KARMIC ASTROLOGY: The Moon Nodes & Reincarnation, Martin Schulman

We have lived thousands of lives all over the cosmos. We have been men, women, poor, rich, uneducated, highly educated. We have lived in many cities, towns, rural areas, and been many nationalities. What is meant by: “You are me and I am you” is at least three things:

1. We are all sparks of the One Creative Force.
2. We have all accrued negative and positive karma as a result of our actions in many lives.
3. We are all on this planet for the purpose of balancing our negative karmic debts, so that we can ascend into Higher Consciousness.

There is no room for judgment of each other, no room for discrimination. We are equally loved unconditionally by a God of Love.

It is essential to remember that your Soul and your guides in spirit will not allow you to attempt to balance karmic debts that might overwhelm you. Instead, your Soul strives, through your various incarnations, for the degree of spiritual maturity that will allow you to tackle some of your more difficult karmic debts.    

Before you are allowed to take on another physical body, your Soul and spirit guides scan your Soul’s eternal life file housed on the cosmic computer, i.e. the Akashic Records, and carefully select the karmic debts that your level of spiritual maturity will equip you to successfully balance. Therefore, the karmic debts represented in your SOUTH MOON NODE could stem from lifetimes extending from thousands of years ago to the incarnation just prior to this one.
If and when you read something revealed by your MOON NODES, or any other karmic indicator, to which you reply in dismay, “I would not dream of doing such a thing,” the answer is: “No, you would not at your present level of spiritual maturity.” The ONLY reason you were allowed to take on that particular karmic debt is because at this stage in your spiritual evolution you would not dream of behaving in such a way—thus, you have the freewill opportunity to erase the debt.

If you have heavy-duty karmic debts in this lifetime, consider yourself blessed—you are an advanced Soul who is now ready to tackle the hard stuff. Self-pity, victimhood, long-term discouragement, the urge to end it all one way or another—all have NO long-term place in the lifestream of an Advanced Soul who is approaching Ascension.

Your Moon Nodes reveal the unfolding of the Universal Law: “We reap what we sow” or “For every cause, there is an effect.” Your Moon Nodes “reveal the track that your Soul is running on in the current life, while the rest of the [natal chart] adds additional information as to how you are to make the journey.” They also reveal some of the lessons your Soul has chosen to learn during this incarnation.

The SOUTH MOON NODE is symbolic of your past, your Achilles Heel—the footsteps you have left behind during prior lifetimes. It signifies the karmic residue that you have yet to balance or transmute. The magnetic pull of your SOUTH MOON NODE can feel like a heavy burden that you are carrying until its lessons are learned—it may pull you backward if you are not consciously aware of its presence and choosing to move forward toward your NORTH MOON NODE.

THE NORTH MOON NODE is the symbol for the future—the new cycle to which your look forward. This Node magnetically pulls your Soul toward its future growth. Divine Providence offers much help in this forward movement. Deep within, you will feel a sense of direction … your purpose spurs you on in spite of all the obstacles. Your NORTH MOON NODE “symbolizes the highest area of expression to be reached in the current life and therefore must be interpreted by the highest qualities of the sign and house in which it is located.”
“The most amazing feature about the NORTH MOON NODE is that however much [you] achieve it, there is always more to go—as it truly represents [your] everlasting spiral towards God.”

The Moon Nodes are always in combination with their polarity signs.

ARIES NORTH NODE – LIBRA SOUTH NODE – Heretofore, your prior life experiences have not resulted in the formation of the Self as a singular, unique identity. Instead, you sought to live through the lives of those around you. Now, the goal is to develop a strong sense of Self as an independent being. In past incarnations, you sacrificed for others, which you felt was not adequately appreciated by them. Now, you may feel traces of resentment at not reaping the rewards of your efforts.
You will realize your greatest achievements after you have learned to serve others willingly and without expectation of rewards. You can be hesitant to make definitive decisions, while your NORTH MOON NODE calls for you to take a stand for what your Soul knows is Truth. Positive self-assertion is the lesson to be learned.
There has been little self-examination, little self-knowledge. Now, it is time to know yourself … to find out who you really are. You will find that Self-discovery is an exciting journey of exploration. In fact, “once a new sense of Self-identity is achieved, [you] will feel like Columbus discovering America; and the most amazing part of [your] discovery is reaching the awareness that it was there [within you] all along, but [you] never knew it.”

The house in which the SOUTH MOON NODE is located shows the area in life where you identified with others to the extent of inhibiting your own self-development.

