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March 2024

The February 2024 Horizons is now online at Click here for the February 2024 Horizons.  Here are the horoscopes:

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
You don’t want to limit yourself. You aspire to be noticed in society, at work, at home. But you must channel exuberance that worries those who observe and admire you but find you too demanding.

Your charm works in society; use it to showcase your talents, merits, and an originality that sets you apart. Count on Venus to mingle with your loyal circles, friends with whom you enjoy reshaping the world. 

In a relationship: Your ability to surprise earns you favors in high places, and your social skills allow you to shine in society. But don’t overdo it.

Single: You have everything to charm if you don’t abuse your charm or your ability to surprise, to bluff to get more than what others are willing to grant you.

Jupiter favors your expansion. The expression of your talents can bring in significant returns; wait patiently for your time rather than rushing.

If you are talented at innovating and if your initiatives are appealing, don’t spoil your chances by ostentatiously displaying your originality, which may be perceived as eccentricity. Don’t pressure your professional circle to follow you at all costs.

Uranus and Jupiter strengthen your potentials. You want to express certain underutilized talents. This is the time to dare something different, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Key dates
-The 7th: Your originality and audacity allow you to leave an impression, as your charm works in society and elsewhere.
-The 8th: While some listen to their inner voice to act, others tend to stand out. Don’t seek attention.
-The 14th: Another life direction is emerging. You are advancing your projects on a new path.
-The 25th: Your projects have everything to charm, but don’t expect unconditional financial support. Don’t worry your surroundings with unrealistic projects.
-The 27th: Forcing your way won’t convince your interlocutors to believe and follow you. Temper these demands that harm you.

While the astral situation encourages you to fully exploit your talents and show audacity, it also recommends that you channel any excesses that may harm you.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Diplomacy is not on the agenda if you neglect nuance. Certainly, your need to assert yourself in your authenticity must be expressed, but don’t constantly provoke those around you who won’t back down.

Uranus continues to influence your worldview and behaviors. In love, you avoid the fusion-confusion version of the relationship and maintain your autonomy. Count on Venus to shine in society rather than engaging emotionally.

In a relationship: You no longer sacrifice your free will to meet the other’s expectations. Uranus has brought about changes and reconnected you to an inalienable need to be yourself.

Single: Since 2020, Uranus has induced the necessity to preserve your autonomy, to connect with others without surrendering yourself completely. You want to love without belonging.

Rather than money, you demand recognition of your right to act more freely. Usually fond of material possessions, you are starting to detach yourself from your dependencies.

Don’t loudly proclaim your need for independence, your desire to manage your work in your own way. Your aspiration to emancipate yourself from restrictive rules is legitimate, but don’t challenge everyone. You would only invite trouble.

To unwind and channel the nervousness that grips you, take the time to get some fresh air, or even let off steam by joining a gym or investing in a punching bag.

Key dates
-The 5th: Discussions about a change of direction take place. The situation is not comfortable, but the metamorphosis is essential for your evolution.
-The 10th: A new cycle begins, and you don’t want anyone to prevent you from taking off. This is not a reason to dig in; open negotiations.
-The 14th: Your social life is undergoing significant changes, and you want to shake things up, accelerate the metamorphosis, but avoid using force.
-The 17th: You use your charm to assert your power in high places. Don’t try to stand out too much if you want to leave a lasting impression.
-The 27th: Any show of force encourages those in power to curb your enthusiasm. Express your enthusiasm in moderation.

Tension is palpable, and you find it difficult to make concessions. It will take time for your surroundings to adjust and accept this new version of yourself.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

It’s uncertain whether you’ll smoothly navigate the month. A slight wind of exasperation is blowing, and events seem to conspire against your legitimate aspirations to broaden your horizons. Consider taking the time to reflect on the “why” before rushing headlong. This attitude can help you avoid some inconveniences.

Count on your sensuality to spice up your days and nights. However, you may find it challenging to harmonize your desires for boundless living with the necessity to be patient as things unfold.

In a relationship: Enjoying diverse sensations, you need to navigate within certain imposed limits. Take the time to reflect on emerging situations.

Single: If your sensual appetites are satisfied early in the month, you might feel some frustration when your demands for immediate satisfaction encounter obstacles.

If you express your expectations too authoritatively, expect to be rejected rather than granted. You may be perceived as demanding, or others might resent the pressure you put on them.

Some elements from the past, previous behaviors, are resisting change. It’s essential to identify and confront them with lucidity for them to fade away. Ignoring them might lead you to fight against illusions rather than effectively addressing the issue.

Be sure to channel impatience and counterproductive nervousness. Instead of becoming irritable and irritating, consider venting at the gym or investing in a punching bag.

