Sleuthing my mysterious tongue swelling

The last 6 months I’ve had one side of my tongue swell up in an “allergic reaction.” I’ve never had food allergies that I know of.  I know our system changes over time and allergies can move in and out, 2 Benadryl stops it within 2 hours or less.  A couple of nurse friends tell me it would go down on its own without the bennies. These are the dates it’s swelled up. I’ve listed what I ate the previous day to determine what the trigger may be. My uneducated guess after reading these notes thru 6-28-18 is that I’d eaten ham each day EXCEPT for 6-27-18 where I did eat ½ a turkey burger.  Note, the past 6 months I’ve had packaged ham every week with no problem, I think the sodium from the processed meat (and Tums and Alka Selter Plus) may have caught up with me and is detoxing out my tongue.  I may have taken 2-4 Tums each day.
Research online tells me meat allergies develop when the body’s immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something in the environment that typically causes no problem.  I’ve included links showing symptoms I may be developing a meat allergy. I’ll tell you, my inner guidance tells me I don’t hafta stop meat altogether but I could definitely use a rest from it and I can ingest far less of it in the future. Good to know.

12-21-17                      12:35am                       left side
On 12-20-17 I ate       Cuban sandwich (with ham) from Publix. I ate it in 3 sittings, 930am,                                                    115pm,  last was eaten at 3:45 pm <– 8 hours before tongue swelling

2-13-18                        3:00am                         left side
On 2-12-18 I ate          ham at 7am  and 745pm pm <– 8 hours before tongue swelling

5-22-18                        time?                            right side
On 5-21-18 I ate          ham at 11pm             why did I not record this swelling on FB?

5-27-18                        730pm                         left side
On 5-26-18 I ate          845am turkey burger
                                       1pm I took an alka seltzer plus pm <– 10 hours before swelling
6-28-18                        4am                             left side
On 6-27-18 I ate          5am corned beef on pumpernickel
                                       8pm rotisserie chicken <– 8 hours before tongue swelling
                                      10pm one half turkey burger <– 6 hours before tongue swelling
                                      Tums earlier in day

2007 – 2014 I didn’t eat beef or pork, packaged foods or bread and my allergies (and hot flashes) disappeared. In 2014 I began eating bread again, which was then a slippery slope to eating sandwiches, which was a slippery slope into having ham sandwiches every day for months for a quick meal.  Ah, memories.

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