A shift in attention allows me to read between lines

Image by Alex Knight

When I got to my desk this morning, I saw Tuxedo Sam had walked across my keyboard overnight and typed a bunch of gobbledy gook. But it seemed like a whole lotta typing for a walk across and seemed to have a rhythm to the number keys. As I’m looking at the letters on the screen and looking at the keys, I almost think I see a word but then it’s gone.  When I’m lazy I sometimes typo a 3 instead of an e. When I shifted my attention from the 3 on the keyboard to the line below where the e is, suddenly I began to see words. Kinda. Then I saw them clearly.


What I surmise happened was I got up partially asleep and typed something to remember later, but my fingers were one row too high. If so, the T should have been a 5 and not 6, when I think about it. Now I’ve gotta figure out why only the T was one character above and to the right, when all the others were upper left.  Anyway, transcribed, this is what it read. I have zero idea what it pertains to or recollection that I did it.

The truth isn’t always readily apparent. A shift in attention allows you to read between lines. You miss much right in front of you. You see the tree but do you see the leaves, the veins on the leaves, the ant underneath? What you see depends on how intense your focus. A shift in attention reveals new meaning, knowledge unlocks doors.

My guess is that I just need to in general pay closer attention to details.


Oh! Details! I seldom go into my blog dashboard to check stats and stuff but today was looking for something and saw I’d missed YEARS of messages and comments, two this month. I’d never gotten notification of them since WordPress was sending them to an old email address.  Both sent this month were from VIRGOs letting me know I’d duplicated Leo‘s horoscope for August and the Virgo horoscope for August was missing.  Aaarrrggghhh!!!  Virgos are known for attention to detail. I corrected it, plus that was my reminder the change to my new email address Horizonsmagazine@gmail.com