Key dates
-The 2nd: Through skillful negotiations, you steer your social situation. If you aimed to serve a cause greater than yourself, you’re on the right path.
-The 8th: You’re expending a lot of energy to achieve a professional ideal, but your subliminal messages may be difficult for others to interpret.
-The 9th: The new moon emphasizes your social situation. It’s time to be convincing and showcase your talents by refining your strategies.
-The 25th: Calm your strong emotions if you don’t want the game to slip away. Whether in love or socially, sometimes “better” can be the enemy of “good.”
-The 28th: Don’t rush things; time is on your side. Prefer reflecting on the consequences of your initiatives rather than skimming over the subject.

You’re not inclined to use the sense of nuance, yet that’s what you should do to avoid confrontations. Start by trying to understand what compels you to provoke everyone.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

If you’re in an adventurous mood, your boldness may not be universally accepted. Especially if it’s evident that, despite your persuasive words and undeniable charm, you don’t have the necessary funds to proceed further. In such cases, refrain from trying to pressure those in control.

If you share with those around you certain perspectives that excite you, it’s not guaranteed that the logistics will follow suit. Before embarking on a project that involves more than just you, make sure you have the means to finance it. This is a prerequisite to avoid disappointing anyone.

In a relationship: Be careful not to commit to a bold project without full awareness, especially on the material front. If you lack funds, your partner may reproach you for your lack of foresight or even your tendency to offer false hopes.

Single: You aspire to shape the future according to your preferences and engage in harmonious discussions with others on the subject. While you are seen as inventive and daring, negotiations regarding the financing of your projects pose problems.

Absolutely avoid taking too many financial risks. No one is giving you a free pass, and you may find yourself in an unfortunate position.

If your vision of the future is intriguing and your arguments seem convincing, your projects suddenly become less appealing if it’s noticed that you lack the means to materialize them. Negotiations fall through, hitting a wall. Avoid any use of force.

To cope with potential stress due to a challenging financial situation, get closer to your loved ones, engage in a sport or creative activity together, and share a dream while waiting to make it a reality.

Key dates
-The 7th: You continue with a bold project. Instead of pressuring your partner to validate your perspectives, consult them about their feelings.
-The 10th: If your thirst to assert your ambitions is legitimate, continue refining your strategies and approaches until you start from late May.
-The 13th: Rely on irresistible magnetism to influence those in power. Approach your requests gently to receive favorable responses.
-The 14th: You act instinctively to align with your destiny. A powerful energy is paving the way for an ongoing transformation.
-The 29th: Supporters in the shadows help you negotiate the foundations of your future expansion. Demonstrate the value you would bring to a team.

You’re investing in exchanges aimed at obtaining the funds needed for a project. Currently, these exchanges may be going in circles. So, simply wait for your time.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

Bold and eager to assert your difference, your originality of tone and method is admirable. However, consider sparing those who don’t share your boldness and take offense at a freedom they consider provocative.

While your affability serves your interests in society, be careful not to say things that might offend your partner. Your offensive presentation style that doesn’t favor harmonious exchanges may not be appreciated.

In a relationship: If you stick to your positions and think you’re always right, your chosen one may reproach you. Opt for the gentle method and take a step towards the other.

Single: It’s not certain that you’ll make an impression if you approach others with a conquering attitude, sure of yourself and what you assert. If you want to charm, start by listening to what others say and lower your tone.

Jupiter favors a potential promotion and the achievement of deserved financial benefits. Ensure that you prepare the ground well by first giving up the belief that everything is allowed and that everything is owed to you.

Jupiter favors your social ascent. Opportunities arise to take a step forward and spread your wings. However, even if you aspire to emancipate yourself from rules you find too restrictive and stand out from the crowd, avoid thinking too highly of yourself. This attitude harms your future successes.

If you have plenty of energy and a desire to forge ahead, be sure to nuance your approach. To avoid burning bridges with everyone, consider spending your energy practicing an extreme sport or investing in a punching bag.

Key dates
-The 5th: Intense exchanges with your partner, addressing certain issues that disrupt the communication between you and the other.
-The 8th: Roll up your sleeves to steer your destiny according to an ideal that inspires you, demonstrating determination to move things forward.
-The 13th: Double your goodwill to bring about change. Your life takes a different direction, closer to your true nature.
-The 17th: Avoid provoking your interlocutors as you seek to stand out. Some experience passionate exchanges with their spouse or partner.
-The 27th: Provoking everyone won’t help you achieve your goals; people don’t appreciate you trying to force your way. Prefer to lower your tone.

