Astrology: Karmic placement of planets in the natal chart

Wherever the Sun is found in the natal chart indicates the area in which we manifest our identity. We will identify very strongly with the issues that this House represents. The Sun represents the father.

Wherever the Moon is found in the natal chart is where we have failed to show enough emotion in previous lives. The Moon represents the Mother. It shows the area in our life which we allocate to increasing our feelings of security, where we are most vulnerable and defensive. It is where we experience the greatest growth and show the greatest concern for others.   

Wherever Mercury is found in the natal chart is where the mind is very active and busy collecting, sorting, classifying and analyzing, discarding and communicating what has been learned through experience in the house affairs. It shows the particular area in which our mental talents are put to practical use.

Wherever Venus is found in the natal chart indicates that the house affairs concerned are of importance in the resolving of karmic obligations. It shows in what particular area of life we find love, companionship and partnership, and where we have the strongest and most rewarding emotional contacts. It shows what we value specifically, and where we can be enriched both emotionally and financially.

Wherever Mars is found in the natal chart is where energy and initiative is channeled. Where one is most dynamic, where men are encountered, and where one is confronted with issues of power

Wherever Jupiter is found in the natal chart is where there is a need and an opportunity for expansion, and where one finds fulfillment. Where there will be good fortune and expansion in your personal life. This Astrological House position will indicate the specific area in life in which you gain insight and grow in understanding. This area will generally be very fortunate for you.

Wherever Saturn is found in the natal chart is where you have to face tests and setbacks; i.e. you will need to examine your motives toward those affairs, as in a previous lifetime your attitude to the house affairs has been incorrect. Saturn in the horoscope shows where the greatest challenges are to be found, and the hardest lessons learned. This planet shows where rigid systems restrict growth.

Wherever Uranus is found in the natal chart is where you experience changes, upsetting conditions and sudden reversals, where you are most original and where sudden developments will raise your consciousness. It represents the drive to be unique, to shock and to surprise

Wherever Neptune is found in the natal chart is where you experience difficulties and can be deluded. Self-interest must be you will feel the need to transcend, where dreams are built up and dissolve and in what area of life you gain spiritual understanding through acceptance of the transience of all things. Neptune’s action is considered to be that of loosening, dissolving boundaries, expanding and distorting and it represents Intuition, Idealism, Self-sacrifice, Glamour, Illusion and Decay.

Wherever Pluto is found in the natal chart is where changes are going on. Pluto roots out basic imbalances, replacing corruption with something totally new. It brings a death and rebirth process. It brings total transformation, drawing deep psychological issues up out of the unconsciousness and purging them. Its influence focuses on power and the misuse of power , or feelings of alienation and the experience of trauma. Its action is to isolate, transmute and re-enforce.

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