Your self talk determines your future outcome

Your self talk determines your future experience. Is your story that you are out of a job and the economy is bad and everyone is worried about money? Or is your story that you are between jobs, eager for a new one and that miracles happen every day? Is your story that your husband of 40 years ran off with some bimbette, divorced you, emptied the bank account and left you to fend for yourself? Or is your story that you’re starting over, testing untried waters, and excited about the possibilities? Your self talk determines your future outcome. Give it a spin that keeps you hopeful and psyched for future possibilities.   

If you’re going to tell your story… and let’s face it, who doesn’t love to tell their story… be sure you tell your good story. The story you tell has a vibration, the universe responds and makes sure to keep that vibration going. So I KNOW you see the importance of telling your GOOD story.  And how much more fun telling that one, than your Poor Pitiful Pearl story.

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