If you use your energy wisely, convincing without coercing, you can soon hope to make a lasting impression and earn points. Start by practicing humility an excellent exercise to prepare for the exercise of enlightened power.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

Excessive in your behaviors, you impatiently react to the slowness of others and are tempted to force the passage, exerting pressure on those around you. This attitude should be avoided if you want to convey your messages rather than receive a barrage of criticism.

Count on a tendency for exuberance to delightfully provoke the other and involve them in your universe. You aspire to broaden your horizons, to venture off the beaten path, and to express your desires. However, don’t impose anything on your loved one or your surroundings that do not validate all your desires.

In a relationship: A touch of madness allows you to surprise the chosen one of your heart and encourages you to try something different. However, be careful not to destabilize loved ones who do not appreciate all your whims.

Single: An extraordinary story feeds your thirst for adventure. Why not give it a try if you don’t overturn all established codes and remain accessible in expressing your desires?

If you want things to follow smoothly, adopt a less provocative attitude. People will be wary of you if you display your colors without regard for the opinions and preferences of those around you.

Venus invites you to openly express your unique tone, your ambition to push the boundaries of what is possible, and your own limits. Keep in mind that others may not be tempted by the experiences you propose. Therefore, do not impose anything on them without prior consultation if you don’t want your interactions to go off course.

To satisfy your thirst for thrills and experience other adventures, prefer engaging in a creative activity that allows you to express your uniqueness. However, don’t expect everyone to be eager to bungee jump with you.

Key dates
-The 7th: You avoid falling into routine, stepping out of your comfort zone in love. Whether solo, seeking the perfect match, or in a relationship, you spice up everyday life.
-The 10th: If you aspire to broaden your horizons, don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground to maintain a sense of reality.
-The 17th: Avoid too much eccentricity. If a reassessment of your emotional life is necessary, approach sensitive topics without taking everything too seriously.
-The 27th: Avoid overdoing it; a more reserved attitude would serve your cause better than excessive confidence associated with a display of authority.
-The 28th: If the exchanges lack warmth, they at least highlight the need to speak truthfully, an opportunity to get to the heart of matters without pretenses.

If your desire to change things asserts itself, it’s not certain that you are inclined to do it gracefully. To rally support for a project that is unique to you, pedagogy yields better results than forcing your way through.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Confident in yourself and your righteousness, certain that your talents deserve recognition and authority. A slight excess of self-confidence and the belief that you can change everything according to your ideas may lead you to overstep boundaries and encroach on others’ territory. To avoid being unpopular, tone it down.

You convey your messages as gently as possible to try to change a stagnant family situation. However, be careful not to destabilize your partner too much by imposing your new codes without prior consultation for your desires to come true.

In a relationship: Your initiatives to transform necessary aspects of family life work, but you won’t convince your partner to follow you without reservation if you don’t give them a voice.

Single: You work with diplomacy and tact to try to change family ties that need transformation. However, your success is less convincing when it comes to involving someone you like in adventures where you alone define the rules.

Your current tendency to revolutionize the functioning of your relationship, your business, in short, everyone, may irritate some. Avoid adding to it by asking for a raise right away.

On edge, you aspire to impose your rhythm, codes, and methods on everyone, convinced that your potential and talents should be authoritative. However, it’s uncertain that people will want to follow you without discussion. Try to remain open to dialogue and avoid pressuring anyone.

How about delving into an art or practice that goes beyond the usual? Reading the same book repeatedly won’t satisfy your thirst for novelty that drives you to extremes.

Key dates
– The 8th: A firm hand in a velvet glove. But avoid destabilizing your loved one by acting too unpredictably and without prior consultation.
-The 10th: Tone down a demand that irritates your partner; you might be taking your dreams for reality. Your eloquence alone is not enough to convince the other to yield.
– The 13th: You’re making things evolve within the family. It’s appreciated that you convey your messages gently without trying to impose your codes on everyone.
– The 22nd: If you are sure to experience intense moments emotionally, ease off if you realize you’re putting too much pressure on the chosen one of your heart.
– The 28th: Manage things in order, think about the best method to be effective. Reason is your best ally for carrying out constructive actions.

To avoid irritating everyone, focus on changing what needs to be changed and put your obvious skills in the service of progress, but don’t boast too much.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

Not inclined to be a team player. If you’re more inclined to communicate, exchange ideas, and think outside the box, it’s not guaranteed that these dispositions will serve your cause. Instead, try to open and maintain dialogue between you and others if you want to end the month surrounded rather than alone.

The connection between you and your significant other is strong, and your love life escapes routine. However, be careful not to destabilize your loved ones who may feel the urge to escape. Watch out for possible ruptures.

