Sept Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

September 2021

The September Horizons Magazine is now online at September 2021 Horizons and here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

You are in great shape, perhaps a little agitated. All month long, successive influences push you to reach out to others, collaborate, exchange, and love… Your moods are changeable but somewhat balanced, and you can nurture interesting, enriching, or profitable communication with your loved ones. You consolidate your achievements, settle down in a particular material or moral ease, leave room for others, and enrich your relationships by stronger or more numerous bonds. This is an excellent month to meet new people and charm some of them.

Venus and Mars follow one another during the month to endow you with powerful feelings, stunning charm, and luck in love until the 10th. You also have an incredible sensuality and goodwill from the 15th. All this is under the guidance of Jupiter and Saturn. They protect your emotional assets and allow you to blossom into powerful and lasting relationships. Some concessions will be necessary. You will have to control your greed, but you have all the assets to launch or maintain a beautiful love story.

Your beautiful planetary dispositions put you in a good mood and make you optimistic. Be careful with impulsive spending or investments. Even if the sky is right for you, it won’t be enough to keep you out of trouble if you throw money away. You have a tendency to shower your loved ones with gifts or treat yourself to whatever you want without thinking it through. You want to enjoy the good things in life, but you’re getting a little greedy, so be careful!

You have no problem getting your ideas or demands across clearly and forcefully. Your charm works, and people listen to you willingly. However, prepare your speeches by putting a figure on your expectations. If you are not voluntarily listened to, people may back away from your claims. It is better to ask for something reasonable and get it than to demand the impossible and find yourself frustrated. Your ardor and your eloquence are supported by a vital force that pushes you on the road to success. Know how to savor the steps of your ascension without trying to go faster than the events.

You have a lot of energy to channel into family, friends, and group activities. This is an excellent month to get back into sports. Set up a back-to-school schedule with bike rides, friendly matches, hikes, and regular activities. If you feel more stressed, you can turn to yoga or meditation. Avoid screens: smartphone, tablet, TV. Prefer board games with friends or family, they bring people together instead of separating them. They generate a lot of good humor and friendliness and will relax you as much as a long walk.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

You feel good about yourself, smiling, and are positively occupied with concrete and constructive activities. However, Jupiter gives you excessive desires that Saturn is quick to stifle. You often swing between ardor and discouragement, optimism and frustration, not to mention, for some, sudden changes that are difficult to manage serenely. In short, you are a bit shaken up by various planetary influences. Still, your charm and courage win the day and allow you to remain rather zen throughout this month of autumn. You are often forced to step out of your comfort zone. But even if this upsets your routine, it is all to your advantage.

Your social and professional life takes up a lot of your time and energy. Still, you find a second wind in love from the 10th when Venus comes to occupy your complementary sign and helps you to open your arms to the other. Venus makes you charming and very sensual. You take advantage of this to conquer a coveted person or to strengthen the bonds in your relationship. It’s a month of return filled with good dispositions. With Mars in Virgo, opposite Neptune, you are intuitive and lucid in your exchanges. In your actions, you could build a fantastic framework for your emotional life this month!

In September, your financial situation depends on the relationships you have with others. You will have to please your superiors. Show your collaborators that you fully assume your responsibilities and show potential investors that your projects are structured and solid. In any case, you should only launch large expenditures or significant investments with caution. From the 10th onwards, income from your associations is most likely to take off. Your charm and strength of conviction are present throughout the month, and your energy supports you in your endeavors.

You are taking on heavy tasks or facing many responsibilities. Still, you are not alone, and you feel supported by your superiors, colleagues, or associates. However, you need to be patient and cautious, as there are many obstacles to your initiatives. You may see too big or overestimate your means (physical, financial). You show yourself sometimes too authoritarian or stubborn. Beware also of your greed which can push you towards excess. Uranus gives you the desire to distinguish yourself, to stand out from the crowd, expose your ideas to attentive interlocutors, supportive colleagues, or to a hierarchy charmed by your originality.

Mars will give you a lot of physical energy until the 15th, which you should maintain for as long as possible at the end of the summer. This is an excellent time to practice regular physical activity, decide to eat healthier, and avoid excesses. You have a great desire to get closer to people and to communicate with everyone. Family walks, board games, team sports, outings with friends are the activities that suit you best during this month of back to school.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

Your relationships with others are good, marked by friendship, but communication is slow. Delays, breakdowns, misunderstandings make you bristle and darken your moods at times. Your caustic spirit then takes over, and you must be wary of the jabs you throw, which could earn you lasting enmities. Instead, use your eloquence to expose your plans, find support, or set out to win over an attractive person. Suppose you use your critical mind positively by analyzing situations lucidly rather than making fun of others. In that case, you will make supporters rather than enemies.

