The November Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

November 2021

The November Horizons is now online at November 2021. Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
For you Aries this is the month of creation. Your creative nature is at its highest level and you need to achieve things for yourself. From the beginning of the month without losing a minute you set up your future projects and you benefit from good vibrations so take advantage of it. You make unexpected encounters, you jump on every opportunity, your will to succeed is striking. At work we flatter you, in your private life we seduce you. Most of the time you trust your instinct when making your choices, this month will still be the case. Around November 18 you face an incongruous situation, in spite of everything, you keep calm, you do not go headlong towards the conflict. Your initiatives are bold, whether you adhere to them or not, it does not matter, you continue on your path.

The stars accompany your choices in love, on this front you are well protected. Your feelings gain in depth, you have the will to build a real relationship. Since nothing prevents you, without restraint, you reveal your emotions to people you love. Book yourself moments of pleasure, escape alone or in pairs.

Overall, couples are doing well, no major difficulties on the horizon. You share pleasant moments. Towards the 21st you feel the need to step back, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to take off and cut the routine, your other half is in agreement with your decision.

If you are single, you are not frustrated this month, on the contrary, you live your celibacy very well, you are free and it shows. The 14th is an important day, expect to experience love at first sight. Over the adventures of a night you prefer stable and sincere relationships.

You have a beautiful resistance when it comes to the energies, you are in great shape, do not wait for things to come to you, dare to take the first step. This is the month of opportunity, go forward without hesitation!

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Focus on projects. At the beginning of the month you are not more motivated than that, you let yourself become lazy, around you the climate is warm, you feel like you are in a cocoon so that explains that, you do not necessarily want to leave. Towards the 13th some small financial worries will be managed, you will not be able to escape, but we can say that you will keep the upper hand and you will master the situation. Professionally you may be put under pressure because of a change in planning or something like that. Your personal life is protected, the planetary aspects presage a harmonious situation when it comes to your loves, dialogue is favored, from the 19th to the 23rd the period is ideal to concretize or engage yourself.

The stars are watching, you are in love and everything is going well. Feelings are growing deeper. The time has come, you want to build your love life. The little flings do not interest you, you need something concrete and suddenly you reveal yourself in your best light. If you have wishes they will be granted.

You pretend not to be motivated, your partner does not understand your lack of enthusiasm but don’t worry it’s just a slump, it does not last. Very quickly you recover, you decide to prepare a surprise for your other half. Until the end of the month your relationship rolls well.

A little love story turns into passion, you do not touch the ground anymore. You may want to tackle everything for this person, your entourage is trying to reason with you but it is lost. This month you hear nothing but what your heart dictates.

Why not take advantage of a little slump to take inventory of your love life. Think about it, you will not lose anything to change. If you lack sleep, rest.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

A little sensitive, you are not easy to live with right now. This month you have responsibilities (professional, family …) if you lack the will, get closer to people who spread positive energies, do not lock yourself in your bubble. Winter is a special time, the decrease in brightness can affect the morale of everyone differently, the important thing is not to sink into bad thoughts. Until November 11th, your ideas are confused. Around the 19th you receive an answer that should please you, psychologically everything will be better. Your priority is to do what you love, you set up personal projects by following your intuitions, it is already a big step towards success. Your generosity arouses admiration, you can be proud of your actions.

If your feelings are often contradictory, what is certain is that they are sincere. Your loves are going up and down in the first half of the month, then over the last fifteen days everything is much better. You succeed in preserving harmony in your romantic relationships. The family is present, in case of need you can count on your loved ones.

Between the obligations of daily life, children, and activities you have trouble managing everything, but you ask your partner to get their hands dirty, if they agree to do it, there will be compensation for it, even if you do not quite agree with them.

If you are single, you’re tired of loneliness and you go around in circles. The stars encourage new encounters, you may experience a relationship with an ex or live a loving friendship. In any case, you say goodbye to isolation, you find your zest for life.

