Magnesium Oil Benefits and How I Healed My Knee

magnesium_oil_sprayI first heard about magnesium oil when I was researching Adrenal Fatigue. I’d been feeling a little fatigued lately so that is why I bought it, then I found out it could help my injured knee so I tried it (successfully!) for that. Some use it daily for aches, pains and muscles spasms, restless leg, eczema, psoriasis, hyperactivity, headaches, migraines, better sleep, relaxed muscles, improved daytime energy and even hair loss.    Here’s some info on magnesium oil, as well as my knee story.

MY KNEE STORY: A couple of months ago, I rearranged my living room as a workout area, so it’s easy to grab the free weights or jump on the exercise bike, the Healthrider or the rebounder a few times a day.  Then two weeks ago I managed to oversquat in poor form and ouch my right knee.  I felt it etherically before it showed visibly.  It felt as though the leg from above the knee to below the calf was filling up with water.  It got a little stiff when I’d spend hours at the computer, but didn’t bother me or look odd.  I knew something was going on, though, as I was guided to use my Nano wand on it, then to rub the leg with coconut oil.

magnesium-quote_1As I massaged the calf with my leg raised before me, I heard myself audibly sigh with relief. Until I touched it, I wasn’t sure I’d even injured it. But it responded so quickly I knew I had to give it a rest.  I’d been over-walking on it all week when I knew something was up because it “felt funny”.  Then three days ago I woke up with the knee very stiff and the leg visibly swollen and shiny.  This was serious!  I stayed off the leg for two days, relaxed with it elevated above my heart, iced it once each day, took an ibuprofen twice each day, rubbed Seven Minerals Magnesium Oil on the back of my right knee and 3-4 inches up and down the back of the leg.  The second day, swelling was gone, stiffness almost gone, pain was completely gone.  It took a few weeks all in all but I healed my knee injury in record time.  I also began using it on my wrists July 25th for a carpal tunnel flareup.  It’s kept the pain at bay for two days now. I’m waiting to see what it does for fatigue.

Health benefits of magnesium
Improves sleep quality.
Calms overactive nerves, relieves stress.
Boosts energy level.
Strengthens immune system.
Hydrates and strengthens skin.
Helps proper muscle function.
Relieves aches, pains, spasms.
Improves bone strength, and protects from loss of bone (osteoporosis).
Required for protection and recovery from arthritis.
Important for recovery from many other degenerative diseases (see Symptoms of magnesium deficiency below).
It is an essential alkaline mineral for detoxification.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency
The symptoms of magnesium deficiency are so numerous that I recommend getting sufficient magnesium before doing anything else for your health. Magnesium deficiency is involved in many degenerative diseases including:

Aching muscles and joints.
Acid reflux (heartburn).
Blood clots.
Bone spurs.
Cancers. Increased risk of a variety of cancers.
Craving for salt or chocolate.
Chronic fatigue.
Energy low, lack of energy.
Epileptic seizures.
Erectile dysfunction.
Heart disease, arrhythmia.
Hypertension (high blood pressure).
Immune system compromised (with secondary problems as a result).
Kidney disease and kidney stones.
Menstrual problems.
Muscle cramps, muscle spasms.
Muscular skeletal problems (fibrositis, fibromyalgia, cramps, pains, Dupuytren’s disease/contracture).
Nervous problems, anxiety, panic attacks, confusion, irritability, hypertension.
Neurological problems like depression, anxiety, memory loss, panic attacks, tremors, moodiness, confusion, headaches.
Obstetric problems.
Osteoporosis. Even a mild deficiency in magnesium is a risk factor for osteoporosis.
Restless legs syndrome.
Skin – premature wrinkles.
Stress, increased sensitivity to stress.
Tooth decay.

In most cases, 10 sprays will deliver approximately 100mg of magnesium. Some people may find that topical magnesium spray causes a tingling or slightly annoying burning sensation. This is normal, and usually subsides with use. For more usage tips, I contacted Ancient Minerals, who makes the magnesium oil I use, and this is what they said:

“Yes, the concentration of the magnesium chloride in the product can cause a tingle (or itchiness) with some individuals, partly due to the vasodilation of capillaries on the skin (magnesium is a vasodilator).  An effective application time is about 20 minutes.  Our best recommendation for application on those sensitive to the product, is to apply over the arms/legs/torso liberally, left on for 20 minutes, and then rinsed in the shower.  It is particularly convenient if timed with your typical shower. A moisturizer is recommended after rinsing off, if you experience dryness.  Also worth mentioning is that if you allow the product to dry completely on the skin, you are no longer absorbing the magnesium ions since it needs moisture as a means of transport.”

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