Mercury and Venus in trine during the first two weeks of the month will guarantee you good popularity due to your good mood, sense of communication, and light and naughty sensuality. The sky exalts your desire to be helpful and to take care of everyone’s well-being. Still, you also relay your personal ambitions, and your desire to elevate yourself sometimes prevails over your desire to seduce. Your initiatives are not always clearly perceived by your family. Avoid emotional manipulation and express your feelings honestly. Don’t be too demanding in your expectations: let the other person have the right to make mistakes or simply to feel differently.

Until the 10th, your associations and collaborations are profitable. You share your vision of the future without any problem, and you do not lack support for your projects. However, your means remain limited: you must preserve your assets, limit your expenses and invest prudently. At the beginning of the month, you may be tempted to spend a lot of money to please or offer yourself a beautiful object, a luxury product. Keep this tendency in check and think about putting aside a few pennies for a rainy day instead. On the whole, you are not risking much in September: your sky is protective as long as you stay reasonable.

From September 15th onwards, Mars reinforces your confidence and your ability to ensure quality work up to your personal expectations and those of your hierarchy. Your thoroughness and dedication are appreciated. From the 22nd, the Sun exalts your desire to be valuable and profitable. Venus frees your imagination, and you find it easier to express your talents until the 10th. Jupiter encourages you and participates in your social development. At the same time, Saturn curbs your spontaneous impulses and gently guides you towards maturity. Your convincing arguments are likely to favor your advancement. Still, with the retrograde of Mercury, negotiations will get bogged down a bit from the 29th. They will only really resume from October 18th.

Your creativity is exalted, and this is an excellent time to engage in an artistic activity that should give you great satisfaction and perhaps increase your popularity. Mars encourages you to exercise physically to eliminate the nervous tension that builds up and sometimes leaves you overwhelmed by your unconscious emotions. As a family, plan activities with your loved ones without making it a competition: a bike ride, a treasure hunt, playful activities with the children will distract and relax you.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

With Mercury in square plus retrograde, exchanges are not always easy, communication is slowed down, travel too, and these constraints, limits, or delays weigh on your morale. You can go from unbridled enthusiasm to pessimism at the drop of a hat because of a single glance or word. You need to be aware of your emotional fragility in your relationships with others and not take everything you are told at face value. Instead, use your undeniable charm to seduce everyone with your smile and sobriety. Your very perceptible sensuality can make for some excellent moments.

Venus keeps peace in the household, eventually restoring harmony. Above all, it exalts your power of seduction and facilitates conquests, favors encounters, and induces romantic flights of fancy. However, Saturn will slightly hinder these excellent dispositions, and your spontaneity will be curbed, your thirst for life’s pleasures will be slowed down. In your family, unspoken words pollute the atmosphere, and you should consider changes that could improve your daily life. Don’t communicate vaguely if you want people to listen to you. September remains an ideal time to develop your relationship or to fall in love.

You will be very popular with your family if you make successful financial deals (a bonus or return on investment) and share them with your loved ones. But avoid spending too much. Simply continue to defend family interests and values. You can count on hidden income (income, inheritance) to improve the atmosphere in the family. Your ideas are bold, and you can invest in solid projects like real estate or home improvement. Don’t waste your money on impulsive and futile purchases.

Saturn is forcing you to break with an outdated way of doing things. You manage the situation without destabilizing yourself too much. Your creativity pushes you to expose your talents, but don’t overdo it so that people don’t distrust you. You are convincing, even offensive, and you easily make an impression. You can successfully present your audacious projects thanks to your eloquence and your devastating charm. Jupiter multiplies the opportunities for creative changes, but clarify your goals to avoid making mistakes or arousing the distrust of your hierarchy. Your arguments express your potential, and you carry your ambitions high with the approval of your hierarchy. Simply, do not be too greedy and demanding.