The first fortnight your nerves are put to a hard test then, little by little things calm down, you canalize your emotions to avoid any overflow. You make a clean progress, from the second part of the month, everything becomes simpler.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

At the beginning of the month some conflicts can arise from nowhere. Turn down the volume and bury your head in the sand to calm things down, everything will be fine. As soon as the situation does not turn to your advantage you get on your high horse, quiet your mind instead and leave to take a rest in peace, disconnect from the daily routine even if only for a few hours. It is only from the third week that calm returns. At that moment you are ready for new adventures, you let the pressure drop, the planets then open the way, opportunities are at your fingertips. You finally get out of your shell, you express yourself and your feelings, your mind is freed from all constraints. You are free.

You have the right to be in a bad mood, except that if it lasts too long you risk putting people against you. Make an effort because your irritability makes your entourage run away from you. If you feel guilty because of a particular situation, by relativizing you will regain your self-confidence. We love you, we show it to you, we reassure you.

You spend time with family rather than in private, if it does not seem to bother you it’s not the same for your partner. This month the invitations are many, you enjoy them together, it is a situation that suits you very well.

If you are single, the stars put you on a pedestal and the people you meet around the 23rd are constructive, you are not at the end of your surprises. It will be necessary to review your priorities, the planets have decided to change your plans. You benefit from good astral influences.

Improvise, do not try to control everything, externalize your feelings, live the moment without necessarily projecting yourself. Draw a line on the past to better advance. Do not sulk for a yes or no.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

This month, you’re one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. From the first week you find your balance. New projects are gaining value, you are growing in strength, your past efforts are finally paying off! Little by little the snowball effect works pretty well, you take off, your determined character will make all the difference. Throughout the month the professional field is highlighted, proposals flow, contacts multiply, you lay your foundation. The stars draw attention to the fact that some of your commitments may have some consequences for your private life. However small victories give you motivation. On the third week you are completely devoted to your family (parents, children).

To avoid overflowing you know how to handle several situations at once. But if you want to get involved in the work too much, we could blame you for being less available in your private life. So, around the 23rd you decide to make concessions by devoting yourself more to your loved ones, in order to strengthen the bonds.

If at the beginning of the month you hide your bad mood it is only to avoid arguments. It is true that because of your workload you are a bit on edge. Quickly you raise the bar, you offer your partner a little moment of intimacy, you know very well how to do it!

Around November 17th, Venus offers you the opportunity to make an exceptional meeting, as well as to tell you that you will shine with a thousand lights. At that moment your power of seduction is at its peak, you are bewitching. You experience very romantic moments.

Knowing that you are indispensable flatters your ego, you sometimes become a little too demanding with your loved ones, show a little flexibility and everything will be better. Other than that, everything smiles at you this month

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

It’s around November 9th that everything around you is starting to change. You are in a rather favorable period, in the combative sign of Virgo, you lead the work and your personal life, you are a real little soldier. However, be careful not to exceed the limits, because, in terms of your well-being, towards the 19th, it can very quickly spoil. Instead release the pressure, it will allow you to relax, after all you have the right to take a little time just for yourself. The strong Virgo shines when others need them, they want to reassure, they serve without expecting anything in return. At work it’s different, you let others believe that you agree with everything yet you do things your own way.

When it comes to matters of the heart beautiful surprises await you but when it comes to family small quarrels or disagreements will come to thwart your plans. To be able to think about the possible consequences, you just need to distance yourself. The first week is stressful, fortunately the people who are most important to you, support you.

If at the beginning of the month a slight malaise settles in your relationship, it will be up to you to identify the reasons. You are looking for a way out of this little crisis but to your amazement your other half takes the lead, you are relieved and very satisfied.

From the 13th the planets give you multiple possibilities to meet people. You are not necessarily on the defensive but you remain suspicious. A person catches your eye, you let yourself be charmed, the attraction is reciprocal, there is a closeness in the air, you let your guard down.

