IRMA 5:00PM update, NHC Advisory #43

NHC 5pm Advisory 43 9-9-17

WFTV reports Irma is predicted to hit the Central Florida region as a Category 2 hurricane, with winds 96-110 mph.

5:00PM IRMA update, NHC Advisory #43. Irma slowed to a CAT 4 as she passed Cuba.  Changes from last advisory in red.
Maximum sustained winds 115, down from 130 at 2:00pm moving WNW at 9mph, down from 12 mph.
The pressure is 933, down from 937. The lower the pressure, the more powerful, the more potential for tossing stuff around. Basically all of Florida is going to get hurricane force (74 mph+) winds as it passes your area. Florida homes are built for this.   

NHC reports the center of Irma will move near Cuba today, near the Florida Keys Sunday at daybreak, then near the SW coast of Florida Sunday afternoon. Hurricane (74mph+) and tropical storm conditions (39mph+) are possible in central and north Florida by Sunday.   

Irma will move to near Tampa, FL, around 2 am Monday. During the day Monday Irma should begin to lose some strength as it continues northward into West Central Georgia by 2 am Tuesday.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 80 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 220 miles. <3 Florida is only 160 miles wide so we’re all going to get at least 74mph winds for the maybe 12 hours it takes her to pass. <3 No need to freak out if you’re shuttered up. Lock windows if not, if you can get something to cover the window (dresser, etc.) then do, close interior doors. Put electronics on tables in case you get some water. Remember the storm will slow as she crosses land.

Hurricane conditions (winds of 74mph+) are expected in portions of southern and central Florida and the Florida Keys tonight (Saturday) and Sunday. Get inside and stay there, get cozy, keep phones etc. charged up while you’ve got power.

Even if Irma makes landfall in Key West — 330 miles south of Melbourne — by the time Irma gets to Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton we in Melbourne/Palm Bay will begin feeling the hurricane force (74mph+) winds

Our rain can be up to 8-15 inches. It may not even be that and it may not be that high in your area.

So as Irma crosses the Keys – 330 miles south of us — what does it mean for us here in Melbourne/Palm Bay? It means we may begin feeling winds of up to 74mph as the storm nears Sarasota. That may be as early as noon

So, we’re still looking good for a safe passage. Plan to be inside by noon Sunday, you’ll be there until Irma passes us Monday afternoon.

We can be on the other side of this by Monday night with minimal damage.  Remember utility workers are on standby to deploy to each area as soon as Irma passes thru. You’ll see the convoys of their vehicles from all other states and they’ll flood into each area and get you restored in short order. Wave to them when you see them on the road, they are our heroes!

This storm can also dissipate at any moment, it happens all the time. This is a good time to remind yourself of your best storm experiences instead of the worst.

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