Genealogy is an excellent hobby for you: try it, and you will be delighted to reconstruct your family history. Back to school is an ideal time to sign up for a class. Whether it’s cooking, knitting, yoga, or video editing, regular activity will go a long way in reducing tension and taking your mind off things. In fact, you may discover an unexpected passion for fun or sports that you may never have heard of before. Don’t give in to the laziness that only undermines your self-confidence. Exercise in good company and maintain your relationships.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

You are still under the combined pressure of Jupiter and Saturn in September, who are bringing contradictory and therefore tiring influences to bear on you. Jupiter encourages you to show off, sometimes excessively, and Saturn blocks you, slows you down. You navigate between ardor and pessimism, pride and discouragement, and your moods are as changeable as your feelings. Fortunately, Venus until the 10th and Mars from the 15th onwards will help to nuance this trying atmosphere. At the beginning of the month, Venus will guarantee you good relationships with others, whether about feelings, work, or friendship. Mars will reinforce your ability to expose your talents and share them, which will cheer you up.

Saturn dominates your exchanges and invites you to make a commitment or to break up after careful examination of your emotional situation. Count on Venus to ease any tensions, even if differences of opinion drive you away from your partner. At the end of the month, you can re-establish communication between you and those close to you, even if your personal affairs preoccupy and mobilize you. You must remain attentive to the needs of those around you to receive the emotional support you so badly need. But don’t use your charm to manage a complex situation. Instead, rely on your friendliness to change things by consulting your loved ones before deciding for everyone.

In September, you have every chance to advance your activities and benefit from a raise or a bonus. You work hard, show yourself to be enterprising and friendly, and make an impression on people and your superiors by your growing maturity and boldness in your new projects. This cocktail should be successful for you in terms of salary. Other bonuses could fall into your lap relating to a previous investment, an unexpected gain, or a reimbursement. However, don’t take advantage of this opportunity to make expensive purchases. Before making any significant investments, take advice and put your money into proven areas, such as real estate.

Your serious view of current affairs will reassure your contacts. You approach your activity with a sense of responsibility that inspires confidence. Your transparency and determination will win you over. The New Moon on the 7th invites you to exploit your talents and to ask for their reward. You plead your cause and obtain what you covet: a valuation of your work or more freedom. Don’t ask for too much at the beginning of the month. First, demonstrate your talents by seducing your interlocutors. Whether it is a partnership to be launched, a contract to be signed, or any association, these agreements will open promising avenues for you.

To combat the pressure exerted by Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, you must first and foremost relax, distract yourself and rest. Choose relaxing physical activities such as golf or swimming to unwind. Take a walk with family or friends, revive board games, or take a short getaway to take your mind off things. Don’t be overwhelmed by work worries or family tensions. Work something out calmly and work together instead of confronting each other.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

You are very busy with activities that correspond to you and give you confidence in yourself and your abilities. Until the 22nd, the supportive Sun encourages you to get noticed, express yourself, and meet new people. From the 10th, Venus sends you tender influences. You become more romantic and passionate. Your sensuality increases, as well as your gluttony or your material greed. Don’t go for excess that doesn’t suit you, but savor the good things in life without feeling guilty or counting on too much…

Misunderstandings are sometimes possible, as certain situations thwart your aspirations. The New Moon on the 7th encourages you to launch a new cycle of expansion. You want to broaden your horizons, push back the limits and feel free to evolve as you please. You talk about this with your loved ones, trying not to offend their sensibilities. Do not impose your will on the other person. Use your combative energy to convince them and understand that you want to improve your living conditions. You will be more persuasive in making them want to follow you in your desire for well-being and harmony.

Specific discussions concerning your budget are blocked with the retrograde of Mercury in the field of your finances. You will have to wait until October 18th for negotiations to resume under good conditions. Your eloquence and charm help you find support for your projects. You can invest efficiently or launch a profitable business but do not overestimate your chances. Do not live beyond your means!

You are working hard, but you are frustrated by a planetary situation that reduces your room for maneuver and your freedom of expression. You are looking for ways to improve your working conditions. The heavens encourage your initiatives and offer you a path that better corresponds to your expectations of autonomy and change. You have bold plans, communicate them with care, take the time to talk with those around you about what inspires you to get support and not attract reproaches. Your charm works, and everyone wants to team up with you.

You are looking for something useful to do, and the beginning of the school year is an excellent time to take up handicrafts or crafts. The benefits will be many: you’ll keep your hands and mind busy, you’ll be skillful enough to make an impression and be proud of your accomplishments, and finally, these hobbies will relax you better than any other outside activity. But don’t neglect the physical exercise for all that: treat yourself to some lovely walks, reward yourself with a bit of rest and make plans with your loved ones. The atmosphere is excellent, and you should take advantage of it to see your friends.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

You are somewhat limited by the discipline of Saturn. At the same time, Jupiter encourages you to excess, and Mercury in retrograde may slow down your progress. Still, overall, this is a very gratifying month where you will have no trouble putting yourself forward. You will find fulfilling activities that will contribute to your popularity and thus support your beautiful moods. Under these easy influences, you tend to use your charm in any situation. Still, you risk annoying your relatives or superiors. They will look at you with suspicion. Stay sober and serious in all your endeavors, and your abilities will be recognized by all.