The house which contains the NORTH MOON NODE designates the area where the Self is now experiencing its birth … where you are learning to be self assertive in positive ways … where you learning to stand tall as an independent being.

TAURUS NORTH NODE – SCORPIO SOUTH NODE – you may be confronted with some of the most difficult karmic lessons because the Plutonian force of Scorpio created many times of having the rug pulled out from beneath you. (Pluto rules Scorpio) As a result of these soul memories, you may react defensively toward those who offer regenerative advice. In past lives, you suffered as you reaped the results of false values. You had to deal with a powerful sex drive that sought gratification in a variety of relationships.
Now you are learning a new set of values by which to live. You are learning that sexual energy is also creative energy and how to maintain a satisfying balance between the two. You may still live life on a largely unconscious level until you take charge and deliberately choose to “know thyself” and learn to observe your behavior so that you become aware of the reasons behind your words and actions. You will make much progress as you are able to view the actions of others as reflections of your subconscious.
Observing yourself is important. You may seek revenge in subtle ways that end up with you appearing to be the victim, while in truth you are the carefully planned victor. Intense emotions need a variety of creative outlets. The lesson of forgiveness is paramount as you move toward your NORTH MOON NODE IN TAURUS. Taurus is the energy of granting “love to the loveless” and “roots to the rootless.” (Alan Oken) Taurus is the energy of supply, ruled by Venus. As you recognize the abundance within the Universe, you will always be blessed with enough to meet all your needs. Taurus leads you into a garden of peace.

“The house position of the SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area in life where any remaining residue of the Scorpionic battles must be conquered.”
The house position of the NORTH MOON NODE shows the area in life where the new awareness of trust and security can ultimately replace the underlying struggles.”

GEMINI NORTH NODE – SAGITTARIUS SOUTH NODE – In the past, you have been a free spirit and have tended not to appreciate the points of view of others. You resist having any restrictions placed upon you, including marriage. You are forever trying to do too many things at one time. Spreading yourself so thin can result in having no clear central life theme. “Always [you] seem to miss the obvious, blissfully ignorant of the immediate circumstances around [you]” and the impact that you might have on others. Now, you are learning to see both sides of every issue, to see life through the eyes of others. As you walk in the shoes of others, you will realize that all the seeming negative qualities in others are actually qualities that you have failed to recognize in yourself.
Your GEMINI NORTH NODE will lean you into developing skills in the art of communication. You want to fit into society and respect the rights of others. Your past lives brought you into a natural understanding of the universe. Now you want to share your knowledge with others. You are restless and have much ground to cover.

“The house position of the SOUTH MOON NODE shows the life where past incarnation residue still pulls [you] toward a desire to be a free spirit.”
“The house position of the GEMINI NORTH NODE indicates the doorway through which [you] must walk in order to experience the advantages of the civilized humanistic culture [you] are destined to join.”


CANCER NORTH NODE – CAPRICORN SOUTH NODE – There is the tendency to enter this current life with much inner pride. You find it difficult to understand why others do not show you the level of respect to which you have been accustomed in prior lifetimes. As a result, prestige and the pursuit of dignity tend to be major motivators for your present life actions. Some with these Nodes may marry in order to gain the prestige remembered. Memories from the past can feel like burdens in the present. You can feel that you never complete fulfilling responsibilities and obligations. You cannot tolerate failure within yourself—at times making yourself physically or emotionally ill in order to avoid coping with situations in which you feel inadequate.

In prior lifetimes you were “highly opinionated and resistant to taking advice that would affect [you] personally.” Now you may still believe that your “personal life is strictly a private matter.” There can be a pattern of opportunism present and an opinion that taking advantage of weakness in others is simply “just doing business.” You learned the art of accomplishment, but with little regard for others.
Now your CANCER NORTH NODE leads you into learning to give nourishment as well as receive it. You may experience heavy family burdens so that you can learn the emotional needs of others. You are learning how to take on the feminine role in this life.
Slowly the rigid Capricorn attitudes are dropped and replaced with a new security in relating your emotions honestly. You will come to see that all the worries and your self-imposed martyr complex have no foundation in your present incarnation. “Eventually [you] will start to value nature more than money, emotion more than power, and new growth rather than the collecting of dead wood.” However, you must develop a totally new emotional response pattern if you desire to adjust and move forward toward your compassionate NORTH MOON NODE IN CANCER. Your highest achievement in life is to be nourishing others. To reach this, you must work on self until “you become a natural cornucopia of spiritual food for those who are hungry. The more [you] are able to fill people, the more happiness [you] will feel [yourself]…. In past lives [you] were able to benefit greatly by receiving. Now [you] are here to give.”

