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A Free Script To Reprogram Your Eating Habits

This is the script for a hypnosis recording I made a few years ago. The recording is not good quality, but reading the script over, or having someone read it to you, is very effective. You may want to record it in your own voice so you can listen while you relax or sleep. Even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind is still listening, so you can still expect change to occur.  In case of emergency, you will wake right up.

What to expect from the experience:

Give yourself 30 minutes alone where it is quiet. Know that while reading the script below, you could rouse yourself immediately in case of emergency.  Even under deep trance, you are still in control. Know that while reading, you could rouse yourself immediately if you need to.  Before working with this script, have an expectation of success. If you are skeptical of the process, or skeptical that it could work for you, that is ok. A fish doesn’t have to believe in the ocean. However, at least for the period of time you are working with this script, set aside all doubt and let go of all resistance. Allow your creative imagination to run free as you create vivid images in response to any words you may hear before you fall asleep. Continue reading