The January 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The January mag is now online at Click here for the January 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes. (Ignore where it says 10-21 upon loading, this is the January 2022 mag)

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Always effective, but sometimes excessive! You may be more than perfect; you trigger jealousies, so close your eyes or turn a deaf ear. May you actually need to increase your income or your network on the internet? Do not worry, small difficulties fade. So, you will really find the power to act without too much obstacle. Indeed, your energy comes back and you have to face the facts, you take a lot of initiatives. This helps you to conclude quickly and well, everything you do. If you wish to entrust a secret to someone, you only have to choose from. Among all trusted friends around you there are many who are willing to go to the fire for you. From the 23rd to the 25th, avoid being stubborn for an unimportant detail.

In your love life all the lights are green. Venus sends you passionate fires from Capricorn and you start a quarter turn. Be careful that the startup is not too fast, you could find yourself uncomfortable or simply faced with a situation a little complicated. Indeed, you will have trouble distinguishing between love and desire, even if the crush is real.

Faithful to yourself, you will fight with willpower and determination to impose your own half and nothing and nobody can prohibit you from carrying out your projects, or impose your ideas. You remain deaf to all objections and make a task more difficult; in short, you are intractable! Something has changed the game, and that’s fine.

The physical attraction you can feel for a perfect, or a complete, stranger, blurs the tracks. By refocusing you find, very quickly, your sense of balance and you delay. However life will not be sad at all and if you throw yourself into the water for an unexpected meeting, you will not regret it.

The development of your career depends on your ability to manage your impatience. Although you feel that things are going well, they need time to get in place. This month resist the temptation to force the course of events because the precipitation would not produce the desired effects. It’s the same for your great ideas. Make sure that conservative minds see them as advantages and not as utopian projects. When it comes to your finances, pay attention to what you buy. So, before you draw your card, ask yourself if you really need a new smartphone.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Uranus in your sign plays on your reputation or your social position? You say what you think and you think what you say. This is the best way to set the record straight, you who tend to forget it! Anyway, even if the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn square to your Sun, you throw a challenge, you know how to bounce and cut short these little things that can become annoying. Your usual realism does wonders, your obstinacy too. You do not give up, but you have a hard time relaxing. Still, it’s the only thing to deal with ins and outs that you do not always master. The time is working for you; the end of the month is surprising; on the 4, 5 and 6 do not insist.

The best way for things not to turn against you is to not play with the feelings of others. Show yourself rather inclined to be attentive to any solicitations from a person who would want to talk to you. You are attractive and your strong personality does not leave anyone indifferent. You tap into every register: love and passion is much more than enough.

You win to bet on a negotiated peace rather than camping on your positions. By easing up on your side, you will be glad. Indeed, your half will appreciate that you finally recognize his/her merits and his/her involvement to make you happy. This month will be rich in shared emotions: experiences, memories and feelings favor tender relationships.

Under astral influences you show a lot of charisma. The person you are looking to attract might be like a magnet. You display your desires and you take the lead, as long as you feel a little responsive. It is true that your discreet seduction, all in softness and in sensuality, is particularly effective.

With Saturn on the area of your career, you have the feeling that nothing is moving in the right direction. On the worst days, you may feel that you are completely overwhelmed. Bull! Instead of hanging on to what you have learned, open yourself up to other perspectives. Do not reject new ideas and accept them with joy. In doing so, your career will be enriched by this little something you hope for so much. On the financial side, unexpected expenses can surprise you and destabilize your budget. Do not turn against their authors. Instead, look for good deals that will save you from expensive purchases.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

This month you are struggling with your great ideas and great speeches. Good, you have a public and whatever your industry you will be unanimous. Alas, every coin has two sides: you hardly support the slow pace and you’ll have to force yourself to maintain an Olympian calm. Although you resist the contradiction, you manage to think and action. Especially on the 4th and 5th of the month, where we could find you great. Anyway, you continue to bet on humor and against all odds you know how to remain Zen in all circumstances, in front of anyone. Trust the solution you expect is nearby, it will appear when you least expect it.