“The house which contains the SOUTH MOON NODE shows the area in life in which the bowl of abundance is overfull,” where your life pattern was to take regardless of the impact on others.
The house which contains the NORTH MOON NODE symbolizes the empty bowls of others waiting for food.”

LEO NORTH NODE – AQUARIUS SOUTH NODE – The LEO NORTH NODE signifies a struggle with the will. During this lifetime, you are strengthening your ego self so you can truly know who you are. Situations in your life will occur that force you to act independently … to stand alone. These sometimes lonely situations are encouraging you to develop inner strength as the unique being that you are.
You may continue a past life pattern of feeling sorry for yourself over the lack of friends and the feeling that when you really need someone, he/she is not there for you. Long periods of loneliness may exist. As you realize that your isolation is a self-imposed prerequisite for gathering inner strength, you will begin to move forward intentionally. You have the capacity to overcome all self-doubts and to be a strong leader. But to be a strong leader, you must first be a strong person. In the case of a LEO NORTH NODE, you must have a strong sense of egoic self.
Simply desiring friends can weaken you and dissipate your intentional work toward goals that are expressive of who you truly are. Actually, you are ambivalent about having someone to answer your questions because once they do, you tend not to listen. Plus, you do not like anyone else “cramping your style.”
With your SOUTH MOON NODE IN AQUARIUS, it can be hard for others to understand because you will do anything to retain your sense of individuality. In past lives, you developed a detachment from the world and now you continue to want to go your own way. This can be a positive if you develop the self-discipline needed to make your actions count for something. Recalling and using your past life knowledge, you possess the capacity to make a real difference for humanity because you can depersonalize and work for the good of all humanity.
This discovery of past life talents that you thought you did not have can be to your great amazement. There is a chance that you can go from a “rags to riches” life style.
In this life, you are given the opportunity to be alone so that you can express your beliefs and principles unhampered. You are here to show others the ways in which the world can overcome its problems. Your greatest achievements will come after you have developed a strong egoic self, then surrendered it to your Higher Ego Self—your Soul, and can truthfully state: May Divine Will unfold in my life and that of all humanity. You are capable of making revolutionary changes in what was once established tradition.
“Although it is [your] present life karma to apply [your] Uranian ingenuity through practical and traditional Leonian outlets, [you] still struggle to maintain [your] unique character.”

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area “where past-life needs for originality and freedom are still seeking expression.”
The house position of your NORTH MOON NODE reveals the area of life in which you can focus all of your chart energy into a “new shining creation of substantial size and worth, a gift of generosity to the world. Truly these are the Nodes of the Inventor.”

VIRGO NORTH NODE – PISCES SOUTH NODE – “The object here is crystallization.” There can be superstitious beliefs within your soul memories that can impede your spiritual growth if you choose to cling to them. There may also be a tendency to be dependent upon others and for self-pity. Soul memories of falling for sob stories may still influence your attitude toward the suffering. Still, with your PISCES SOUTH NODE, you are extremely sensitive to the pain of others to the point of allowing that energy of pain to drain you of your own strength. “Your soft heart is your weak spot.”
“From past incarnations [your] intuition is unusually strong and accurate, but with it comes the Piscean depressions stemming from sensitivity to other people’s disappointments.” You may create a tangled web of people depending upon you for a myriad of reasons.
Your VIRGO NORTH NODE’s magnetic pull encourages you to develop discrimination between those who can benefit from your help and those who are not ready to be helped. You must learn to say “NO” in a kind way then stick to it. It is important not to do for others what they can do for themselves, for by so doing you actually perpetuate their problems.
Yours is the tendency to cling to repressed hurts for many years. This stifled energy is bound to find expression, likely impacting your nervous system. VIRGO rules natural healing and holistic health and hopefully, your NORTH MOON NODE compels you to study and implement these modalities into your lifestyle.
You may tend to be critical of others, which is actually a way of criticizing yourself for not reaching the goals of perfection toward which you aim. You are striving for perfection and purification within yourself while learning to tolerate others’ shortcomings. Your major lesson is self-discipline.
Happiness comes through serving others; healing comes through meaningful work. “In this life, [you] must learn to display the perfected ideals [you] have achieved through giving up all but [your] appreciation of the Divine Essence.”

