reading

People are who you make them think you think they are

People are who you make them think you think they are.  Empower them with what you say to them. Tell them what you like and admire about them and what you notice they are doing right. If they tell you their hopes and dreams, tell them you’ll help hold that vision with them.  If I am who I say I am, then I take responsibility for bringing harmony to all my relationships. Yep, just me. No matter what someone else is doing to me.

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A Spiritual Lesson in taking the new shirt apart and putting it back together a new way

shirt-plaid-flannel-darkA couple of days ago, I managed to rip the sleeve of my favorite nightshirt. It’s been on its last legs for several years but it’s a favorite so I continue to wear it. It looks like a long buttondown shirt. At 38″ long, it’s a dark plaid flannel and it hits just above the knee.  It has a shirt tail hem, which means it is curved higher on the sides and longer in front and back. I thought it’d be as easy as looking online to find another one. Not so! Even the men’s flannel shirts in an extra tall were only 35″ long and most had a straight hem. That’s a crucial 3″ when I’m wearing it out in the yard and bending over the garden. I began Googling “night shirts” and “sleep shirts” and came upon many that were nice and long, but not buttoned all the way down the front. Phooey.  I had to look at mostly mens’ shirts or plus sizes due to bust size. I went to WalMart and even their longest men’s flannel shirt was just 35″, with a straight hem. Drat. I’d have to go to a real store.    Continue reading

My Pre-Surgery Angel Story

Last month my friend Morgana Starr told me that she’s collecting angel stories for a new book she’s writing.  She didn’t want it to be a book just about her own experiences, but wanted to include other people’s stories as well.  She knows what healing comes from someone telling their story, especially when there is someone to point out the symbolism of it.  I did a post on my Facebook wall for friends to contact her if they have an angel story to share.  I later thought that I have an angel story of my own, so I emailed it to her. It was the first time I’d typed it out from my notes. I began with an intro and short bio.  Since it was my first writing of it, I wanted to tell the entire story. I knew if she wanted to use it, she’d want the word count edited down and I’d do that later. Here’s my angel story:   Continue reading

Dr. Len’s Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing Process

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len was a psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital who – without ever seeing a patient in person – cured a ward of criminally insane patients using an ancient Huna technique.  Dr. Len would study an inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person’s illness. As he took responsibility, asked forgiveness and expressed gratitude, he improved himself and the patients improved.  Dr. Len never saw his patients. His agreement was he would have an office and he would review the patient files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.  Dr. Len says he “was simply healing the part of me that created them.” Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life is your responsibility, simply because it appears in your life. In a literal sense your entire world is your creation.  Continue reading