Do not try to lead everything at once, you could very quickly exhaust yourself, keep your energy. Learn to relax, very often doing nothing and relaxing is great for your body and morale.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Like the good scales that you are, you seek your balance, but as of the 2nd you seem destabilized by a situation which you do not control. However, the stars protect you since you succeed where you thought you had failed, it’s a great victory! Around November 17th, opportunities arise. The planets offer you quite extraordinary possibilities if you have to travel, change jobs or move. By giving priority to your goals, you multiply your chances of success, even your wacky ideas find takers. If you are looking for a comfortable life, the changes that are coming will satisfy you. In family, the relationships are cordial and sincere, the bonds are strong. Around the 26th new contacts are favored, you attract sympathy.

The period is sweet for your loves, everything is fluid, you are stimulated by a life-giving energy, you are a real magnet. However, you do not know if this positive phase will last but you live for the moment without worrying about the rest. The exchanges are rewarding, you are very happy with these turn of events.

As a couple, you express your desires, your partner is all ears, between you communication goes well, together you consider future projects. You have found your balance, your relationship brings you total fulfillment. You do not need anything else, the love of your other half is enough for you.

You like to please and charm, the Libra is flirtatious and this cocktail makes you irresistible. Whether you chose a one night affair or a stable relationship for the long term, you give it your all, seduction is your area of expertise. Whether at work or in the evening you turn heads.

Wait to validate a project even if this month you are in a positive phase, you must seize the opportunities as they arise. Do not rush. The stars take care of everything.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

At the beginning of the month, doubts and many questions emanate from your mind. As of November 10th you move on, everything becomes less messy in your head, everything is more evident, you decide to give a new meaning to your life, you start to set up professional projects. Be careful not to raise the bar too high. Then it’s time for your personal projects to see the light, which is worth the busy schedule, everything is well set, and love in all that? Have you thought about it? Towards the 21st the changes are announced. You have the energy to spare; happiness is at hand, the beneficial action of the planets makes you want to dedicate yourself to your family life, your relationship, or to create new encounters.

If you have to make a decision or make a choice in love, that until now you had the time to make, everything changes. Take courage with both hands, the astral vibrations are favorable, it is now or never. Let your emotions express themselves, do not hold back your feelings. Thanks to your sixth sense you will live very exciting moments.

There is a good understanding between couples, each one finds their equilibrium. The basics are solid, you very easily agree, this facilitates everyday life. Between you two everything is fluid. This mutual benevolence is palpable from the outside. In anticipation for the end of the year, you could embark on a project related to a vacation.

A romantic meeting could happen from November 22nd. The stars breathe good energies, love comes to you, you have no effort to make. If you are afraid of being disappointed, that you are being restrained, the planets prove you wrong.

If at the beginning of the month your doubts prevent you from moving forward, you will quickly resume your spirit. Your motivation and your desire to believe pushes you to success, do not let go. Keep your determination and your courage.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

Good news dear Sagittarius, at the beginning of the month, the planets slow down your projects but only so you can act better afterwards. From the 13th your projects are set for the long term, their realization is close. You put away your impatience, you are ready to take your time, you are on the road to success, opportunities arise, the time for change has come. From the 19th the stars teach you to surf on novelty, you transform due to the tests, you are on the brink of achieving a feat, in return you will be asked to remain constant. Strokes of luck punctuate the month. In your private life it’s something else, the hour of truth has come, if you have anything to say, now is the time to do it. The exchanges are good, the general atmosphere is beneficial.

The stars are very understanding with you. Love is protected, however, do not do anything. The small family annoyances do not interfere in your matters of the heart, you have enough perspective to make the difference. The third week brings calm, the atmosphere in love is invigorating, you build very strong bonds.

Your partner seduces you, unless you are blind, their love for you is obvious. Towards the 15th, a nice project in love emerges, far from everything (family, children), a real moment in love. You have nothing to do, your other half takes care of everything, reservations, activities, leisure, what a beautiful program!

Dear singles, the past may resurface, a person comes back to court you. If at first you are surprised, the approximation is smooth. Everything is going very well for you, until the end of the month, life is full of surprises.

