My Facebook posts for the Hurricane Matthew timeline

If you’re a FB friend, you saw these as I posted them in real time.  I like to keep track of my experience during significant events to look back later on, and I date and time everything I write down.

10-6-16 at 945am
I’ve moved computers and financial docs into living room, which is the most inside, multi walled room. We stocked up on kitty supplies at 3am in an almost empty Walmart. Lawn furniture is in or secured, shutters look good. Coupled with the burglar bars, the windows feel protected. Roof is new as of 2005. I opted to stay at my place rather than a friend’s since (1) I’ll likely be awake all night without sleeping and (2) with all my familiar things and projects around me, even in the dark I have many choices of things to do while I’m up all night long. At his place, although his home is a newly built concrete fortress with city water on high ground a block away, I wouldn’t have my projects and Benny may be nervous. At my place I can do familiar things like yoga in front of the meditation altar. Glance through my library and see what book I haven’t read for awhile. I like seeing familiar things around me, especially under stormy and uncertain conditions. I don’t feel at all nervous about staying. I know it will be a long night, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning with it roaring all day and into the evening or into even Saturday morning. I’ll figure out how to tune the little weather radio in case I run out of charge for the phone. Saying big prayers to FPL for their quick response to outages. I’m ready.  

10-6-16 at 11:17am
Just moved the giant rolling garment rack over in front of the north sliding glass door. Even though there are storm panels on the sliders. the rolling rack of clothes will help muffle the sound of the storm. If it gets too loud and Benny starts freaking out, we can go into my walk-in closet and I’ll make a little nest for us there.

October 6 at 8:29pm ·
Turning my phone off to conserve the charge, will check in throughout the night for updates. We’re in a safe, secure fortress and the light of God surrounds us.

October 6 at 10:56pm ·
Good news! Hold the same vision, looks like Hurricane Matthew winds are down to 109 for Melbourne — VERY DO-ABLE. Hold the vision we get the same. Pressure 938

October 6 at 11:28pm ·
Sealed up tight as a drum, can barely hear the wind although power is flickering. Moving east of us but we’ll still get a big storm. Repair crews at the ready once it’s safe to deploy. We’ve got this.

October 7 at 5:32am ·
8am glad to see it has moved East. I can hear the winds out there but this is a block home with metal shutters so it’s pretty quiet in here. Kitties have been stellar! Lost power at 1 am but it’s still nice and cool inside. From all the posts I read it looks as though Melbourne and Palm Bay has not been hit with winds as strong as predicted. We lost power 1 am but so many in Melbourne and Palm Bay are reporting they still have power at 6am. I reported our outage online and they said there is a downed transformer that services 10 homes. I bet we’ve got power by the end of the day. Time for morning meditation. Keeping phone off to conserve charge. Hang in there and report back when you’re able to go outside and check your property.

October 7 at 10:38am ·
Hey, waking up in SE Palm Bay it looks quiet outside can we go out is the storm past us?

October 7 at 11:47am ·
Storm has passed, windows are open, it’s a breezy 76 degrees and feels good. I have one tree down in my East yard and power line came down in my West yard so I haven’t gotten into my backyard yet but everything looks pretty good in the whole neighborhood. No flooding yay. FPL is out restoring power in record time.

October 7 at 12:50pm ·
There is a long line at US1 and the 192 Causeway and it looks like no one is going across the causeway so be prepared to be stuck in a line if you’re going to try to go east.

October 7 at 3:05pm ·
I took down my back shutters and opened the sliding glass door. I took the storm panels off the front windows to let the breeze blow through. It’s about 76 degrees nice and breezy it feels beautiful. My back neighbor’s privacy fence came down, a pine branch broke and brought my power line down with it. The power line also brought the power box off the side of the wall down. I reported it to FPL so they are on it. It was a fresh pine branch, not deadfall. We drove around Palm Bay and Melbourne there’s a lot of tree and branch debris, some big branches down. I saw two trees down on roofs but it looked like they were just laying there, neither was through the roof. We went by several mobile home parks including the one where I have a rental unit and no structural damage to be seen. I saw no areas of flooding however there was water in some of the swales. This is one reason I watch the National Hurricane Center website and do NOT listen to what the reporters forecast. All of them called for it hitting us 130 to 140 miles per hour but it looks like it went over at less than 100. We see all the gas and electric trucks out there coming in convoy lines so I know they’re going to have power back in no time. I can charge my phone in the car if I need to and I just took a shower using a giant pitcher of water I had saved specifically for that purpose. Now to chill and read up on what my FB friends are doing.

October 7 at 3:43pm ·
Oh BTW yes I will need a chain saw dude to cut a tree down for me. It’s maybe 30″ around, green (not dead) probably needs five or six cuts to get it in manageable sections to cut up  for the street. It fell right next to the house, missing it by millimeters.

