Soul Work and Predictive Astrology Transits

adm astro 72transits 2-25-16Thursday and Friday were hectic days of start ‘n stop, make a plan/change a plan and it took me thru the weekend to catch up. I seldom get aggravated, frazzled and flustered but boy I did a few times each of those days! I also seldom look at my own astrology transits (predictive astrology) ahead of time — although reading them in advance might give me clues to avoid upcoming challenges. But I find it insightful to read them afterward. When I felt well out of the storm, I looked back to see what I’d just gone through. I checked the Moon first, since that’s a 2.5 day journey through the emotions. I’m quick to speak my mind, slow to anger and quick to let go. So when I found myself biting my tongue, getting irked and hanging on after something had been resolved, I knew soul work was at play.   

Basically, one of my contractors “called in sick” and initially said he had no one to cover the job. I knew he was scheduled to attend an event while he was “sick,” which meant he had plenty of time to find a replacement on game day. I had my hands full dealing with an elderly sister whose blood family needed a wake up call. Both issues were resolved by end of day. Here’s what my challenging transits were for those two days. This is why I love astrology. It tells me what is going to happen and when, and also when it will be over with.

Transiting Moon in Libra in the Sixth House
For these two days, you may need to guard against being fussy and overly critical at this time, and should also beware of attempting to change other people for the better. You will want to be especially aware of any health issues right now, although they might turn out to be based more emotionally than in physical fact. It is a very good time for detail work of all kinds, and for sorting out what is truly important to you.

Transiting Moon in opposition with natal Mercury
You may experience conflicts between emotion and reason, for these few hours, or some difficulties in communication with a significant female personage in your life. On the other hand, you will be able to express what you truly feel and that is important for achieving rapport. It is important not to hold back painful communication at this time, since you benefit from taking advantage of having such immediate access to your mental process. You will be more emotionally present for all forms of thinking and handiwork during this brief period, although you must be aware also that your emotions may influence your decision-making process.

Transiting Moon in square with natal Uranus
Feelings of restlessness could come up for you today. Your emotions might be subject to some abrupt changes during the few hours that this transit is in effect. You could find that something about your residence has altered during the day today, or there may be issues with your family or a significant female figure in your life that change suddenly. You are likely to have new spiritual insights as well, or perhaps may notice that your will to be different is more powerful than usual right now.

Transiting Moon in strong opposition with natal Sun
You may be more moody than usual or more aware of the past. You are also likely to have a significant encounter with an important female person in your life.

Transiting Mercury in strong opposition with natal Pluto
Conflicts and changes in your habitual mental process may come up for you over the few days that this transit is in effect. Your urge for self-transformation and regeneration is being brought to consciousness and to your connection with others. You may find your style of communication with others to be deeper and more serious than usual for this period. You may in fact temporarily observe a drastic alteration in your everyday communications with others. You may also find that you will not be satisfied with superficial explanations at this time. You are likely to be more serious in what you say or think, and more interested in your own unconscious process, and as well that of others.

Transiting Mercury in strong square with natal Mars
You are more conscious than normally of your will and ego needs during these few days. You may run into conflicts with siblings while this brief transit is in effect. You should beware of being too “sharp” or critical with friends and associates at this time. Greater energy is also available for communication in general at this time, and for thinking about your goals for the future.

Transiting Uranus in opposition with natal Neptune
This transit electrifies your sense of spirituality, and your ideals. You are likely to undergo a transformation of your ideals during this transit. You may have the feeling that humanitarian goals are more possible to be achieved, or you may experience glimpses of cosmic unity with all creation. You may also have powerful psychic experiences at this time, or become interested in the occult arts. It is a very good time to explore spiritual issues in your life.

Transiting Uranus in opposition with natal Moon
Your feelings are expressing themselves to you in ways you never before dreamed possible. This could be the beginning of a major breakthrough, the first step in actually coming to terms with emotions long buried in your unconscious. Some other ways that this important transit could manifest in your life: you may find yourself feeling restless and bored with your current dwelling or home life, leading you to make drastic changes in your home environment; your close personal relationships may alter; you may have insights that force you into a new way of seeing your relationship with your mother. Your own unacknowledged desire for change may be bringing these feelings up in you as a prompt for action, even if they seem to be coming up through the medium of an external agency. Although these changes may seem disruptive they usually work out for the best in the overall process of your life development. These changes may provide insights that will be the seeds for your future emotional development. Some new part of yourself is struggling to break free to the surface of your personality.

This is why I love astrology. It tells me what is going to happen and when, and also when it will be over with. If you’d like me to do your astrology transits (predictive astrology) for the next three months, it’s just $22. Email

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