Maybe you are looking for everything and for opposite? Maybe you’re just looking forward to seeing things change or really settle down? This beginning of the year is particularly important and you hope to make the right choice at the right time. This is what the stars offer you, for you to jump on the opportunity without delay. Especially since you are in good shape and those who have hoped to place one before you but it won’t do them any good.

You deploy your unfailingly humor deadpan laugh and leave you cranky brood in their corner. It’s perfect we expected no less, because everyone knows it’s stronger than you: you are aware of the effect of your pirouettes on your immediate surroundings, especially your dear half who finds well quickly… The smile.

Winter does not make you stand still, quite the opposite. Even if you have days with and without days, you continue to follow your certainties and impulses. Take care, however, not to run several hares at a time, so you would be hard pressed to be taken seriously.

This month beware because you are going in all directions. This may have worked for you before, but this month it could play a bad trick on you. So, if opportunities arise, take it upon yourself and be rational. Before you start, take the time to check that you are making the right choice. Take a break and think about its long-term consequences. On the finance side, it’s the same thing. Before embarking on an expense, check that you are really getting a good business or that you have enough cash in your account.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Serenity and trust are your watchwords, once is not custom. Indeed, the stars are good for you; it allows you to rely on a supportive environment and on the dazzling intuitions to advance. You see immediately where you step and this ensures a train in advance. All fights are good to lead: “iron fist in a velvet glove” it’s your motto and your way of acting. Everyone is caught, so you have no qualms about imposing your will. Basically, this is everyone’s business, especially since you get rid of your fear of missing and not succeed. Your natural creativity is expressed, as well as a certain spontaneity that you no longer fear to show. Even on the material plane this method will benefit you.

The restrictive nature of the moon in mid-month brings you to have to wait and keep waiting. Perhaps you lack some lucidity or objectivity to deal with the problem or the questions that arise? It is true that you were hoping for a more brilliant or even different truth. Do not be fooled by appearances. It will take you a little more than a few hours to go around all that seems contradictory to you.

Your partner knows your addiction to kindness. He/She would like, sometimes, to be alone with you without having to hear your cell phone ring. Put it on silent and focus your attention on the happiness of being together. It is certainly the most beautiful gift that you will be able to offer him/her.

You sometimes feel that someone blows hot and cold. This restrains you from taking the first step, or just trying to make a veiled proposal. Some natives will not hesitate to ask disturbing questions, which will allow them to have a better analysis of the situation and the immediate return they have been waiting for.

Jupiter fulfills your wishes for evolution and change. On the other hand, you will have to deal with the hardness or with the requirements of your partners or your colleagues. Cancer! This is not the time to retreat, under the pretext that some spirits seem ruthless to you. Take your courage with both hands and affirm yourself! How? By using your creativity to your advantage. On the financial side, your desire for something new can be expensive. So, if you want to avoid finding yourself in your banker’s office, be reasonable by not buying things twice.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

You may have to make choices in a hurry, or consider the ones that have been needed for a while. Thanks to certain reactivity you will not have too much trouble to decide, or even to act. In any case you know exactly what you want or what you do not want. Even if some people reproach you for being unrealistic, you assume without doubt. It is still what you have better to do; your authority is appreciated, as much in your professional circle as social or private. If some financial complications interfere, you find a way to delay until better days, your morale of steel does not let it be said. On the 23rd and the 24th, you take your head out of the water and you see the shore.

Some annoyances will not be enough to stop you in this good way, you have seen others. You want this period to be the one that counts in a lifetime, so you pay off the liabilities and you see the future with greater clarity. Your love is sincere; the links that you are currently creating are likely to become permanent.

Tensions are slowly easing and you have the gift of reinventing yourself every day. This for the pleasure of your half, who agrees to follow without too much persuasion. An exhilarating whiff of new perspectives is offered in your life to two: moving, new projects, family, all this occupies you all month and changes, clearly, your priorities.