In a relationship: Try to approach family discussions diplomatically if you want to avoid them turning into settling scores or even breakups. Avoid imposing your codes on anyone at all costs.

Single: Some encounters appeal to you, breaking away from the ordinary, but your family may not appreciate your ways. To preserve family cohesion, avoid sparking conflicts with everyone.

You mainly want to stand out rather than make a fortune. If tensions over funds disrupt family harmony, try to prioritize amicable resolutions.

Bank on your original tone to charm and inspire others (colleagues, hierarchy, various contacts) to follow you. However, if you run your own business, take into account the opinions, or even complaints, of your employees or partners before making any important decisions.

You are tempted to distinguish yourself, express your unique voice, and change things. Whether in the family, creative, or recreational aspects, anything that stays within the norm will bore you.

Key dates
-The 5th: Questions about the meaning of your existence bother you. You need to go back to the sources to uncover what has been blocking you for too long.
-The 8th: Some provoke enlightening exchanges, while others encourage the partner to flee. To channel tensions, remain open to discussion.
-The 17th: There’s a storm in the air; your loved ones won’t stand idly by. To understand what darkens the family picture, approach those around you gently.
-The 22nd: Reactions are charged with emotions, a conducive context for revelations and overflow. To make the most of this situation, take a step back.
-The 28th: Too much coldness harms the quality of your interactions. Keep your emotions in check, but don’t give others the impression that you feel nothing.

Family discussions may hit a snag. To try to keep debates open and, more importantly, productive, opt for a respectful approach to others and avoid forcing anyone’s hand.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

Unstable and elusive, you risk disorienting those willing to trust and follow you if you scatter your focus and fail to prioritize. People may perceive you as provocative, and you might encounter resistance to your impulses.

You may struggle to convey your messages, and some of your statements may destabilize those around you. Be careful not to take too many liberties or demand too much from others, as it may leave you unsatisfied by the end of the month.

In a relationship: Your potential desires for independence may not be universally accepted. If you want your wishes to be considered, avoid demanding things that make your partner feel unimportant.

Single: Even if you try to sweet-talk those around you, it’s uncertain whether they will take the bait. To influence others with your worldview and relational approach, avoid any attempts to force your way through.

Jupiter favors promotions and improves everyday life, but using the right method to attract prosperity is crucial. Asking for more might lead you to hit a wall.

Jupiter provides numerous opportunities to rise in influence. Your originality appeals to your counterparts, but do not overuse your charm, eloquence, and authority to manipulate events in your favor.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity. You have plenty of original ideas and a desire to implement them, but avoid overspending just to please yourself.

Key dates
-The 7th: You have talents to change things in daily life, injecting some creativity into a world you find static or even alienating.
-The 9th: The new moon invites you to communicate. Seize every opportunity to share your ideas, but don’t force anyone.
– The 13th: Inspired and inspiring, you garner support for your creations. In love, you harmonize with others.
-The 17th: Tensions disrupt the harmony; you may be stubborn. In matters of the heart, some have instinctive reactions that need channeling for better understanding.
– The 28th: If you feel the weight of family ties on your shoulders, don’t try to escape your responsibilities. Discuss the matter to clarify any issues.

Manage the month by trying to control your desires and appetites, while remaining sensitive to the needs of others as well as your own. This approach is crucial if you want to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter without paying too high a price.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Whimsical, bold, and not exactly willing to go with the flow, you rely on your irresistible charm to seduce whoever you want. However, there’s no question afterward of doing things your way, demanding that others give in to your every whim or requests that some may find fanciful.

Do you use your power of seduction to spice up your love life? However, avoid abusing it and asking too much of your partner, who appreciates your touch of fantasy but may not want to fulfill all your fantasies. Don’t give them the impression that you are using them.

In a relationship: Your heart’s chosen one likes your tendency to add some fantasy to the air and your encounters, but dislikes the demands you express too insistently for their taste.

Single: Rely on undeniable sex appeal to hit the mark, but then avoid imposing on your conquests to unquestionably fulfill all your desires, risking being perceived as too demanding.

You succeed best by trying to channel your potentials so that they are understood, but if you scatter, you drive everyone away.

Your unique tone captivates your partners and counterparts, but a tendency to demand too much in return eventually wears out your audience. If you want to make the most of your talents and uniqueness, consider expressing your expectations more within the norms.

Anything that allows you to channel a creativity in full effervescence, a wild desire to transgress limits and rules, is to be favored. Whether it’s bungee jumping, extreme sports, or artistic expression, unleash yourself, but preferably away from the camera.