The house in which the SOUTH MOON NODE is located indicates the area of life about which you achieved Cosmic Understanding in a prior lifetime.
The house position of the NORTH MOON NODE shows the area of life through which “crystallization can now bring that understanding into material reality.” You have the opportunity to serve humanity through manifesting that Cosmic Understanding in a form that can be shared with others.

LIBRA NORTH NODE – ARIES SOUTH NODE – indicates you are to learn much about self-sacrifice and understanding the needs of others. “All the lifetimes of work spent on building self-confidence and esteem must now be transferred to others.” LIBRA NORTH NODE keeps you from adding to your sense of self-identity. Many lifetimes of “me first” bring you to painful lessons in cooperation. You are to take the sharp edges out of your life and seek a harmonious balance. You are learning that the strong pioneering individualism of your ARIES SOUTH NODE was to prepare you for providing others with a harmonious life. Past incarnations have established a pattern of restless impatience to stay on the move. However, this lifetime is about giving rather than receiving.
Now that you have reached the LIBRA NORTH NODE, you are to realize that the second half of this life’s spiritual evolution is to be about others. You are to learn the karmic lesson that you are not alone. Until you learn to share, obstacles will block your efforts to continue a “me first” attitude. You will learn that the game is not about winning or losing, but about how fairly the game was played.
You may tend to be selfish and opinionated. Now you are learning to walk in the shoes of others. There can be painful blows to your ego; you may see your desires taken from you and given to others. This can create jealousy and the urge to fight back, but the more you fight back the more you lose. Eventually, you learn to surrender the selfish ego and “accept living in a world built on sharing.” “You are living through the karma of selflessness.”
You may be called on to referee in disputes, which results in you learning to become more objective. The more [you] can get others to cooperate, the more [you] learn to be cooperative.
There can be a deep-seated anger stemming from past life memories of frustrations which blocked your self-expression. With these Nodes, you may be very attractive/handsome, which is part of a karmic lesson involving vanity that your ARIES SOUTH NODE indicates you must overcome.
The balance between ARIES/MARS and LIBRA/VENUS can be difficult because Aries/Mars keeps wanting to satisfy its own needs. LIBRA/VENUS is here to simply love others, regardless of their demands. The ego-self must be abandoned and replaced with a heightened sensitivity to the needs of others. The Aries self-love looms as a big obstacle to overcome.

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area of life where the “insatiable desires of prior lifetimes are still demanding priority.”
The house where your NORTH MOON NODE is located reveals “how fulfillment can be reached through self-sacrifice, cooperation, and the expression of unselfish love to others.”

SCORPIO NORTH NODE – TAURUS SOUTH NODE – You are learning to accept revolutionary changes within yourself as well changes within your conditions and environment. You may feel weary from all the soul memories of struggles in past lives and feel that you cannot muster the strength to go through more changes. As a result, you will tend to cling to old behavior patterns which served you well in prior lifetimes. Insisting on doing things the hard way can result in weakening your Spiritual Self because the hard way blinds you to new possibilities.
Rather than watching others and learning from their experiences, you insist on working through each experience your way. You feel you must be sure of yourself. Your need for security can be so great that even if you attempt to change, you actually simply adopt a new way to behave in the same manner. There can be a great need for material possessions; however, the more you collect things, the more you trap yourself.
You have experienced much past life damage to your ego and now feel a strong urge to prove yourself worthy of respect. If you feel that others do not respect you, there is a tendency to fall into depression. As a result, you push and push to become successful—a need that can backfire on you with the temptation to “break the rules a little.”
As you respond to the magnetic pull of your SCORPIO NORTH NODE, you will begin the process of complete transformation. You evaluate your life and determine what is worthy of taking forward with you and what you choose to leave behind. Your biggest growth spurt occurs when you learn to let go. You learn to think and act independently as you release all the past life burdens that heretofore have oppressed you. You learn self- respect by developing self-discipline.
It is important that you comprehend how your subconscious desires have impacted this life. Getting to know yourself through studying your astrological natal chart is an excellent way to evaluate the impact the past is having upon you.
As long as you choose to live unconsciously and fail to be an objective observer of yourself, life will toss you to and fro. This lifetime you are to be transformed so that your Soul can move forward on its spiritual journey. This transformation process can be painful and powerful, as you may lose much that you have heretofore thought valuable. Out of this symbolic death comes your new life.

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area of life which has become decadent with the outworn behavior patterns from prior lifetimes.
The house position of your NORTH MOON NODE reveals the manner by which your present life rebirth into the new and better may be achieved. When we release the old, we make room for the new!

