A yellow jacket sting, fried modem kind of day

Today in the sky: Mars on top of Uranus and opposition Jupiter, with Mercury atop the south node = expect wacky happenings, the illusion of bad luck and mixed signals. And all happening in my 11th and 12th houses making circumstances ideal for today to be a colossal mindf*ck. And if it had happened to anyone else, it could have been! Thankfully I was able to see the humor in it right away and surfed it as long as the wave kept me afloat. The morning began at dawn when I disturbed a yellow jacket nest while raking in the side yard and got nabbed twice! I ran inside and dabbed baking soda and took 2 Benadryl. I got off lucky, the bites hurt for 48 hours then I was fine. Of course, the benadryl knocked me out til 4:00pm. So much for work today. But I think I know where the yellow jacket nest is. I think I have it narrowed down to about five square feet. 

I sat outside just before dusk to watch, using the sky as a background, to see if I could find them flying home. I did not see any but my eye kept going to a particular spot in the ground that was within a foot of where I was walking when they got me yesterday. It is within two feet of where their nest was several years ago. I will stay away from that spot but study it with thoughts to dispatch it safely.

Then we had a power outage about 5pm that took out my modem — which are very Mars conjunct Uranus and Mercury conjunct South Node things to happen. Which also explains my android updating, after which the voice to text was crazy for 2 days. I’d speak one sentence and it would give back 3 or 5 versions of it with different spellings!

Anyway, I ran to Walmart for a modem and router and by midnight I was back in action. Midnight is about the time I’m coming into the office each night anyway. When I returned my modem to Brighhouse/Spectrum, the clerk told me I’d be saving $10 a month by having my own modem and router. Yay!

So that how I spent my Mars conjunct Uranus in my 12th house and opposition Jupiter, and Mercury conjunct south node in my 11th house.

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