I found where the yellow jackets moved their nest

Watering the yard this morning, I stepped into the east garden. A chair that hadn’t been used since the hot steamy summer came on sat under the pine, its seat covered in pine needles. I moved the chair and was immediately charged by the yellow jacket nest underneath it that I disturbed. I ran up the path brushing them off my dress and shaking my head to get them out of my hair. I felt several bites: side, hand, under arm (wtf??) and fingers. I could feel them tangled in my hair. I ran across the driveway and pulled my dress off before I came in the door.  I didn’t want to bring them inside. Thankfully the roommate was on a walk as I dashed in the door and jumped in the shower. I got one final bite from one that came in on my hair, which is how I identified it as a yellow jacket.  I’ve learned 2 Benadryl will stop any reaction for me.

Now to research Wasp Medicine and see what the message is for me. I like Morningstar’s interpretation at https://morningstar.netfirms.com/waspmedicine.html

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