Saturn will force you to calm down and take a closer look at your emotional relationships, to put them through the sieve of reason. Your desires will sometimes clash with the need to step back from your emotions. Still, you will freely express an overflowing sensuality. Count on Venus to reinforce and satisfy your desires, provided you don’t get too greedy, reckless, or greedy. By playing on your charm, you can improve your family relationships where you are expected to be good at management, serious, and rigorous. But your love affairs will be full of fantasy and spice, so take advantage of this!

Don’t ask too much of your banker or those who have the financial means to support you. They may find you too greedy and refuse you what you ask for. Financial luck should smile on you until the 10th, and from the 15th, your work will give you complete satisfaction and could bring you an increase in your status or salary. Invest wisely, without projecting yourself into ideas of grandeur that could harm your assets. Don’t give in too quickly to your sudden desire for luxury or fashionable items. In short, don’t squander your fortune on frivolous things.

The planets are pushing you to fulfill your duties, not to express unbridled creativity. Humility, diligence, and a sense of responsibility are expected of you. You hope for more autonomy in your work and observe your situation from a position of retreat, working away from the noise of the world to implement the changes you long for. However, if you are faced with questionable circumstances, refrain from acting. By emphasizing your desire to serve the common cause, you’ll make an impression. But don’t overdo it.

Saturn is weighing down your creativity, spontaneity, and love life. Instead of moping around, relax and enjoy yourself. Plan a variety of activities with your friends, get closer to your family, and leave the screens aside. Instead, choose board games, good-natured competitions, crafts with the little ones, and arts and crafts with the grown-ups. Keeping your hands and mind busy will do you a world of good.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

The month’s mood improves from week to week, and your good mood blossoms as the doors open. The beginning of the month is active, conducive to initiatives and firm decisions. As of the 10th, Venus adorns you with a devastating charm and, if you don’t overdo it, you could attract new friendships, and even more if you are so inclined. Changes are in the air and bring with them certain constraints or responsibilities that could, from time to time, cast a shadow over you. Still, you have the means to overcome these minor disappointments to evolve towards greater mastery and maturity.

Until the 10th, you are absorbed by your activities, but then the sky opens up for your love life, and you have every chance to meet someone new or to strengthen your ties with your partner. Beware of Jupiter, which exacerbates your greed, and Saturn, which limits your possibilities. Stay sober and balanced to enjoy your relationships without asking too much or manipulating your partner. Make an effort to communicate to be sure you are always understood. For some people, Uranus induces significant and abrupt changes in agreements and associations, including marriage. If this is the case, stay zen and think carefully before making a decision that commits you, whether it is a promise or a break-up, do not do things too hastily.

This is a peaceful month. If you manage to curb certain impulses and not deprive yourself of everything, you will achieve a comfortable balance. Luck could smile on you from the 10th, but until the 15th, your activities will show the best return. Jupiter pushes you to compulsive purchases, Saturn limits your means, Uranus provokes various surprises. Still, Neptune and Pluto assure you a good intuition in everything that concerns investments. Don’t let this stop you from taking advice for any necessary purchase. As is often the case, real estate remains a safe bet if you have the capital to invest over the long term.

September is, above all, a month of reflection. You are elaborating strategies, looking for new fields of action, perhaps other associations. You are looking to reorient your career to feel more accessible and more fulfilled in your daily life. Your hierarchy is not always listening to you, and Saturn is weighing you down with constraints or responsibilities. Don’t give up too quickly on your hopes for advancement in your current job: the situation could change more rapidly than you think. Your charm should help you, from the 10th onwards, to plead your case with your superiors or associates and, if you remain transparent and sincere, things should go well. Don’t try to manipulate or deceive your partners. You risk losing all credit and for a long time…

You will have the best time with your friends: Mars invites you to join a group or community that has the same interests as you. Whether it’s sports, hiking, dining out, or going to a show, you’ll feel better in good company. Your relationships with others will provide you with the energy you need to embark on picturesque or exotic adventures. Team sports are worth exploring as well as activities like yoga if you’re feeling stressed or stuck. Walking and biking are still the best activities to keep you fit and in a good mood.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

You are looking to make a project a reality. You gather your friends, relatives, and potential partners to develop your arguments and express your expectations. From the 10th onwards, you go back into your shell to analyze your motivations, feelings, and emotions in-depth. You guess that a new page in your emotional life is about to open. To continue or branch out in your life, you need this period of retreat, which allows you to calmly take stock of your achievements and expectations. This will encourage you to make the best decisions for your future and avoid many disillusions.

