Remember an active hurricane season doesn’t mean any will make landfall

The news is at it again. In Consensus Growing for Active Hurricane Season, Paul Yeager writes:  When private forecasting company WSI increased the number of predicted tropical storms and hurricanes in its updated Atlantic hurricane forecast, it added to the growing consensus among forecasters that the 2010 season will be an active one.  Skeptics of the accuracy of seasonal forecasts are numerous, often citing the inability of forecasters to predict the weather for next week as evidence that a seasonal forecast is impossible to make with any accuracy and is therefore useless.  In fact, three private outlets, along with the federal government’s Climate Prediction Center, all correctly predicted that the 2009 season would be less active than the 2008 season. The initial forecast for all of the entities was for a greater number of storms than actually occurred. ### end of article excerpt

Sounds like good news, right?  That paragraph is me separating (editing as to highlight) what I feel are the important points of the article, to give it the focus I want my audience to have.  When you read the entire piece, you’ll understand media spin. They have their spin and I have my spin.

If Abraham-Hicks tells us to focus on the positive aspects (of every situation) and the reality we want to experience, which article makes you feel more hopeful and light hearted?  I am not making up a story here, I am not telling untruths, I am saying focus on what we know to be true.  Such as, forecasting is not an exact science.

Florida, do NOT be alarmed that they forecast an active hurricane season. What does that mean anyway?  That means a lot storms forming. It does NOT mean they are around long or that they even make landfall.  If they do, it does not mean they make landfall near you.  If they make landfall near you, it does not mean it causes you or anyone you know physical or financial loss or damage.

Those are the types of thought to hold as we go into this season. Since we know that we attract what we focus on, when something like a hurricane is the topic – if you’ve got media input, you can’t avoid the topic.  But you can remember the positive aspects that you know about it.  You can remember that what you know to be true, can be true for you.  Maybe a dozen named hurricanes form that all dissipate in the Atlantic. That’s as much a possibility as what they predict.  That’s why I’m all for looking for something good in each situation.

If I attract what I focus on, I want to attract a good experience out of every experience.  And I’d spend some time prepaving — via daily visualization — the fun things I’ll be doing this summer, so that there’s no place in my consciousness for concerns about storms or anything else.

When I realized — for real — that I participate in creation of the reality I experience, and that I do this by my intentions, beliefs and expectations, by every thought I think and every word I speak, my world changed for the better as my thoughts and actions changed for the better. For real.  Yours can, too.

Remember, Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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