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE – GEMINI SOUTH NODE – “The keyword here is promise.” For many prior lifetimes, you attempted to be all things to all people, which resulted in scattering your energies to the point of superficiality.
Now, there are strong karmic lessons concerning loyalty and allegiance. This can be tough because you tend to see both sides and hesitate to make a commitment to either side. So you are constantly changing with your surroundings. The need is to develop a strong sense of individual identity.
You are always over-programmed, partly because you love activity and cannot bear to feel “cooped up or bogged down.” You struggle to keep up with all the activities of the day—“you have so much to do”—you say.
Direction in life tends to come around age 28 with your 1st Saturn Return—a time of self-evaluation and determining how you want the rest of your life to unfold. Still underneath, you may be unsteady as a result of spending lifetimes scattering your energies and neglecting to make any true commitments. Now, it is difficult to perceive your true identity.
Your “biggest task involves a search for higher knowledge. Through your SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE you are to learn that in order for you to recognize the Truth, you must be the Truth. Studying the Higher Wisdom will assist you in finding your true identity and you will eventually achieve the mystic marriage—the merging of your lower self with the Higher Self/Soul.
There can be the karma of having gossiped and “perpetuated the trivial.” You must turn your back on pretending sophistication and become real and natural. As you come to know the Oneness of All Things, you will develop the capacity to transform knowledge into Divine Wisdom.
As you evolve during this lifetime, you will be freed from the bondage of indecision and in its place will be glimpses of Universal Truth.

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE reveals the area of life in which past incarnation personality conflicts still plague your lower mind.
The house position of your NORTH MOON NODE shows the “ways in which a Higher Consciousness can be developed into a vehicle which enables [you] to rise above all conflict.”

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE – CANCER SOUTH NODE – You are learning how to achieve maturity. In prior lifetimes, you tended to see life through rose-colored glasses and to deny everything else. Much of the “child” may still be with you. In prior lifetimes, you wrestled with your dependencies while, at the same time, seeking something to lean on. Now, your life may be characterized by struggles with this childlike behavior, which repeatedly impedes your growth into maturity. You seek means to maintain the focus of your parents’ attention; you had rather your parents solve the problems than do so yourself. Friends, business associates, marriage partner—all become a symbolic parent to whom you look to pick up the pieces of your life, to protect you from the results of your own behavior. You are capable of creating your own illness if it holds the potential of gaining love and affection.
You may constantly practice becoming an adult; yet, you never feel quite ready to make the transition. All that you do this lifetime is based on soul memories of “sensitive past-life feelings which still are shattered by the slightest rejection.”
You may be “strongly wrapped up in the business of your country. You tend to personalize government; for to you, it is part of your own family. You are very patriotic and loyal.
You may enjoy working with young people and listening to the problems of others. The problem comes when you attempt to hold all their problems inside of you. This can create early aging.
The most difficult karmic lesson with CANCER SOUTH NODE is learning to let go. You have soul memories of having lost or forgotten something important; now you attempt to hang onto to everything. You may constantly be thinking in terms of what you should have done “years ago or lives ago.”
You are likely to be extremely draining to others, using whatever they do for you as the springboard to ask for more. “[You] are not so much interested in finding out why something went wrong as [you] are seeking the lost feeling to be returned.” It is especially hard for you to see a relationship end.
As your CAPRICORN NORTH NODE’s magnetic pull attracts you, you must find an ideal bigger than yourself; you must learn to stand for something and accept true responsibility. As you do so, you may tend to adopt a traditional stance and work to prevent others from seeing anything in your life expression that contradicts that stance. Although maintaining this stance is difficult (because in truth you are not free to be yourself), you can assist others by giving them a model and ideal.
Women with these NODES feel a strong urge to seek a father figure. Men feel driven to be a good father.
“The most important thing about the CAPRICORN NORTH NODE is that it represents the point through which [you] will meet [your] karmic mission.” For this reason, you may tend to remain immature as long as possible—you sense a kind of judgment approaching. You may have difficulty accepting your chronological age. You may admit it, but try hard not to live it.
Capricorn is the gateway through which the Accepted Disciple walks toward Ascension. It is the energy of initiation into Higher Consciousness; therefore, your struggles signify opportunities to balance past life karma and move on unencumbered. You may tend to flounder the first half of your life, then one day realize that you have matured, that you have, after all, done something worthwhile with your life.

