Daily practice

I guess I figure everyone who reads my pages is into some kind of personal development or self improvement path, whether they count it as a spiritual practice or not. Or they at least understand the concept of being on a personal path. I figure we on some level all vibe the same or we wouldn’t know of each other. So I figure like me most have a daily practice of introspection about why I do and say and act and react as I do, especially if something riles me. I figure like me most have a daily practice of meditation or contemplation or quiet time to have thoughts bubble up and to process and disburse them. Maybe it’s just saying nightly prayers and morning gratitudes. And if they do not have a daily practice, then they understand on some level the concept what it is to have a personal daily practice. I know a lot of people “aren’t into it” but I figure whoever reads Horizons or my pages is either into it or gets it. I’ve got a pretty easy and drama free life so there are no ongoing challenges. But I certainly go through my unconscious times where I am critical or feel the need to shame someone when they fail to meet my expectations. Evolution is that more and more I catch myself and do better the next time. That’s why they call it practice.

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