October 7 at 5:17pm ·
This (photo) shows where the pine Branch came down on my power wire and yanked the box off my exterior wall. My across the street neighbor has power so he let me run a line so I can have a fan and a lamp. Electrician referrals pls.

October 7 at 5:51pm ·
The good thing about a “hurry up and have to attend to it now” kind of event like Hurricane Matthew is that it yanks us out of our normal modes of perception and makes us focus on something else long enough that the Universe can do its work of aligning us vibrationally with what we want next. It’s like it kind of resets our priorities for us like a reset button.

October 7 at 7:57pm ·
One recurring theme Hurricane Matthew has taught us is to take the fences down

October 8 at 2:00am ·
Napping in front of the fan thanks to a neighbor with power who let me run an extension cord so I can have a fan and a lamp and recharge my phone. His block has power, my block does not. Windows are open it’s a beautiful night and I can only hear one generator far off in the distance. Benny is at the foot of the bed, he digs the fan too. My FB feed is filled with people who have their power back on. It won’t be long now.

October 8 at 5:36am
Yay, power should be restored by tomorrow midnight to our neighborhood. Record time! After hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, I was 10 days each time without power. Three days ain’t no thang.

October 8 at 6:16am ·
Whatever it is, whatever I’m going through, it came to pass it did not come to stay. As I somewhat rough it as I camp out in my home without electricity and water after Hurricane Matthew, I reflect that it’s not the doing without that causes anxiety. It’s the not knowing how long I will do without. If I think it may be 10 days as it was in 2004 with hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, that sends me in a mindspin of where can I get my computer and files to so that I can set up an office to get the magazine out. But when I hear that by tomorrow midnight power will be restored, immediately it turns into an adventure because I know it will ultimately be a very temporary inconvenience. What if every time an inconvenience or a hardship came up we kept reminding ourselves it was only temporary and to have the most fun we can have while we’re in the midst of it? That also makes the time pass quicker since if we have that mindset, our friends can pick it up from us and it could indeed be one big happy family until we’re on the other side of the hardship.

October 8 at 7:00am ·
A FBF asked why a particular country might have continued hardship over and over weather wise and asked if it might have to do with soul contracts and the pre-planning we do in between lifetimes. That’s a good question on the minds of many but with limited electricity and phone charge impossible to answer fully until I can get on my computer. Soul contracts and pre-planning before each birth certainly are factors but it is so much more than that. When we realize that the physical form dies over and over while the essential self or Soul lives on, it becomes less heart-wrenching when one physical form leaves because we know it will be reborn and we will continue to know them and be part of their soul group again.  Of course most people not only don’t believe that, they’ve probably never heard the idea so it sounds egregious/fanciful/absurd.

Also factoring into it is, you ask why does any country or person for that matter who experiences hardship why does it happen again and again and again?

It’s kind of like if you’re on a hamster wheel, if all you see is the next step on the wheel and you cannot envision a future any different than what you experience right now, there’s not much chance of escaping the path you’re on right now.

It’s the path of least resistance to have the same type things happen if you are looking at the same things around you everyday and thinking the same thoughts about the same things you are seeing every day. You have to begin practicing having a different thought before you can begin having a new experience,

That is why it is so important to pay attention to what thoughts you plant in someone else’s head. The thoughts we plant in people’s minds helps direct what their future experience will be. Like gravity, it works whether you believe it or not. People who are hopeful of a good outcome are far more likely to have one. People who are running scared willy-nilly not taking responsibility for their own safety are likely to have a far different outcome.

October 8 at 8:49am ·
I’ve got a big handsome man in my yard chainsawing my tree down in record time. I’m in SE Palm Bay by Bayside and Jesse Wallace is experienced, licensed and insured and has time available. He also has his 6th child on the way so let’s help fund that for him at the same time he’s helping us get rid of our yard debris 321-288-9317

October 8 at 10:39am ·
Okay people in the 32909 what is the skinny on a second storm coming back around? I’m leaving storm panels on the main windows and taking down the ones that let the air in. I know not to take them down too soon.

October 8 at 10:51am ·
It’s pretty funny I have my battery operated screwdriver that I’m unscrewing my storm panels. Just having this tool on me makes me look around for more things to unscrew. That’s how some people who carry guns around are. Just itching for a chance to use it because it’s there. Thankfully not all of them.

October 8 at 12:57pm ·
Just back from lunch at Applebee’s. They had lights and running water in the bathroom! I washed my hands, I turned the handle and water came out like magic. Oh, and a/c rules!