Slowly but surely you advance towards the horizon without derogating too much. A meeting that shakes you a bit will not be enough to make you change your mind. Too bad or good, not that love scares you but you prefer, for now, stay in observation and see what comes later.

Although your situation is secure, it is possible that your ambitions may not be met. However, you stay the course, while managing with this annoying routine. In January, an opportunity may arise for you. Do not rely solely on your instinct as it could mislead you. So, before seizing it, take the time to check that it is not hazardous. On the financial side, you may not be looking at the expense this month. While it sounds like you’re out of control, do your math, set a budget and stick to it.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

The month looks rather significant and this is on several levels. Do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to provoke proposals, which will prove much more exciting than what you thought, at first glance. You effectively structure the means at your disposal, it allows you to optimize your answers and you reach the target. You willingly give up an agreed attitude in order to bet on the unexpected and the impulse of the moment. It does not look like you, but you are doing much better. From an administrative point of view your steps are facilitated, especially as you demonstrate an effective rigor that takes you far. Some of your dreams now seem possible and more accessible than ever. By refusing pessimism, you tick all the boxes.

Your objectivity in the sentimental field gives you high hopes. Indeed, you channel your emotions so that no one can guess what you have in mind. Against all odds it works perfectly. You avoid complications by staying tuned, just enough to keep your good reputation without suffering the consequences of too much availability.

The feelings you feel are now well cleared, you move carefully but quickly. In reality you manage to get a new look in your relationship and assuming a new image of yourself. Your partner is definitely conquered!

It is true that nothing motivates you so much, that the great encounters and especially those strange relationships that speak only to you. If your senses are awake for having a crush or love at the first sight, you will have to justify it… in your own eyes. Needless to torture you too!

With Saturn, your work seems laborious to you. You must make efforts to adapt to new ideas or concepts. This is not the party that way! Virgo! Try to see things in a positive light! In doing so, you will find that all these innovations will serve your interests and that, as a bonus, they will open up new perspectives for you when the time comes. On the financial side, their balance can be compromised if you relax your natural vigilance. So, to avoid this kind of inconvenience, do not give in to the ease and keep control of the situation.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

The speed of reflection associated with the depth of thought, allow you good results; especially in the professional field. Your action is up to your ambitions and it does not go unnoticed. It is true that you have the deep conviction that an old dream is at hand, why not? After all the energy does not fail you this month, you are able to surpass yourself and rebound with confidence. In fact, even if you do it discreetly, you like to evaluate and compare your performance. You decide to take your choices without affecting anyone, or anything. On the 13th you can make a good investment: moral or material. On the 31st, you are self-censoring.

You refuse to complicate your life and you go to the simplest. The love domain is no exception. To achieve your ends you will have the choice between serious proposals and all-round charm. This well-ordered strategy will help you get what you want quite easily. Indeed good energies help you and make your life easier. Do not stay in a wait-and-see attitude. It is more than time to decide in the quick and to appear in your reality. The end of the month is “sawtooth” but you provoke luck by all means.

You know how to be appreciated when you are motivated. You need to be loved and proven to you all the time. Your partner makes sure this month, to be in the right momentum. The days go by and are not alike, so much the better: the routine is not your cup of tea. Everything is going in the right direction, without much effort.

A certain feeling of fullness and freedom tantalizes you. You even want to pack your bags to meet an exotic love: already known or to discover. Anyway, you use and abuse the internet and social networks to find you in the right tropics.

Libra: Jupiter occupies sector six of your solar theme that corresponds to your work. This month, it offers you an opportunity that is likely to make you grow. Libra! If you want things to change professionally, you will have to deal with these constraints that, by their nature, horrify you. How? Seeing all the benefits you will get by accepting an interesting proposal. On the financial side, you are not immune to these compulsive purchases that put your accounts in red. So, to avoid this, find yourself an occupation that soothes you and does not cost you anything.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

At the game of synchronicity you are the big winner. Everything seems to converge in the same direction: exchanges, readings, conversations picked up “randomly”. You find answers without even having to search for them. But it’s true that it’s been a while since you’ve been waiting for life to show you the way. This month of January is done. You finally look in the right direction and you will, without further ado, at the end of your desires. In exchange stop trying to make others happy despite themselves, everything will be better. Listen to your deep self; it speaks loud enough for you to hear it without increasing the sound. Especially as you keep an open mind and opportunities arise when you need them.

