I found the opening to the yellow jacket hole!

I just took the giant pruners out to the west woods to try cutting palmetto fronds away from the one above where I think yellow jacket nest is. Sure enough I cut the fronds away and there is a hole in the ground at the base of the one palmetto trunk. It is less than 3 feet away where the hanging zapper was and I don’t see any yellow jackets around it. I’m going to carefully and little by little clear out the pine thatch that has fallen into the palmettoes. That was what I was doing when I got stung a couple of months ago. Now I will be careful and do one small area at a time and be on the lookout for them. I will try each sunset putting the zapper up to see if I can find where they are. It’s no fun stomping around in the woods if I think they’re are yellow jackets hiding.

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