October 8 at 3:49pm ·
Finally end of day and time to relax. Was excited to get my downed tree cleared out of the yard first thing this morning. I raked around in the yard and swept the driveway, I took down storm panels. Nice breeze inside now. I took a shower – heaven! We went to Applebee’s and had oriental chicken salads with iced tea and fire-grilled vegs. Now all I want to do is lay back and relax and catch up with what my Facebook friends are up to.

October 8 at 5:38pm ·
Power on, then crackle then off and smoke coming from the tree branch that downed the line. Contract crew came out and told me I need to get an electrician to put the box back up. Only the meter itself is the property of the power company, an electrical contractor is required to service the box. They will cut me loose from the system so my neighbors can have power and then hook me back when the box has been replaced. Which the sooner I find an electrician the sooner that can happen.

October 8 at 6:42pm ·
Ok galpal Terri Mermis once again is an angel, she referred Bob’s/Grand Electric and they are coming out between 9 and 11 tomorrow morning to fix the electric box that was downed by the tree branch in the hurricane. They said it may not be a replacement. They said they charge regular rates on Sunday. I’m hopeful! Plus in just a few minutes all my neighbors will have power.

October 9 at 6:59am ·
Today Sunday Palm Bay, FL Waste management is picking up everyone’s garbage that got missed last Thursday. I just cleaned out my freezer and put it to the curb!

October 9 at 8:48am ·
Sweeping the driveway, raking the yard, waiting for the electrician to come fix my box and tell the power company I’m good to go. Hold that vision with me? And by the way do you see that Brevard County — because we mobilized our prayers and intentions — escaped bad damage in Hurricane Matthew? Our thoughts matter. Our intentions matter. Our Collective consciousness can change reality. Make sure you use this power for good.

October 9 at 9:34am ·
Bob’s/Grand Electric in da houz!!!!! They will replace the meter (only $100 so it’s crazy not to upgrade while the box is torn down,) the riser does not need replacing, they have to upgrade my ground-something. They will be finished shortly and will call in to fpl to have the power crew come out. I’m hopeful!! I will have power any day now!!!

A friend wrote “If it’s a Smart Meter you are upgrading to you might want to be aware of the health problems you may be subjected to. You can forget peaceful meditation time after the upgrade.”  I replied I have had a smart meter for years from when they first came out I experience no problem. I know all that EMF stuff really happens but I feel like I am the vortex and I direct what energy I allow to come into my system or not on a daily hourly moment-by-moment basis.

Bob’s are awesome so quick told me my options everything’s going in all nice and organized and straight Inside the Box. they are redoing my ground stuff as Tod said above. Dad just came by to check on them then I learned it was a family operation and Lisa who returned my call is the wife. She eased my mind immediately. She had these guys come out 15 hours later. I couldn’t be happier.

October 9 at 3:59pm ·
I called Brighthouse and scheduled them to re-hang their cable. They said they have crews in the area so I’m on the list for that as well as power line being re-strung and turned on. I was just raking up the yard so it’s clear out there for them, and topping the eleagnus bushes while I was at it. The gopher turtle is in the backyard but I can’t tell what he is munching on because there are a lot of leaves down like confetti. I had some organic celery chopped up and threw out there for him which he promptly ignored. It’s a beautiful day it’s clear but not too hot there’s a nice breeze inside it’s probably 75 here I’m completely comfortable. But to add power and wi-fi to that would be awesome!

October 9 at 5:06pm ·
Back neighbor putting his privacy fence back up. Yay, I was feeling exposed, I am used to being surrounded on three sides by trees and bushes. Now the naked gardening can resume.

October 9 at 8:15pm ·
No power yet but I have a line run from the neighbors for a fan and lamp. I bet I could totally heat a can of soup in my rice cooker plugged in. I can! Ahhhhh, hot soup!!!! Is there anything better than hot soup cooked at home at the end of a long busy day?

I just did some raking and pruning in the yard, then had a shock treatment shower. While I’m without power, I keep two 3 gallon bottles of water in the bathroom and pour into a pitcher to use for a shower. It’s so brisk it makes me squeal! I’m enjoying roughing it on my own homestead.  When it’s cool outside I often pitch a tent and camp out just to have a more unplugged experience and bond with my little patch of woods, so I’m getting to do that now. I go into the yard and rake the fallen debris out of the pathways and use it as mulch for walkway’s edge. I move the fallen branches to the street. At the same time, I pruned back the turk’s cap and eleagnus and cut out the grapevine tangled in the palmetto fronds. I used the cut grapevine to add to the wall I’ve woven behind my east lot. It came in handy when Hurricane Matthew blew their fence down to expose my yard. So I’m little by little getting the yard back to normal while waiting for power and water, and having a good time doing it. Being out of my routine brings me new thoughts, ideas and insights. I enjoy contemplating them and discovering new things about myself and everything around me. So I have to say I’m enjoying the experience of roughing it, although I will shower at a pal’s today.

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