This beginning of the year could open you, broadly, new horizons. Not to mention a “firework” of opportunities, solutions may arise. Your love story, or the one you’ve been waiting for, will have some chance to take a new turn. Why not give in to the compass of your emotions which, without being wise, is not off-center either. The person who makes your heart beat has understood that you need to be tamed and never back away from a challenge, whatever it may be. The planetary aspects support you; you could go well beyond your expectations or those of your partner.

Your creativity is also expressed in your relationship, to the delight of your spouse. You try to know his/her innermost secrets or you behave mysteriously, which has the art of titillating. Around 16, the trend is cocooning? Give in if you can.

You exploit your premonitory visions wisely. And you could be in the right place at the right time. If this is the case do not be impressed by a somewhat imposing personality, you have something to answer. Indeed, your caustic humor is extremely effective. The 7th and 8th you seduce the whole earth.

Developing your career can seem difficult and your work may seem routine to you, but that’s not mean you’re going to run out of money this month. Between the 1st and the 24th, Mars stimulates the financial area of your solar theme. It promotes cash flow from your work, your innate business sense and your wealth. Luck passes and opportunities arise. To ensure that they fully serve your interests, focus on new ideas and concepts. In doing so, you will be one of those who know how to be in the right place at the right time.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

The presence of Mercury at the beginning of the month in your sign gives punch to your ideas and helps you to find out how to carry them out. You manage to convince your interlocutors and the doors open with incredible ease. Do not get in too much trouble, you may end up with some unforeseen complications, certainly short-lived, but that would force you to wait for things to settle down. Take a step back and take one step after another; it will be the best way to benefit from your ability to impose yourself. If an important appointment, or an interview, that requires preparation and energy is the order of the month, you should have all the chances to pass the obstacle as best as possible. Finally, this is a period during which you reorganize your daily life; you get a certain added value that will allow you to move forward.

Some small passing doubts at the beginning and at the end of the month make you see a “half full, half empty glass”. Face the discussions instead of running away from them; there is certainly nothing to upset you for so little but at least you will be certain. If malicious people bring you gossip, make sure they are true. It is best to question the person without further delay. Anyway you clear up a misunderstanding or you skip over an unimportant disappointment. The conquest of your own confidence will be on the front line throughout the month.

You think logically, maybe a little too much for the love context. Heart and reason work well together, but by letting you fall your defenses, you find a certain freshness that makes you feel good. Distance and reunion to better “patch things up”, could be the lot of many natives.

You’re supporting someone; the links you find may not be the ones you thought. A friendship story could turn into a love story for a day or forever. Some unforeseen events of good quality will give you a balm to the heart, you enjoy the favor of the stars: physically and emotionally.

Opportunities that can help your career and finances evolve this month. Unfortunately, it is likely that they do not meet your expectations. Before rejecting them, take time to think. To make this time useful and productive, look at the benefits instead of focusing on what’s wrong. As for your finances, they are doing well because they are watched closely by the energies of Capricorn. As a result, no unnecessary purchases are announced this month. You manage your budget accurately and you know where you are going.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Some recent decisions that you had trouble taking, are beginning to bear fruit. Your environment may have changed. Anyway you have stopped looking towards the exit and you assume your choices. This month of January can be fruitful in terms of material: employment, placement, reordering or perspective. You want and need that the wind of novelty that you have requested really breathes on your life. Things are taking their course but maybe not fast enough for you, which is a shame! Yet you really feel that everything starts again and it shows; you are open to all eventualities.

True false illusions are no longer for you. You have left this far behind you and everyone can think what he wants, it’s equal. You know exactly where you put your feet. You release your thoughts, your heart and your desires. It’s as if you have the ability to project yourself into the future without cumbersome issues.