Your exchanges with those around you contribute to exposing your projects. Take advantage! From the 10th onwards, you will withdraw to study your love life more closely and decide what is worth preserving, improving and what you need to give up to feel at your best with the other person and yourself. Your circle of friends can be a great help, whether it’s talking heart-to-heart with someone close to you or finding the right person for you in your current relationships. While the sky is very promising, beware of Neptune, which at times confuses the issue or leads you down a blind alley. Trust your common sense rather than your intuition, which is not always a good advisor.

Your friends could point out some good investment plans, but stay alert and don’t rush into anything. Until the 10th, Venus grants you some beautiful moments of luck, and you could try (reasonably) a game of chance. Jupiter protects your income on a larger scale, and Saturn helps you manage your budget wisely. From the 15th onwards, your activities will pick up a good rhythm and should bring you rewards, a bonus or a pleasant surprise in terms of your results. Your enthusiastic temperament helps you to act with zeal, but be careful not to let yourself be tempted by impulsive and often futile spending.

Your sense of responsibility reassures your partners, and they trust you. However, your sometimes impulsive reactions may disconcert your colleagues or associates, so don’t put too much feeling or emotion into your work. Your energy and optimism enhance your popularity and allow you to build on a solid foundation. Would you like to lighten your schedule, work more independently, train in another discipline, or even change your job? All this is possible in September if you don’t ask for too much. Don’t use your popularity to manipulate a seemingly benevolent hierarchy, be attentive and sensitive to exaggerations.

Your work absorbs a lot of physical and nervous energy. You need to relax. The best times are always spent in adventure, experimentation, and discovery. In the second half of the year, you will find it easy to find partners for games or sports in your circle of friends. Take advantage of this opportunity to get back into physical exercise in good company. Treat yourself to a good restaurant from time to time (without losing sight of your figure). It is in the balance between effort and pleasure that you will find the most satisfaction and that you will remain in Olympic shape.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Communication is not accessible, and you are asked to express yourself when you don’t really want or need to. Many things seem trivial, and this generalized lightness darkens your mood. Fortunately, from the 10th onwards, Venus will help you feel better loved if not really understood. You will work hard and efficiently until the 15th. A period of hesitation or tension is possible in your activities: your ambitions are growing, but you may not find the opportunities that suit you. Try to remain sociable, at least with your close friends, to not find yourself too isolated…

Suppose you have a declaration to make or some clarifications to discuss. In that case, September is not the most favorable month because Mercury in Libra quickly retrogrades. It bogs down exchanges in misunderstandings or tensions. Delays and misunderstandings are likely. Wait until the 10th: Venus entering your sign will compensate for the unpleasant effects of Mercury with a tenfold power of seduction and the possibility of communicating through looks, attitudes, and actions. The Sun in trine until the 22nd only reinforces this charm, and Mars, until the 15th, supports all your undertakings. The super sluggish Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are also at your service, allowing for essential changes, creativity, and the possibility of metamorphosing your life.

Venus invites you to make financial plans, talk about them, and manage to interest your relatives, who are willing to help you in your undertakings. But don’t overestimate your limited means. Saturn is encouraging you to economize. Fortunately, you will know how to reverse this trend and influence the course of events, especially after the 10th, with the help of Venus and Jupiter. Suppose you have an idea about real estate. In that case, the heavens encourage you to invest in this direction, whether it is to buy a property or to renovate in depth what you already own. Your assets are safe. You can gamble a little on luck, as long as you stay moderate (which is in your nature).

At the beginning of the month, negotiations concerning your budget or skills will work in your favor. As long as your projects do not exceed the means granted to you. At the end of the month, you will do a lot of work to prove that you are up to the task. The New Moon on the 7th invites you to assert your ambitions and originality, which work in your favor. Rely on your charm and enthusiasm to rally goodwill around your bold initiatives. Your popularity will overcome resistance, and you will launch significant changes. You stand up for what you believe in and get what you want.

