Andrea de Michaelis has designed a remarkable
audio series for you - Each mp3 just $10

Play this recording as you are falling asleep for a refreshing segment of restful sleep and rejuvenation. Even when asleep, your subconscious mind is listening, so you can still expect change to occur.We can retrain our consciousness and regulate our own brain chemistry to overcome ailments and bad habits. Carefully selected words and phrases on this recording will reprogram the cells of your body for optimum physical and mental health. Each time you listen to this recording, you will awaken refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to get into your day .

By the power of suggestion, your desire to overeat will be replaced by increased willpower; your craving for unhealthy foods will be replaced by finding interesting and fun ways to increase your physical activity.   Turn up your body's metabolism to burn fat and leave you with a higher energy level.    Each time you listen to this recording, you can experience a new and healthy vital energy flowing through body and mind.

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Andrea de Michaelis is a Certified Professional Hypnotist

Excerpts:  Your body has already begun the healing process.... growing new cell tissue... renewing you daily... making you more vital.   As a non-smoker, you get stronger faster.... you are more confident... you can really taste your food... you are getting fresh breath, clean smelling clothes, a new car smell.

TESTIMONIALS "I can't believe how much lighter and freer I feel already."

"I am becoming aware now of how much control I have in stressful situations. I have less anxiety and make wiser choices."


You are not the body - an astral flight

Being out of your body is a completely natural state that happens every night whether you recall it or not.  With this recording, you will suspend yourself in the awareness of your physical body being "not there." Of your existence beyond the physical realm.

With repeated listening, you will realize your ability to leave your body, to return safely and to remember what happened. You have the ability to become conscious and lucid when your astral body is out at night.


Wouldn't it be nice to delegate all your jobs to a manager who would take care of it all for you? We all have one but very few of us use it. When we feel overwhelmed with all we have to do, we may feel our flow of good has stopped. When we are optimistic and hopeful, we attract more joy, and more of what we want.

Listening to this audiofile will help you awaken your own Universal Manager and put it to work for you. With repeated listening, you'll begin to see opportunities lining up in your life as never before, as you expand your perception of what is possible for you, and how easy it is to get it done for you.

SPECIAL PRICE  This file is a $1.88 download

This cd is designed to activate the third eye, expand awareness, develop psychic perception and become receptive to inner guidance. Even if you have never experienced conscious contact, you can still be successful. Once you activate your psychic perception, expect to receive inner guidance more clearly than ever before.  Even if you are skeptical, you can still be successful. A fish doesn't have to believe in the ocean. As your third eye opens, expect to receive more vivid psychic impressions from your angels, guides and teachers.



Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Photographer Debi Buck 2013