In reality you break the taboos and all that could, so far, constrain you. Your partner approves your behavior: he/she has been waiting for this for a long time. The little jealousies and little scratches that disturbed your relationship are in the redemption phase, only happiness!

Perhaps you have finally built the robot portrait of your ideal love? And maybe you’ll get excited for a person diametrically opposed? Anyway someone makes your heart beat faster; the meeting is new or even strange. Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant surprise that life makes you.

In January, you have many opportunities to save, invest or spend wisely.  Your loved ones greatly appreciate how you handle finances and the largesse you bestow. Your ability to unite and your friendly aura attract exceptional people and contribute to your society and work success. You are fine-tuning your plans and strategies, and you have more freedom of expression in January. Don’t take advantage of this to force your way through or ask too much of those who hold power and money. Beware of uncontrolled slips that could spoil the atmosphere and lead to regrettable misunderstandings in your exchanges. You are even ready to change your job or even your life after a long period of reflection.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

Your audacity takes you further than you thought at first, even taking risks. Yet you feel ambivalent: on one side you’re ready to jump into the water; on the other you apply the brakes. You will have to take a stand once and for all, so you will regain your trust. If professional side you are less helpful than usual we cannot really blame you. Indeed, a certain restraint in the face of new rules, or new colleagues, allows you to benefit from a period of observation. This is doing you a favor. You do not rush and your analyses are, as always, very fine. If at the beginning of the month someone tries to dissuade you it will be for his/her expenses. This is not the month of January that you will give on anything, in front of anyone.

You are determined, in love as elsewhere. As a result, you get things moving with your partner; although some differences in behavior are notable. In this period you prefer one-on-one and you are less inclined to large gatherings of friends and band trips. It’s not that you feel less energetic but you appreciate your comfort and privacy.

Less demand on your social life allows a greater calm. This is good news for your half who can finally enjoy your presence without having to share with the whole world. This beginning of the year finds you focused on your torque screw, you struggle to bring evidence.

Celibacy weighs you a little, you do everything you can to put an end to it. It had not happened for a long time. So you multiply relationships: social networks or through your friends. The meetings are often surprising, endearing and are likely to become permanent.

Opportunities arise for you to improve your finances and your lifestyle. If you want to grab them, think healthy and look on the bright side. So, get organized, be rigorous and think about your future. In your reflections, ignore the opinions of others, as they may mislead you. Aquarius! If you want to make more money, reconcile yourself with its benefits. Thinking about your interests will not make you a selfish person but an enlightened person who knows how to make the right choices at the right time.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

You learn to empty without necessarily occupying it at all costs. In all that does not serve you any more: address book, objects and closets too full, worn conversations, what will you finally eliminate? Basically you know it perfectly well and for a long time. You just have to get going and do it without too much regret or remorse. You see the skyline, far ahead of you and you have decided to reach it without too much delay. It is true that you know how to swim and that you can show yourself more than determined. However some may underestimate you, it may be that those are the most surprised. A form of secret garden allows you to recover your energy and move forward with confidence; it is your greatest strength.

This month of January brings you dreams. That’s all you needed. Here you are, without any preconceptions about what can happen and you bet without delay on a bright future. Continue on this path, events arise and take the expected form. The 26 and 27 favor the sensual pleasures.

Do not focus on an unfounded scramble. It will disappear like a soap bubble. You just have to play with your incomparable gaze, so that your partner becomes amnesic to any misunderstanding. It is easy to drown in your eyes and you are perfectly aware of it.

You will not wait for the green light to get in touch with whoever you want. By taking the initiative you not only feel good, but also you score points with your relationships. You find it jubilant and exciting. You do not stop at anything while keeping a smile.

Your career development is hampered by external influences. Or, people are struggling to get your place. In these circumstances, do not give in to the facility by giving up or withdrawing. Hold on until the 25th. From that date, decisions are made in your favor thanks to the unfailing support of a person who has the power to make decisions. On the financial side, you manage your budget sparingly. You pay attention to your expenses by focusing on what is essential, but it does not mean that you deprive yourself of everything.