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area of life in which the karmic residue of immaturity seeps into your present life.
The house position of your NORTH MOON NODE reveals the ways in which you can now enter “responsible adulthood by aligning with the principles of honor, respect, and tradition. As soon as [you] learn how to do this, [you] are destined for a life of splendid accomplishment!”

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE – LEO SOUTH NODE – indicates a struggle between the personal life and an impersonal dedication to the whole of humanity. During prior lifetimes, you sought to have life to revolve around yourself. Now, you are to assume the role of Waterbearer for all of humanity.
Overcoming past life influences can be difficult, as there is a tendency to look down on others, to name-dropping, and designing your life so that you will be seen in the company of influential people and those who sit on pedestals. You may view your powerful will as the means to obtain your ends, whatever they may be. You have made heavy footsteps in the past; now, it is time to “walk lightly, without making footprints.” You are ready to abdicate your external throne.
These NODES can be difficult within marriage because you will want to dominate those close to you.
You are attempting to work through the conflicts between the artificial and the real. You must learn how to “shed masks—ego-centered displays of dignity are coming from past-life habits and do very little now toward bringing [you] any lasting happiness.”
“[You are] destined to spend a part of [your] life alone for [your] unique character is too overbearing to be readily acceptable by most people…. If given the right cause, [you] will sacrifice [your] entire life for it.”
“Through the AQUARIUS NORTH NODE, [you] learn to overcome [your] past-life sense of prestige and develop the concept of Universal Brotherhood. [You] must ultimately come to see [yourself] as part of a larger cosmic sphere, in which [your] role is to share in the burden of human evolution.”
You will reach your greatest happiness once you learn to set aside your own needs and replace them with a humanitarian attitude toward all you meet.
“[You] are to forget pride and reach for new original horizons, no matter how eccentric [your] ideas seem to others. Through your NORTH NODE [you] are given the promise of a unique adventure, through which [you] can make an important contribution to the progress of civilization.”

The house position of the SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area of life that you have “burdened with the desire for personal achievement.”
The house position of the NORTH MOON NODE reveals “how you can set yourself free from the shackles of [your] past life ego by realizing [the] mission for humanity for which [you] are destined to pick up [your] cross.”

PISCES NORTH NODE – VIRGO SOUTH NODE – you begin to realize just how much past life rigidity has hurt you. Still, you find it hard to let them go. Previously, you lived in a finite universe with well structured societal forms. Now, you are awakening to a living cosmos. Repeatedly, you are forced to let go of your hold on the physical plane.
You still yearn for order and may even develop medical problems in the center of your body as a result of trying to hold in all your tension. You repeatedly suppress “desire for the sake of doing what seems proper, for [you] would like to maintain an image of respectability.” In past incarnations, you based all of your opinions on fact. “Now, [you] accept only what comes from the highest authority.”
“[You] must learn how to immerse [yourself] in the waters of Cosmic Consciousness, and in this baptism of thought [you] can truly experience a new birth.”
You may fear the world is filled with danger and contamination; you may question the credentials of people and conditions that you allow into your life space. There can be a strong residue of sexual problems stemming anywhere to from lack of sex to a determination to never be hurt again. You can be sexually responsive while being emotionally cold.

VIRGO SOUTH NODE signifies an analytical mind that is excellent at solving puzzles. You may be overly critical.
As you move toward your PISCES NORTH NODE, you begin to develop faith. Once you cease seeing yourself as separate from the rest of the world, you will come to understand that “all is one, and one is all.” You will go through experiences that force you to become more compassionate.
Ultimately, you will symbolically experience the pain of the entire universe so that you can “strengthen [your] Divine Love to the point that [you] absolutely refuse to pass judgment on others.”
The more you focus on the spiritual way of life, the more progress you make toward spiritual maturity. You can intuitively catch glimpses of the mysterious in life, yet you have a hard time trusting your own intuitive insights. You are half way between two worlds. You take one step forward, then a step back. But each time you take an extra step forward, you move closer to “dissolving the shackles of [your] rigidly formed past” and to being “born again as pure Spirit.”

Gloria Karpinski excellent book entitled WHEN TWO WORLDS TOUCH would be especially helpful for you.

The house position of your SOUTH MOON NODE indicates the area of life in which you are still too rigid.
The house position of your NORTH MOON NODE reveals how you can “renounce [your] grip on all rigid definition of form and structure so that [you] can be free to swim in the Ocean of God.”

This is from Lesson 7
Author Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed, M.Div. 

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