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The November 2016 Horizons is now online, here are the Horoscopes

The November Horizons is now online at  As of  2016, we are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White
Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here  Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:   

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Aha! The Universe is always sending us messages

a-ha-momentThe Universe is always sending us messages. A client texted that a light bulb just went off for her. She’s been trying to figure out the lesson with her emotionally manipulative boyfriend who always charms his way into taking advantage by doing the minimum. She texted that she just had an a-ha — her 10 year old son has problems in school with the same thing, down to the tantrums for not getting his way. If she substitutes son’s name for bf’s name, she sees it’s the same behavior. Everything in our life is a metaphor. The Universe is always sending us messages.

Which candidate would I prefer to interact with

Glancing thru the political posts on Facebook, I smile to see the different perceptions people have. I think we can all agree that both parties lie and both parties lie about lying. Neither will likely do anything they promise. Most people we know are the same. Like all of us, their life is their message — inside and outside the political arena. I look to see who interacts with folks the way I’d like to be interacted with. I check in with my emotions to see how I feel watching one or the other when they are not posturing against each other. Sure, I’m most often watching a facade, but their choice of facade tells me as much as their lack of one.

Power is restored, life back to normal

They restored my power within the hour!

They restored my power within the hour!

Yesterday morning I woke up to 4 big handsome men stomping through my east garden. Which I could now see since the oak that had come down right there during Hurricane Matthew had been chainsawed away the day before, leaving a big bright open space right outside the master suite sliding glass doors.  I heard big truck engines and got excited, then I heard crunching of work boots right outside. They were there to restore my power **happy dance**  They had to rehang the power cable that a pine branch brought down during the storm, which pulled my box off the wall as well.  Grand Electric came out and upgraded my meter box and riser, which I’d been meaning to do anyway.  When I saw the damaged box, my spidey sense said $800 and I was only off by $3.50. An hour later, power was on, wifi was on and the water heater was heating up. I took a lap through the house checking all light switches.  I flipped all breaker switches and  reset all GFI and everything worked. I had to replace the small bulbs in my salt lamps, they were the only ones blown.     Continue reading

My Facebook posts for the Hurricane Matthew timeline

If you’re a FB friend, you saw these as I posted them in real time.  I like to keep track of my experience during significant events to look back later on, and I date and time everything I write down.

10-6-16 at 945am
I’ve moved computers and financial docs into living room, which is the most inside, multi walled room. We stocked up on kitty supplies at 3am in an almost empty Walmart. Lawn furniture is in or secured, shutters look good. Coupled with the burglar bars, the windows feel protected. Roof is new as of 2005. I opted to stay at my place rather than a friend’s since (1) I’ll likely be awake all night without sleeping and (2) with all my familiar things and projects around me, even in the dark I have many choices of things to do while I’m up all night long. At his place, although his home is a newly built concrete fortress with city water on high ground a block away, I wouldn’t have my projects and Benny may be nervous. At my place I can do familiar things like yoga in front of the meditation altar. Glance through my library and see what book I haven’t read for awhile. I like seeing familiar things around me, especially under stormy and uncertain conditions. I don’t feel at all nervous about staying. I know it will be a long night, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning with it roaring all day and into the evening or into even Saturday morning. I’ll figure out how to tune the little weather radio in case I run out of charge for the phone. Saying big prayers to FPL for their quick response to outages. I’m ready.   Continue reading

Hurricane Matthew rebooted our consciousness

storm-changes-youIt’s hard sometimes to recognize when your prayers are being answered, isn’t it? That’s because we’re being answered in ways we didn’t expect.  Lotsa folks saying they want to shake up their life, they want a new beginning, just wake up and have it be a new day and start fresh. They seek a new perspective or a spiritual reboot.  It seems Hurricane Matthew has been a great catalyst for both this week for some of us.  Shaken out of our habitual routine by having no power, by having no wifi, no internet access, no running water, by water and gasoline not being readily available, we are forced to look at who we are without the overlays we’ve grown comfortable with. If we take these as the soul lessons they are and contemplate the thoughts that arise in the silence, we will be guided to thoughts and ideas that will allow us to lead happier lives, answer all our questions and gain deep fulfillment.    Continue reading

Having the power can be a heavy job

Until my power is restored, I have an extension cord run from my neighbor’s home to mine. It’s attached to a power strip where I hook up a fan, a lamp, a phone charger. During the day when I’m in the living room, I have the cord in there. At night when I go into my bedroom, I unhook the fan and the lamp and haul the giant orange 50 foot extension cord with me to the other end of the house. When I wake up and go into my office, I pick the big cord up and I carry it all in there. Since I’ve been doing a lot of yard clean-up and raking post-hurricane, I’m aware of how heavy the power cord feels because my arms are kind of tired. But I don’t have a choice if I want power in each room as I go about my day and night.  I reflect that though sometimes I get tired of hauling the power around with me, it beats the alternative and having no power at all. So when you’re feeling worn out and worn down from having to be the one responsible for the power in your life in every single moment, remember what an honor and blessing it is to have access to it at all.
***And yes that’s a metaphor (isn’t everything?) and no I’m not just talking about electricity 🙂

New levels bring new devils

Every time your world changes and you reach a new level, it presents you with new “devils” to contend with. But whenever you’re presented with new challenges, you are also in the same moment presented with guidance to overcome them. So consider that whenever you’re observing what you think is a “devil,” is simply an angel taking you to a new level.

Be bothered by the noise or consider it a lullaby?

It’s all about perception. Neighbor across the street asked what all that racket was the last 2 hours. I told him it was the neighbor behind me putting his privacy fence back up, And he’s doing it about 30 feet from where I sit. My doors and windows are wide open so I can hear every screw go in and every hammer blow yet I am not bothered by the sound as he is. To me the sound represents him getting his life back on track and that inspires me that my power will soon be on and I can do the same. In fact I’m about ready to fall asleep in my recliner and I find the sounds very soothing. Maybe that’s because my dad was a carpenter and there was always something being built so that’s a soothing sound for me. Anyway it’s all about perception we can choose to let things bother us or we can just go with the flow. Signed, a loud snorer.