Even the chillest of us have rocky days

Even the chillest of us have them at times. Those PTSD flashbacks about stuff you thought you was long over, triggered by the simplest of events. The last 2 days have been — I was going to say rough on body and soul — but nothing is rough on the soul. That’s some myth my mind makes up to make excuses for why I’ve attracted a few rocky days. Don’t get me wrong, nothing drastic happened. It began with a 4 hour delay on Friday that me pouting about dominoed it into an overly long workday. I knew I was snappy so I turned down an offer for help so I didn’t drag anyone else into my vibe. When I’m pouty, I’m happy for physical work done on my own to take me out of it.   

Since I was still a little pouty, my carpal tunnel and tendonitis in hands and arms (which rarely bother me anymore) began activating. Oh great, like I need this. Then my shoulder began hurting (wtf?) and my sinuses began draining (wah!)

Then I had thoughts of past issues I’d long forgotten, then other thoughts like that came to the surface. Not happy stuff but long over. Then I tripped and hurt my foot. That made me laugh and realize what I was doing! I changed my thought around to, “That’s ok. It’s just a few hours’ work, it will be over soon. Stop pouting and think some happy thoughts.” The rest of the day was fine.

At the end of the day, I began having anxiety and feeling the effects of the physical work I’d over-done all day. By 8pm when the roommate told me we needed a plumber, I was feeling a little shell shocked. After arranging a 1am appointment with Roto Rooter, I again felt relief. Yes, it might be a big plumbing bill but money would fix that problem. I later changed the appt to 8am and went to bed. At 5am I heard a gurgle and both toilets flushed again. The rains must have soaked the ground so much the septic slowed to a halt. I cancelled the appointment. Yay!

An hour later I had a big shakti crash that sent me to bed for the day. I’ve learned the best way for me to heal when I feel unruffled is to get myself alone, in the dark, in the cool air and let myself snooze the day away. I did that yesterday. I got up about 1am and stretched my sore, kinked body out. I felt better after 25 minutes of yoga. I walked outside and listened to the stillness for while. There’s a mama raccoon and 4 babies — 4 not 3 — and I watched them crash around the yard. I went into the office for a few hours. I’m feeling back to normal. I may snooze today away as well, altho I’m no longer frazzled.

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