Meditation twice a day breaks the cycle of busywork

Everyone will have the May Horizons this week. It seems I’m always waiting for somewhere to open so I can take care of business. By noon I’ve put in an 8 hour day. I like jumping into work as soon as I wake up. That’s when I have my most energy and am most successful at multitasking.  Because as a reformed type A personality, it’s all about how much can I get done all at one time, right? Is that because that’s how I measure success or is it simply that I justify all the staying in motion as something that needs to be done in order to move forward? I do feel the need to stay in motion and move forward although I’ll be the first to admit I spend a whole lot of time coasting.  But my brain and body have grown so accustomed to being busy that it’s the default program. That’s why I meditate twice a day, to remind myself I am more than this body, I am more than the thoughts that come out of this brain. So twice a day I have the opportunity to see whether I’m doing busy work or if I’m actually doing something that needs to be done.  Work? Play? I don’t always make the right decision. But twice a day I give myself a reminder and the opportunity. My mind is always subject to change upon evolution of consciousness.

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