You can be a Vision Keeper for loved ones in the path of the storm

There’s a storm out there.  During times like this, it’s important to remember that if you’re in the path of it, prepare as well as you can, then know that it can pass right over you and NOT leave you devastated.  Your home can be left standing when all around it may not. Remember that is a possibility and it’s tied to your belief and expectation.  It’s possible for every one of us to experience the storm fully, yet be unharmed and un-inconvenienced by it. Knowing that and believing that helps.


If we’re NOT in the path of the storm but have loved ones who are, we can help them right where we are, sitting in bed in our pajamas. When The Weather Channel  shows the storm front moving closer and closer, we can watch the storm image on the screen with the sound muted, take it into our meditation and do some Vision Keeper work.  


In my role as Vision Keeper I’d watch the weather on tv with the sound muted, meditating and praying for safe passage through the storm and sending blessings to those in need. How do you send a blessing?   I’d hold the person or scene in my mind and repeat “bless her, bless them.”

If I wasn’t watching the storm, I’d see her in my mind’s eye and use my power of visualization to concentrate on her although I could no longer see her. I practiced breathing peace and calm into her center, in my own mind, in my inner cinema. I practice envisioning the residents feeling calmer and feeling safe.

I’d practice breathing in the storm and breathing her up to God, then breathing down God’s peace into the storm. I’d breathe in her force and power and offer it up to God, then I’d breathe down the still silence of God and offer it into the storm.

This is adapted from a Buddhist form of meditation, and I like to do it in times of trouble, and when watching news reports. It’s been said that when just 1% of the population meditates upon peace and lovingkindness, the effect spreads to the other 99% – even if they don’t believe it.

It’s possible for every one of us to experience the storm fully, yet be unharmed and un-inconvenienced by it.

I can choose to think that God will protect me no matter what the weather service tells the rest of the nation is going on around me.

What is happening to the person next to me does not have to be my experience.

Even if The Weather Channel is showing the rest of the world that a storm is right on top of me, I can experience comfort and wellbeing and safety and be on the other side of it in no time.

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