Key dates
-The 8th: While some mobilize to carry an ideal they aspire to convey, others ask too much of others and generate tensions.
-The 10th: Whether in love, business, or conquering your talents and merits, you tend to exaggerate your powers, and you will regret it.
-The 13th: Your charm works, and your world has everything to please a conquered entourage. It’s time to express what’s close to your heart with every chance to please.
-The 17th: A new gift wakes up, a creative potential is ready to surface. Explore this new facet of yourself, but don’t ask for too much.
-The 28th: You weigh your words before speaking, you channel your thoughts, and you gain better control over your interventions.

Ensure you maintain a sense of limits in love, at work, or in society. The perfect is the enemy of the good if you only do things your way.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

More inclined to satisfy your own desires and not too concerned about the opinions of others. Many feel that you are crossing boundaries, that you only think of yourself, even if you explain to them that you are just trying to live well, better. It’s difficult to explain to them that you want to break free from certain ties.

Guided by benevolence, you work behind the scenes to make changes in the family. However, do not assume all the powers and rights that your loved ones contest. Also, be careful not to exceed your budget, even to please your family or fulfill a dream.

In a relationship: It will be necessary to let others speak, as not everyone appreciates your initiatives, especially the way you impose your point of view on everyone. Beware of any manifestation of excessive authority.

Single: You aspire to settle in an environment that pleases you and are ready to invest a lot in this direction. It’s not certain that your choices will meet unanimous approval in the family, where you are accused of doing things your own way.

Be cautious of excessive enthusiasm; an investment may cost you more than expected. Make sure you have the means to honor your commitments if you don’t want to find yourself in an awkward position later.

While you seem concerned with ensuring your personal and private comfort and happiness, count on undeniable energy to move forward. However, be careful not to act without prior consultation with your hierarchy, partners, and colleagues who would put you back in line.

Are you mobilized by tasks to be done in your home, by steps to take if you are determined to invest in real estate, or by difficult family tensions to manage? Avoid decompressing by organizing a shopping day.

Key dates
-The 2nd: You reflect on the broader dimension you want to give to your existence. Rely on your intuition to guide your destiny.
-The 10th: Driven by a deep force, you align your destiny with your true nature. This initiative changes the course of events.
-The 17th: You need to express your feelings differently. Some pay attention to the messages they convey to the family that do not meet unanimous approval.
-The 27th: Don’t pressure your loved ones who don’t appreciate your attitude. If your desire to improve family life is commendable, express your intentions with tact.
-The 29th: You put your resources at the service of the community and are rewarded for your initiatives. The atmosphere warms up, the current flows better.

You are tempted to do things your own way, to ignore the advice given to you. If there’s only one thing to remember, it’s this: don’t embark on the adventure, don’t dare to change everything without careful consideration.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Too eager to act, speak, communicate on a subject that does not have unanimous approval, make sure to temper your impatience, a vector of discord, confusion, misunderstandings.

You communicate with ingenuity and talent about a project dear to your heart, but you would be wise to keep what is being prepared in the shadows to yourself. If you are tempted to disclose your initiatives, you risk frightening your loved ones who find your projects too audacious.

In a relationship: Prefer to cultivate secrecy, say as little as possible if you don’t want to provoke tensions within a close circle who finds your projects risky for their taste.

Single: Opt for discretion regarding certain perspectives that you aspire to realize, which are enticing but destabilize worried loved ones who see you embarking on an adventure they deem risky.

It’s better to refrain from negotiating any advantage. You risk alienating those from whom you seek help and who find you disconnected from reality. Prefer to take the time to sharpen your arguments before requesting anything.

You would do well to master the subject and take the time for reflection, to refine your projects and strategies before launching. If you broadcast your ideas, you risk causing disorder. Spare your partners and interlocutors by revealing your plans only when they are well thought out.

Try to refocus on yourself. Meditation or an activity that allows you to channel your emotions and thoughts is precious to avoid going off course.

Key dates
-The 8th: You invest in the defense of a project that meets your expectations and receive support from those who feel solidarity with your worldview.
-The 14th: You seek to better understand the relationships you have with your loved ones that pose problems. Explore the depths of the subject.
-The 22nd: Passion enters the debates, through an intense encounter or emotionally charged exchanges. Keep control of your thoughts, words, and instincts.
-The 24th: The full moon invites you to take a step towards others, to collaborate, participate, and stay tuned to the world around you to advance without generating hostilities.
-The 25th: Let your enthusiasm for conveying your ideas not prevent you from presenting them gently to avoid triggering unfriendly reactions in return.

You have a tendency to communicate without considering that not everyone wants to take a leap without a safety net. To convince your interlocutors to follow you, start by creating silence within yourself.