Low Thyroid? Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal Burnout is Manageable.

A friend was forgetful and low energy by mid afternoon. It turns out she had low thyroid and adrenal fatigue. This article examines the causes, symptoms and process of recovery using nutritional balancing. Of greatest importance for this article is that the adrenal hormones, particularly adrenalin and cortisol, activate the body’s fight-or-flight response. Below, Dr. […]

I’ve been listening to the Delta Sleep System

A friend mentioned that he was given the Delta Sleep System cd and it was immediately effective and put him right to sleep.  His wife agreed, “we were out within minutes,’ she said.  I ordered it and tried it the first morning to go back to sleep after meditation.  Thirty minutes in, I was still […]

Why darkness is important to recuperative sleep

DARKNESS IS IMPORTANT TO RECUPERATIVE SLEEP.  In order to get the highest quality sleep, you need to be in a room that is dark as possible. Even the slightest bit of light can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm and production of melatonin and serotonin, two hormones vital to your health. Many people are not aware that […]

Our Ancestors Used to Sleep Twice a Night

8 hour sleeping is a modern invention.  Imagine you are a denizen of the 18th century. It’s just past 8:30 P.M., you’ve got your night-cap on. You blow out your candles and fall asleep to the smell of the wax and the wick, which gently fills the air around your bed. Some hours pass. 2:30 […]

Turn your insomnia into an hours long mindfulness session

When I entered menopause at age 42, my sleeping patterns began to change.  Like everyone else, at first I fought it and tried everything to keep me asleep for my previous 8 hours at a stretch.  Years later I thought, let me just go with it instead of fighting it, and see what my sleeping patterns […]

My Monday

An excellent day so far, at the gym worked triceps, shoulder and core because my quads are now barking from yesterday #hydrate! I chatted with a few friends, went to the bank and post office, bought a chicken at Walmart, shared with Izzy the big giant kitty. Today’s lunch was chunks of rotisserie chicken and chunks […]

Izzy daBig giantKitty braves surgery and loses his bubble

April 23, 2012.  Izzy DeBig-giantkitty gets to go to the vet today to have the bubble on his back checked out. He’s not happy about skipping breakfast and he may now be tying that to the carrying cage I placed by the door on Friday… If he doesn’t get breakfast yet, I don’t get breakfast […]