Holy Basil Extract, a natural aid for stress, insomnia and depression

According to a study, 500 mg of holy basil capsules taken two times a day after meals can significantly lower the intensity of generalized anxiety disorder. Some animal studies have also indicated that holy basil extracts have the ability to attenuate depression and anxiety in laboratory animals. Managing anxiety and depression may, in turn, help treat insomnia.

2:00pm I took 200 mg L-theanine
7:30pm I took 3060 mg valerian root
 Hyland’s Calm’s Forte
 450mg holy basil extract
6mg melatonin

8:30pm I was completely relaxed and sleepy and slept soundly until 12:30am. This is a good combination to remember. I didn’t feel drugged and my mind was clear and refreshed upon awakening.  It was the first time I added holy basil to the mix.

My favorite natural sleep aids are typically valerian root extract along with melatonin with l-theanine, or some Hylan’s Calm’s Forte.

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Holy Basil Extract for stress, insomnia and depression
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Holy basil may be used as a treatment aid for depression
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