Morning walk

woods-red-hill72It was 44 Florida degrees when I walked just before dawn this morning. I’ve been off my walking and working out routine for months and it feels good to be back at it. It’s very easy for me to isolate and let the work pile up on me, and spend all my time at the computer. When it finally gets to me, or I look up and realize what I’m doing, I dash outside and get involved in either a walk or gardening. Both will take me out of my head as I morph into Observer mode. I can hear the crickets in the woods I pass, and hear my shoes on the road as I walk.  I do some deep breathing and put on the gloves I keep in my jacket pocket. My nose was cold, my face was cold, although I was warm enough in sweats, a knit cap, scarf and jacket. Yeh, I’m a Florida gal. 44 is COLD to me. It warmed up as I walked and on the way back I had my jacket wrapped around my waist. A few homes had lights on, not one dog barked. I love that quiet pre-dawn time and I love being out in it. As I rounded a corner, someone was cooking bacon.

I spent a moment recalling the bacon years. I like lighter fare these days. Last night, I bundled up and sat out at the firepit for the first time in months. I had only a small fire. I have the one hour fire down to a science! I thought of the times I’d camped in these very woods which are my west lot. If I had a smaller tent I’d do it now. In the past I created a small platform inside a lean to made from a tarp. I’d toss my futon inside and be cozy, while all the slithery night things crawlled under my platform and not on me.  I’d watch the night critters make their way along the trails and I’d hiss them away if they came too close. I’d heat water for cocoa in the kettle on the firepit, and a pile of kindling was always at the ready. Now that my paws are healed, I’ll cut back that area, it became very overgrown this summer. When I sit in that spot, I see only oaks and pine woods and I can pretend I’m deep in the woods.  I’m ready for a nice new sitting spot out at the firepit. 

A nice return to nature this morning. My mind feels alive and exhilarated, my whole body is buzzing. Sometimes you open your eyes on to the same old scene but this time you see the possibilities are endless; that we are living in worlds within worlds and we navigate our way thru these worlds via our thoughts and feelings about life around us. Nice to be in charge of all that!

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