The morphing sleep cycles of menopause. 15 things to do when you can’t sleep. Here are lots of links to natural sleep aids.

When I entered menopause at age 42, I noticed my sleeping patterns beginning to change.  Like everyone else, at first I fought it and tried all sorts of things to keep me asleep for my previous 6-8 hours at a stretch.  If you listen to the tv ads, that’s what’s “normal” and menopause was “interrupting” […]

If I deleted you, I apologize

I discovered and deleted 700+ spam robot “subscribers” to my blog today. If I deleted your valid email address in error, I apologize. To receive notification of new posts, you’d have to register again and let me know you’re a real person. On the blog, I have extensive info on the reality of the mind / […]

Healing Insomnia Using Natural Sleep Remedies

Here are links to posts I’ve made about dealing with insomnia and being successful using natural remedies. Coffea Cruda for sleeplessness with mental hyperactivity The morphing sleep cycles of menopause My sleep habits are morphing again Natural sleep aids 20 Things To Do when you can’t sleep Natural Insomnia Relief with Valerian and St. John’s […]