When “thinking positive” doesn’t help — you were just taught another set of wrong thoughts is all

I did a reading last night for a friend with a lot of health problems.  ”I try to think positively” he said, “but it’s hard to think positively when I can hear my bones pop and crunch with every step. I am depressed because I’m in pain all the time.  All I can think about is how much it hurts and that I will have to deal with this the rest of my life. So don’t tell me to think positive.”  The problem  is that he’s not yet learned how to phrase a positive thought.  It’s like people who say that affirmations don’t work.  If your self talk isn’t working for you, you just need to know how to phrase  it the right way.  Repeating the wrong thing to yourself all the time won’t help.  Reminding yourself of the right things can help you begin to move out of your current situation.  And to remember the right things, you need to say the right words and they need to be true and they need to have meaning for you.  

So what do you remind yourself of when you feel the pain and hear the bones crunch and don’t have the strength to jump up perky out of bed and into your day?
You remind yourself things like:

“I didn’t always have this pain.
I can remember times when it was easy to move.
I can recall waking up eager and strong and pain free.
I won’t always have this pain.
I remember that a diagnosis is just a snapshot in time.
I remember that I can do more to relieve stress and release resistance.
I’d like to attract ideas and inspiration for fun things I’d like to do.
I’d like to attract people and circumstances that delight me with new ideas and activities.”

Then look around you for things to appreciate.  ”I like that it’s a sunny day.  I like that we’re getting the rain we need.  I like how the wind feels fresh on my skin.  I like the style of that lamp in the corner and I like the color of my neighbor’s car.  I like how the roof keeps me safe and dry and how I have electricity, running water and indoor plumbing.”  Let all your conversations from now on be about the things you like and appreciate and aspire to.

“I can recall fun things I’ve enjoyed in the past, things I’d like to enjoy again.  I  recall times my body did not hurt, when I was strong and vital. I recall those times and remember how it felt and I feel the sensation of my body strong and alive.  I let that feeling wash over me for a few moments and I run that scenario through my head a few more times.  When I do this, it is like setting a station on the radio, it’s something you want to come back to again and again.  When you remember the good times and the good body sensations and call up an emotional response, that is what some call raising your frequency so you can be a vibrational match to feeling strong and vital and active and physical and emotionally alive again.  And each time you do this, you are attracting it to yourself.

What do you say when someone asks how you are feeling or asks for an update of a health condition you’ve discussed with them before?

You tell them “I’m getting better each day.”  You tell them you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You can  tell them you’re trying some new things and you’re hopeful they will be successful.

If they ask for specifics, you tell them that giving attention to the old specifics keeps giving you the old results.  Tell them you’re taking a break from giving any detailed updates and expecting to be on the other side of your ailment soon enough.

Each time you feel a pain and worry about declining as you get older, remind yourself that an ailment comes to pass, it doesn’t come to stay.  It stays as long as you expect it to.  The sooner you move yourself on to thoughts of a successful outcome, the sooner it will move through your body and you’ll begin to feel good again.  The cells of your body listen to every word you say and think and you tell them how to program your physical body with each new day.  Begin now to program them for vitality rather than more of the same.

Remind yourself that it’s possible to have a complete recovery and to be a success story.  You could share your process and your success with other people who are in the same situation, and you can show them how to turn their thoughts from a prior diagnosis to a successful prognosis.  Your story can help inspire their recovery.

When your bones crunch and pop, the universe is reminding you that change is happening.  When energy is in motion, our body is the soundtrack.   Take each crunch and pop as a signal that help is on the way, that your new pattern of thought is breathing new life into the cells of your body and attracting a complete recovery.  Think of it as your body singing a new song.

Smile and breathe into each pop and crunch and twinge of pain.  Take a quiet moment to gently stretch for a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you’ll be feeling better soon.  With each pain, if you have a thought of worry, replace that thought with a reminder of what is possible.

That’s all positive thinking really is — is replacing your thoughts of worry and concern with thoughts of what is possible in the best case scenario, and releasing enough resistance that you can attract the successful outcome.

And sometimes it takes replacing every thought and sometimes doing that can cause aggravation and resistance and then you have to work on those new issues.  (I carry around my list of replacement thoughts and read my list when I feel resistance.)  But one by one, through process of elimination you will move through them and it can happen in one holy instant.  Or it could take years. It will only take until you release enough resistance to take it all in.  As usual, it’s up to you.  I love the power in that.

Think that’s funny ?  Go ahead, laugh. I never mind when people laugh at me, because I know that helps them to release resistance.  And I’m all for that

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