I had a weird dream last night

I’ve been getting more sleep lately and it feels good to do that.  I went to bed about 7:00pm and woke a few times to think about how neat it felt to just lie in bed and feel sleepy and know that it’s still early and that I’m getting a lot of good sleep and have hours more of nice darkness to sleep in before I get up to start my day.  I woke up about 2am from a typical dream I have a time or two a year. This was last night’s dream: I’m somewhere with a friend and neither of us has our i.d. on us.  I am concerned we are going to be caught without it. We get separated.  I don’t have my phone with me, my friend has it.  I ask strangers if I can use their phone and no one wants to let me use theirs. I think it has something to do with how I am dressed.  They are very professionally dressed and I am in casual wear.  I go into a large building, an institute or campus of some sort and and I go into the kitchen of the restaurant.  I know they won’t care how I’m dressed.  

I ask one of the staff if I can use their phone. The phone doesn’t have all the numbers so I can’t dial who I want, then it’s a bad connection, then it’s the wrong number.  I’ve forgotten where I parked and I ask someone to show me a map of the campus, so I can know where I am and see the configuration of the parking lot.

I imagine it in my head as the giant institute or school I am in is a horizontal oval in the middle of a big parking lot with trees around it. I want to see on the map where all the entrances are and determine which one I came in and where all we walked around to. I know our cars were parked together so I wanted to find my way back to the car.

Every time, some one says they will help and then they disappear and I wait a long time then ask someone else to help. I find myself sitting next to one guy at a dining table and we are standing up and he grabs the check and says I have to go pay this first. I said I’d pay it since he was going to take me to the map and I go pay and he disappears.

I asked a girl if I could use her computer so I could look something up. She said come with me and I began following her across campus. By now it is getting to be sundown and I’m getting nervous and anxious. I wonder if I should tell her I feel I am about to have a panic attack (which I do not get in real life.)

We walk up the stairs of a large building with many steps steeply upward.  It’s a library. As we walk in the heavy doors, everything still going upward somewhat steeply, I wonder if I remember how to look something up the old way in a book. I wanted to go to a computer and Mapquest where we were. But I was being taken to reference books like atlases and globes. I knew if they had any maps, that the one I needed would be missing.

Sometimes the dream is me in a big institute or hotel complex looking for the room for my meeting and I keep going in the wrong hallway or doorway and not finding the room I want and no one can tell me where to find it. Sometimes I find myself in front of someone that makes me feel I under dressed for the meeting.  Always on my way somewhere I can’t quite get to, getting detoured following the advice of fellow bumblers, wanting to see the guidemap for myself.

Food for thought.

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