Your loves are doing well, if you have to manage some small family problems it is nothing compared to the positive transformations happening in love. You receive good planetary vibrations, enjoy!

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

For you Capricorn, the month is half-hearted, before starting anything, you have things to settle. If you expect new and sensational things you may go hungry. The first week seems hesitant, so do not do anything that could compromise your plans and make yourself discreet. Situations you have never faced, make you doubt your abilities, it is only at the end of the second week that the difficulties dissipate, your talents are put to the test, you are tested, you are confident enough, you gain credibility. The last fifteen days, everything is better, the energy of the stars allows you to succeed in all your projects, you have the will. You receive compliments from your loved ones, the family circle is welded.

In love, your feelings come and go, you lack certainty and yet you should not. Even if sometimes your dream of living serenely escapes you, you are in good energy. If your relationship has been tainted by your jealousy or your possessiveness, you have understood that on these points you have work to do.

You’ve seen better times, especially in the first fortnight, you may be tired of the routine or have a little difficulty in situating yourself in your relationship, this explains the small malaise that settles in your relationship. Very quickly, everything calms down, your partner does everything to distract you.

For a good part of the month you seem a little capricious then you learn to appreciate the people who revolve around you, your nervousness disappears, you become more pleasant and less demanding. Around the 14th the stars place someone along your path, you know how to recognize it.

You prefer not to build castles in the sky anymore and that’s your right. You decide to live from day to day, why not. If you are fulfilled this way, there is no reason to change.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

At the beginning of the month, you are losing speed, there is a small drop in energy or a lack of will, you lag, you might decide to take a step back, just to decompress. Your situation does not change, you are tired. The stars allow you to take breaks. Do not hesitate to look inside yourself and reflect in depth on your real desires. As far as the social field is concerned, around the 16th of November, you are surrounded by good allies, they help you and you develop beautiful ideas, very nice proposals come to you, you flourish. The family supports you, feeling supported is good for you, yet you try not to build castles in the sky too quickly.

In the field of love you would like to take action. You are tired of waiting for a situation that does not evolve fast enough for you, you decide to take things in hand. As soon as you have the opportunity, go for it! Seizing the opportunity when it comes up seems like the best thing to do. Do not postpone anything for the next day.

You lead your relationship with an iron fist as if you were running your own business, be careful your partner does not agree with you, they also have a say, so show a minimum of flexibility and everything will be better between you two.

The stars could surprise you. Without searching, you could meet someone nice. Initially a friendly relationship can eventually evolve into a loving relationship. Around November 20th, everything is going faster. Your emotions sparkle, you are happy. The month ends under good aspects.

If you do not enjoy talking about your life in a public setting and you avoid addressing these topics as a family too, it is because of modesty and discretion. The key is to stay honest with the people you have chosen.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

For you Pisces, the month of November is sunny, luck and confidence are back. The planets are shaking up your little habits, a little shaken at first, you do it very quickly. This fuss is destabilizing but for the right reasons, you could see it as a way to change your destiny. Your projects put the wind in your sails in terms of novelty, you seem delighted with these transformations. The second week is significant, indeed, everything is played out at this time. You find financial support, your ideas are reliable and viable, you have support, your projects are concrete with a bonus: a satisfactory collaboration exceeding all your expectations. The end of the month is very favorable, although calmer on a general level, this month could be decisive.

Success is waiting for you whether you are in a relationship or not. You are full of good energies, it is the end of the period where you swim between two waters, you know what you want and what you do not want anymore. In love you make a new start, you’re on your way to living your dreams.

:There is room for tenderness, as a couple. You’re good together and it’s obvious. With your partner you are fusional, you multiply the tender gestures, your complicity is beautiful to see. Throughout this month, between you everything flows, no clouds are on the horizon.

The feelings you have for someone make you believe in love again. If you have been in contact for only a few days, your relationship grows, it takes on importance. You start to envision a future for two in the very near future, it’s a chance to seize.

For you, all is well in the best of all worlds, this month you are under high protection, however learning to protect yourself from any difficulties that may occur at any time is essential to your well-being.