You are in good shape and need to keep yourself fit. Moderate physical exercise will do you a world of good, and hiking and climbing will be your thing. As for more gourmet pleasures, treat yourself to a restaurant from time to time, relax by experimenting with new recipes, start tending the garden, or decorating your balcony. Take precautions if you do sports, as Mercury in square and retrograde increases the risk of incidents related to travel and mobility.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

Everything is going well during the first half of the year, even if some tensions appear from time to time, especially in the family. Venus allows you to meet new people, Mercury ensures good communication, and you feel rather appreciated. However, some upheavals could sometimes dampen the mood. Still, as long as you keep your freedom of maneuver and autonomy, your morale remains good. From the 15th onwards, you will find something concrete and practical to occupy yourself with, significantly contributing to keeping you in a good mood.

Your power of seduction is strong in September. Still, you tend to isolate yourself at times, as you rely only on yourself to evolve without seeking to unite. Even if you want to, this state of mind could lead to feelings of frustration. You need to make changes in your family, and you may be thinking of moving, which is stressing you out. But don’t sabotage your chances of finding that special someone or moving your current relationship forward by letting unconscious emotions cloud the frequency. On the other hand, don’t overdo your charm by demanding too much.

You are ready to commit yourself, take responsibility, and inspire confidence. This is a perfect atmosphere to raise money, get a raise, or invest wisely. But don’t be too demanding with those who hold power and money. They may not appreciate your demands which they find not very clear or even unreasonable. Neptune is still keeping the financial sector a bit opaque. You need all your common sense, wisdom to establish and then respect a daily budget that ensures your security and comfort.

You want to build on a solid foundation, so be gentle with your superiors and show your spirit of collaboration by communicating clearly. You have the means. The New Moon on the 7th invites you to transform situations that have gone on too long. You should favor social relationships that offer you a breath of fresh air and the feeling of being recognized for your merits. Don’t hesitate to take a step back from your family life to shine at work. This will allow you to refine your strategies to get the recognition you deserve. The trick is to be diplomatic about it, and in September, it will be easier for you, so take advantage of it!

Your best leisure activities are collective. Join a sports club, discover new physical activities, organize evenings with your friends, or offer yourself family escapades. You need to escape from loneliness and boredom, and for that, nothing is better than getting out of your comfort zone. Go towards the unknown, the exotic, and the new. Travelling attracts you, and if there are still restrictions at this level, there is always a way to get a change of scenery without having to travel thousands of kilometers. Give yourself a few days to visit a place you don’t know.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Your desires and appetites are exalted, sensuality and delicacies are on the agenda. You develop your artistic talents in a harmonious atmosphere. Your entourage seeks your company and admires your sense of aesthetics. You are not lacking in recognition, and this warm climate puts you in an excellent mood. However, avoid risky activities during the first fortnight! You are not managing your energies very well, and you could get hurt, exhausted, or do something stupid. Unexpected events change your views on your life and those around you. Stay alert and enterprising, so you can take advantage of positive changes and build a better life.

Venus is exalting your love life, but some aspects of the past are causing more frustration than fulfillment. Learn from your past stories to transform current and future ones. You can communicate about your daring ideas, but you must control your originality to not worry the other person. Your original ideas are not necessarily easy to understand for your other half. Clarify your proposals to reinforce cooperation or reconciliation and to share intense moments by maintaining the relationship.

If you need funds to launch a project, don’t overly solicit your supporters, as they may become exhausted or weary. Venus provides you with financial support from the 10th, which will be a good time to invest, save, or spend wisely. Your intuition can significantly help you make suitable investments. You have the qualities required to get a bonus, a premium, or a substantial raise, so take advantage of it. Don’t be too quick to give in to the urge to buy expensive things. You are a little too sensitive to luxury in September!

You will learn from what you have accomplished and move forward with full knowledge of the facts. However, you may feel frustrated if your ambitions come up against a wall, but this does not prevent you from investing yourself successfully to change the situation. In September, you will have at your disposal beneficial influences that will allow you to make an impression, but do not abuse these facilities to play your charm. Don’t attack anyone. Use your strategy to serve an ideal and open the way to a dream.

You enjoy beautiful creativity, and you should take advantage of it to devote yourself to art that you like. Whether it’s drawing, music or literature, any occupation will benefit you, as it will relax you and change your mind. Moreover, the result will probably be very flattering and will increase your self-confidence and popularity. For the rest, choose collective activities, team sports, or family games. It is in harmony with others that you will have the best moments.