Remember “we” survive after death of the body

Hard as it is, get used to death. God would not stop a caterpillar from becoming a butterfly, an acorn from growing into an oak, nor a tadpole from becoming a frog.  That’s simply dropping one body and acquiring another. I’ve lost many family members and never thought of it as unfair or untimely. It’s just a part of life and I’ve learned that death of the physical body is not the end. Here I give a dozen examples of what the one crossing over experiences –>  What The Crossing Over Experience Was Like, As Reported By Those Who Made The Transition
. . . Would we keep a toddler in kindergarden or a 6th grader in elementary school? No, we let them graduate to the next phase in the process, so they can continue to learn and grow and become more of what they are meant to be.  That’s all death is: going from one form to another.  Remember that “we” survive after death of the physical body. “We” survive in consciousness after the change called death.
. . . Loved ones are never gone, they’ve just stepped into a nearby room. There is now a thin wall between you and them. In quiet times, you will be able to hear and speak through this wall and you will come to know there is no “death.” There is simply moving on to the next dimension.You were meant to know each other in the flesh for only so many years. Move for
ward with those around you here, now, in this lifetime. Your loved one is moving on. You’ll hear from them soon, in a dream, in a thought, you’ll have undeniable evidence of their presence.  You will experience many “deaths” in your lifetime. What matters is how you live your life afterward, how you move on. Don’t let it get you down. I figure whatever happens is God’s will and, if it’s God’s will, then I must rejoice in it all. Prayers of final freedom for the Orlando, FL souls who transitioned en masse this morning. Grief is work but it doesn’t have to be grim. When you check out of your physical body, your work is able to take on a new dimension. 

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